Start the Journey

Practice starts today in Florida, including the 39 wrestling programs found in the Northeast Florida Matmen coverage area. I still am missing about half the schedules and most of the preview forms, though it is very early for those. November 13th (which is what right now I am showing as the area’s first dual) is barely three weeks out! Make a push. Check with your coaches to see if they’ve gotten the info and emails I’ve sent. I’m still needing contact information for three Duval County teams — Paxon, Stanton & Raines.

I got a tweet from a Gainesville-area fan looking to see if I’m going to cover them as well. Not this year. Although I may be spending one weekend a month in the very near future in Gainesville (MBA studies), I have no plans to do so in 2014-15 UNLESS this season exceeds all my expectations. So far, things have gone well enough, but I had hoped to have every schedule in hand by the first day of practice.

That being said, building credibility and a brand worth your time is a daily exercise. Wrestlers know that better than any other athlete, I think.

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