North Florida Duals II Schedule

Here is the rundown on the North Florida Duals II event at Bishop Snyder. It was gratifying to see our rankings already included on the list as posted by the Cardinals! Remember that rankings are based strictly on the 39 teams in the immediate five-county area, and are not intended to reflect a statewide ranking.

Round 1: #9 Bishop Snyder vs. #8 Fernandina Beach; Bartram Trail vs. Nease; HM Middleburg vs. Brunswick (GA); #10 Creekside vs. Buchholz; #7 Fletcher vs. #2 Clay.

Round 2: Bishop Snyder vs. Bartram Trail; Fernandina Beach vs. Nease; Middleburg vs. Buchholz; Brunswick vs. Fletcher; Creekside vs. Clay.

Round 3: Bishop Snyder v. Nease; Bartram Trail vs. Buchholz; Fernandina Beach vs. Clay; Middleburg vs. Fletcher; Brunswick vs. Creekside.

Round 4: Bishop Snyder vs. Middleburg; Fernandina Beach vs. Fletcher; Bartram Trail vs. Brunswick; Nease vs. Creekside; Buchholz vs. Clay.

Round 5: Bishop Snyder vs. Brunswick; Fernandina Beach vs. Creekside; Bartram Trail vs. Middleburg; Buchholz vs. Fletcher; Nease vs. Clay.

Wrestling starts at 10 a.m. So much to offer Saturday!

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