Revised Keystone Duals Schedule

Saturday at Fleming Island. 9 a.m. start, with 11 teams in the mix. We’ll have full results on the site as soon as we can get them.

Pool 1: Fleming Island, St. Augustine, Ridgeview, Bishop Kenny, Pedro Menendez, Duval Charter.

Pool 2: Camden County (GA), Sandalwood, Forrest, Oakleaf, First Coast.

Round 1 — Fleming Island vs. Duval Charter; Bishop Kenny vs. St. Augustine; Camden vs. Forrest; Oakleaf vs. Sandalwood; Ridgeview vs. Menendez.

Round 2 — Fleming Island vs. Bishop Kenny; Duval Charter vs. Ridgeview; Camden vs. Oakleaf; Forrest vs. First Coast; St. Augustine vs. Menendez.

Round 3 — Fleming Island vs. St. Augustine; Bishop Kenny vs. Ridgeview; Camden vs. Sandalwood; Oakleaf vs. First Coast; Menendez vs. Duval Charter.

Round 4 — Fleming Island vs. Ridgeview; Duval Charter vs. St. Augustine; Camden vs. First Coast; Forrest vs. Sandalwood.

Round 5 — Bishop Kenny vs. Menendez; Forrest vs. Oakleaf; Sandalwood vs. First Coast.

Round 6 — Mat 1: Pool 1 1st vs. Pool 2 1st; Mat 2: Pool 1 2nd vs. Pool 2 2nd; Mat 3: Pool 1 3rd vs. Pool 2 3rd; Mat 4: Pool 1 4th vs. Pool 2 4th. 5th place teams in each pool also are scheduled to wrestle.

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