So far, no results from the Jackson at Baker County dual from Tuesday night and I have seen two duals on Trackwrestling for Pedro Menendez. I do not think that is a complete set of even their duals, let alone Middleburg’s as well. So that means no roundups at least until Sunday and that only if I get brackets from Ocala Forest (even then, the story portion will focus on Sandalwood alone).

Record updating continues apace. Week 1 duals are all input into my files and I have gotten up to NF Duals II and Fleming Island within Week 2. Complete information is critical. Individual rankings will only be done on programs where I have complete results (and those will roll out midway through 2nd week in December). More information is better than less — any follower of this website that opens our daily paper can tell you that.

We have coverage plans for Tuesday night, a possible TRIPLEheader planned for Wednesday night, and for Thursday night next week, plus appearances at three tournaments on Saturday. More on that, of course, to follow RIGHT HERE.

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