Providence — The Season, 2013-14

Providence was a team moving in kind of two directions in 2013-14. On the one hand, the Stallions competed in dual events that were befitting their numbers and experience (both, for some degree, lacking) and on the other Providence also competed in Brandon’s tournament (though, it must be said, only the older Merry and Cobb were registered). I will tell you this — the fact that Cobb competed at Brandon probably contributed, as much as anything else, to his ability to qualify out and make it to Lakeland. The Stallions might not have been as strong in duals as Episcopal and Duval Charter, but they did get a qualifier who won a match at state. And Cobb returns — so he could be a podium threat as a 220 in 2014-15.The Merrys had some decent returns to their season, but after that almost everyone in the lineup had to overcome experience disadvantages. I know Coach Daniels had the right formula, ideally, in scheduling the Brandon tournament in mid-January; now it’s just a matter of kids doing the work of getting conditioned and getting matches. That will help the Stallions more than anything else. Not a lot of sizable discrepancies — T. Merry’s record was the most divergent.


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