WHO WON REGIONS?: Breaking Down 1A-Region 1

OK, we’re back to the regions posts now that the national high school folkstyle tournament is over — I did see a couple of local names that wrestled at the Florida folkstyle state meet in Poinciana Sunday — and I do have completed data for 1A-Region 1.

106: 1. District 4 50 (Porter 1st, Delaney 4th). 2. District 2 39 (Trask 2nd). 3. District 3 33 (Blount 3rd). 4. District 1 4 (no qualifiers).
1s: Other than a first-round bye for Matthew Laster (Wewahitchka), the 1s were shut out of tournament, but only had two wrestlers competing.
2s: Three semifinalists in Matt Turk (Florida High), Brandon Trask (Suwannee) and Ashlee Dalton (Wakulla), but only Trask was able to get out. Neither Turk nor Dalton won on the back side, and were 1 match from states.
3s: Although none of the 3s got to the semis, the district still performed solidly, with three first-round wins and Jake Blount (West Nassau) winning four matches on the consi side after falling to Trask in the quarters, scoring 21 points. Cole Cushman (Baker County) added eight, with pins on both sides of the bracket, and Logan Blaise (Yulee) had a first-round fall for four.
4s: Daniel Porter (Duval Charter) was the only front-side winner for the 4s, but finished with 26 points in winning the title. Jack Delaney (Bishop Kenny) had four consi wins to qualify out with 18 points, with Limuel Mallari (Menendez) and Cameron Wiley (UC) each getting consi-rd 1 byes for three each.

113: 1. District 2 48 (Smith 1st, Santangelo 4th). 2. District 3 37 (Youmans 2nd, English 3rd). 3. District 1 23 (no qualifiers). 4. District 4 18 (no qualifiers).
Running score: 1. District 2 87. 2. District 3 70. 3. District 4 68. 4. District 1 27.
1s: Again, only a first-round bye on the front for the 1s, but they did better on the backside, as Garrett Jones (Arnold) was 1 match from states.
2s: Larry Smith (Wakulla) and Michael Santangelo (Suwannee) each made the semis for the 2s, with Smith rolling up 26 points on the weekend in taking the title and Santangelo adding 14.
3s: The 3s had the other semifinalists in Dylan Youmans (Yulee, 16 points in reaching the finals) and Jaquan English (Raines, 18 points in taking 3rd). Shelbie Martin (Baker County) had a consi rd-1 bye for the other 3 points.
4s: After a strong start at 106, the 4s struggled more at this weight. Kyle Mayer (Bishop Kenny) had 11 points in finishing 1 match short of states. Reid Hampton (Episcopal) had a rd-1 fall for four points, and Tayshaun Smith (FSDB) had a consi rd-1 bye victory for three.

120: 1. District 2 50 (Metcalf 2nd, Malik 3rd, Foster 4th). 2. District 1 35 (Pickren 1st). 3. (tie) District 3 & District 4 20 (no qualifiers for either district).
Running total: 1. District 2 137. 2. District 3 90. 3. District 4 88. 4. District 1 62.
1s: William Pickren (South Walton) scored a perfect 28 points for the 1s, and his effort alone was enough for second, but outside of that the 1s had one first-round fall and one consi-side rd 1 win by forfeit.
2s: With three qualifiers out in Max Metcalf (Florida High, 14 points, finalist), Rolin Malik (Wakulla, 24 points on five wins, 3rd) and Suwannee’s Kenneth Foster (12 points, semifinalist & 4th), it was a solid group.
3s: Other than a rd-1 forfeit win for Rafael Charriez (Fernandina Beach), the 3s didn’t win on the front side. Blaine Dorsey (Yulee) was 1 match from states, with nine points, while Charriez added eight with two wins and Brandon Bostick (West Nassau) scored three.
4s: The 4s did better on the front side than on the back, with Ryan Timmons (Bishop Kenny) reaching the semis and falling 1 match short of states. Timmons had nine points, Andrew Slade (Duval Charter) scored eight and Stefan Sladojevic (Menendez) added three.

126: 1. District 2 38.5 (Carney 3rd, Fanfan 4th). 2. District 1 36.5 (McClanahan 1st). 3. District 4 30.5 (Toney 2nd). 3. District 3 25 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 175.5. 2. District 4 118.5. 3. District 3 115. 4. District 1 98.5.
1s: Richie McClanahan (Arnold) had bonus points in every round of the tournament to take the title, scoring 26.5 points to do most of the heavy lifting.
2s: Although only Dy’Juan Carney (Wakulla) won on the front side, he still finished with 23 points in taking third, and Jemel Fanfan (Florida High) won four matches on the back, all with bonus points, en route to a 15.5-point performance. Those overcame a pair of double-bagels.
3s: A pair of 3s — John Parker (Yulee) and Delmontae Davis (Westside) — were each 1 match short of states, taking different paths. Parker made semis, scoring 10 points, while Davis won three in the consi rounds for 12 points. Brenden Bizier (Bishop Snyder) had a consi rd-1 fall for three.
4s: A solid start, with three rd-1 wins by fall or tech, but only Nick Toney (Bishop Kenny) qualified out, scoring 15.5 points in taking second. Jason Griffis (Bradford) had falls on both sides, with eight points, while Dominique Bordley (Menendez) had four with a rd-1 fall and KJ Fagan (Bolles) three with a consi rd-1 fall.

132: 1. District 1 50 (Carlan 1st, Cao 4th). 2. District 2 39.5 (Owen 2nd, Harris 3rd). 3. District 3 22.5 (no qualifiers). 4. District 4 15 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 215. 2. District 1 148.5. 3. District 3 137.5. 4. District 4 133.5.
1s: Like Pickren before him at 120, Arnold’s Brock Carlan scored a perfect 28 points in racking up four falls to win the tournament. South Walton’s Alex Cao added 16 in qualifying out.
2s: Just one semifinalist in runnerup Max Owen (Wakulla), who finished with 17.5 points in taking second, but Florida High’s Maxim Harris was the top point-getter in taking 3rd, with 22 points. Two oh-fers otherwise.
3s: The 3s had two wins on the front side in rd 1, thanks to byes, with Brandon Harvey (Baker County) reaching the semis and later being 1 match from state. Harvey had 9.5 points, with Daisean Biffle (Raines) adding eight with pins on both sides of the bracket, and Jacob Boyd (Westside) scoring two points with a consi-rd 1 win.
4s: Kyle Black of Bishop Kenny made the semis with 10 points on the front side, but wound up a match short of states from that point forward. Derrick Stumph (UC) had a consi rd-1 fall for three points, and Gray Creed (Bolles) had a round 1 win by decision for two points.

138: 1. District 1 41.5 (Patterson 1st). 2. District 2 40 (Royce 2nd, Clark 4th). 3. District 4 38 (Cronk 3rd). 4. District 3 10.
Running total: 1. District 2 255. 2. District 1 190. 3. District 4 171.5. 4. District 3 147.5.
1s: Paul Patterson (Arnold) did most of the work for 1s in winning the title, scoring 26 points during the course of the weekend. The 1s had all of their points on the front side, and Marianna’s Maxmiliano Martinez was 1 match from states after reaching the semis.
2s: The 2s had the other two semifinalists in Hunter Royce (Wakulla) and Matt Cook (Florida High). Royce had 18 points in finishing second, and Cook added eight, finishing 1 match short of states.
3s: A tough weight, with no front-side victories and only three consi wins. Westside’s Keyvonta Broadwater led the way with seven points, while Phoenix Mikell (Yulee) had a consi rd-1 bye to add three.
4s: After a somewhat-slow start (2 wins in rd 1), the 4s owned the consi rounds, scoring 30 points on the back side. Conner Cronk (Bolles) had five wins (1 front, 4 back, all by fall) to score 27 points. Colin Warren (Bishop Kenny) had two consi wins to score seven points, with Marcus Maldonado (FSDB) getting a rd-1 bye for four points.

145: 1. District 4 37 (Calhoun 1st). 2. District 2 30 (Davis 3rd, Borrell 4th). 3. District 3 25.5 (no qualifiers). 4. District 1 23 (Soto 2nd).
Running total: 1. District 2 285. 2. District 1 2143. 3. District 4 188.5 4. District 3 173.
1s: Daniel Soto (South Walton) was the only front-side winner, reaching the final and scoring 16 points. Everyone else scored, but the rest of the district only won in consi rd 1.
2s: The 2s had two semifinalists in Cody Davis (Wakulla) and Joseph Borrell (Suwannee), with Davis scoring 18 points and Borrell 12, but the other two qualifiers took double bagels.
3s: No qualifiers, but a lot of points (enough to finish ahead of the 1s). Leading the way was Demonta Bell (Raines), who was 1 match short of states and scored nine points. Paxon’s Torry Williams added eight points with pins on both sides of the bracket, while Joseph Helm (Fernandina Beach) had two wins and 5.5 points and Dakota Everetts (Yulee) had a consi rd-1 fall for three points.
4s: Only a decision over Davis in the semis kept Josh Calhoun (Bolles) from a perfect score, but he still racked up 26 points over the weekend in taking the title. Nicholas DiGregorio (Menendez) had wins on both sides of the bracket and was 1 match short of states, scoring 11 points. Clayton Hicks (Bradford) and Mark Harrington (Wolfson) both took oh-fers.

152: 1. (tie) District 2 (Hostetter 2nd, Thaxton 3rd) & District 1 (Pickren 1st) 43.5. 3. District 4 26 (Surenyan 4th). 4. District 3 13 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 328.5. 2. District 1 256.5. 3. District 4 214.5. 4. District 3 186.
1s: Cody Pickren (South Walton) almost made it back-to-back perfect weekends for the Pickren brothers, but he’ll take a 27.5-point performance, with three pins and a technical fall. Christian McIntire (Marianna) was 1 match short of states, winning on both sides of the bracket.
2s: Both Drew Hostetter (Florida High) and Andrew Thaxton (Godby) reached the semis, and both qualified out, with Hostetter scoring 16.5 points in finishing 2nd and Thaxton leading the way with 20 points in finishing third.
3s: The 3s only had one win on the front side, with only Garen Mauney (Paxon) getting to Saturday. Mauney had five points with two consi wins, Jordan Frank (Yulee) scored four with a round 1 bye, Jacob Andreoli (Bishop Snyder) had a consi rd-1 fall for three and Caleb Gibbs (Westside) scored one point with a consi rd-1 decision.
4s: Bolles’ Michael Surenyan led the 4s’ charge, with 16 points en route to finishing fourth in the weight class. Surenyan eliminated fellow 4 Max Worthington (Menendez), who was 1 match short of states after reaching the semis and scoring 10 points. Bishop Kenny’s Kain Temple was 0-for-2.

160: 1. District 4 44 (Homewood 3rd). 2. District 3 38 (Beverly 1st). 3. District 2 28 (Surace 2nd, Haigler 4th). 4. District 1 14 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 356.5. 2. District 1 270.5. 3. District 4 258.5. 4. District 3 224.
1s: Just three wins on the front side, with one semifinalist. Stephen Benedik (Arnold) was 1 match from states, scoring 10 points, but only one rd-1 forfeit victory went the 1s’ way otherwise.
2s: Usually, two qualifiers out has resulted in more points, but Chris Surace (Wakulla) pulled together 16 in reaching the finals, and Will Haigler (Florida High) added 12 with three wins and finished fourth. They were the only 2s in competition.
3s: Daniel Beverly (Yulee) proved our prediction correct, winning the region total and scoring 23.5 points. Calvin Altman (Westside) added seven points with a pair of wins, and Jesse Henn (Fernandina Beach) chipped in 6.5 points with two consi wins. Daniel Hill (West Nassau) scored the last point with a consi rd-1 decision.
4s: The 4sh had only two wins in round 1 as far as points on the front side go, but dominated the back, with Wesley Homewood (FSDB) scoring four consi wins in taking third, with 25 points on the weekend. Avery Samples (Menendez) was one match from states, scoring 13 points, while Christian Rickey (Episcopal) and Ethan Barry (Duval Charter) each added three with maximum-bonus wins in the consi first round.

170: 1. District 3 46.5 (Dudzinski 2nd, Cleland 3rd). 2. District 1 30 (Girard 4th). 3. District 2 27 (Key 1st). 4. District 4 16 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 383.5. 2. District 1 300.5. 3. District 4 274.5. 4. District 3 270.5.
1s: The 1s had only two first-round wins, but rallied well in the consi rounds, with Brian Girard (Arnold) winning three times on the back side to punch his states ticket, scoring 17 points to lead the charge.
2s: Other than champion Sasha Key (Suwannee), it was not a very good weight class for the region leaders. Key scored 23 of the district’s 27 points, but the remainder had only a rd-1 forfeit win and suffered a pair of double-bagels otherwise.
3s: This district dominated on both sides of the bracket, despite just one semifinalist in Michael Dudzinski (West Nassau), who finished the tournament with 17.5 points in taking second. Nathan Cleland (Bishop Snyder) won four matches on the back side to take third and top point honors (25 in all). Christian Wilkerson (Westside) had a consi rd-1 fall for three points and Blake Dicks (Baker County) won a consi rd-1 decision for one.
4s: The 4s had two semifinalists in Ty Merry (Providence) and Bayley Judah (Bishop Kenny), but both finished just 1 match short of states. Judah scored 10 points and Merry added six as the only district competitors in the weight class.

182: 1. District 1 43 (Harris 2nd, Strain 4th). 2. (tie) District 2 (Foster 1st) & District 4 (Padgett 3rd), both with 34. 4. District 3 19 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 417.5. 2. District 1 343.5. 3. District 4 308.5. 4. District 3 289.5.
1s: The 1s had solid performances on both sides of the bracket, with three round-1 winners. Michael Harris (Arnold) was the only semifinalist, however, scoring 18 points in finishing second overall, with Payton Strain (South Walton) adding 15 in taking fourth.
2s: Only a major decision in the semis kept Tyler Foster (Suwannee) from a perfect score on the weekend, but Foster did generate 27 points in picking up the region title. The rest of the district had just two wins, however.
3s: It was a tough weekend for the 3s, who got all of their front-side points from RJ Adams (Yulee), who reached the semis and was 1 match from states, scoring 10 points. Brian Thomas (Westside) had two consi wins for six points, while Josh Bailey (Raines) had a consi rd-1 bye for three.
4s: Rodney Padgett (Menendez) was the district’s only semifinalist, racking up 21 of the district’s points in the process of taking third. Rafeal Leon (Wolfson) was 1 match from states after losing in the quarters by fall to Harris, scoring the other 13 points before losing 10-0 to Padgett in the consi semis. Michael Marshall (UC) and Paxton Driscoll (Bishop Kenny) both took oh-fers.

195: 1. District 2 48 (Ochat 1st, Brown 2nd). 2. District 3 33 (Cleland 4th). 3. District 1 27 (Koscak 3rd). 4. District 4 16 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. Distict 2 465.5. 2. District 1 370.5. 3. District 4 324.5. 4. District 3 322.5.
1s: Only Randy Koscak (Arnold) was able to win on the front side, reaching the semis and eventually scoring 22 of the district’s points. Two double-bagels didn’t help the district’s fortunes.
2s: Cody Ochat (Wakulla) and Cam Brown (Florida High) reprised their district final in the title match, with Ochat scoring 24 points in taking the title and Brown adding 16 in finishing second. Robert Rodriguez (Suwannee) added the other eight, with falls on both sides of the bracket.
3s: Nick Cleland (Bishop Snyder) was the only semifinalist for the 3s, scoring 14 points in qualifying out. Sean Mulkey (Baker County) added 13, with three falls before being eliminated by Cleland; Mulkey, in turn, knocked out Brad Lucas (Fernandina Beach), who had a consi rd-1 fall for three points. Malik Brown (Westside) also had a consi-rd 1 fall.
4s: Other than one round-1 fall and one consi rd-1 fall, Imed Touahri (FSDB) had all the points for the 4s, advancing within one match of states in scoring nine points. Deevon Jenkins (Wolfson) added four with the round 1 pin and Caleb Calhoun (Bolles) collected the consi rd-1 fall.

220: 1. District 4 70 (Cobb 1st, Chepenik 2nd, Trigg 3rd). 2. District 3 24 (no qualifiers). 3. District 1 23 (Mosley 4th). 4. District 2 13.5 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 2 479. 2. District 4 394.5. 3. District 1 393.5. 4. District 3 346.5.
1s: No semifinalists for the 1s and not a huge amount of points in this heavily-dominated district. Michael Mosley (Arnold) did put together 19 of those 23 points in taking fourth, but two double-bagels and only one other win in round 1 didn’t help the district much.
2s: One of the few weights where the 2s struggled, with just four wins as a district.
3s: The 3s picked up the only non-4 semifinalist slot, as Jackson Moyle (West Nassau) got there and finished one match short of state, with 10 points. Corey Paine (Baker County) also finished one match short of state after losing in the first round, and led the district with 11 points. Zack Walker (Yulee) had a consi rd-1 forfeit to chip in three points.
4s: The District 4 220s proved to be the strongest foursome in the tournament, scoring the most points as a group, with all four contributing. Leading the charge, with a rally from his third-place district effort, was Max Cobb (Providence), who had only a 3-1 decision over UC’s David Trigg in the semis mar a perfect weekend. Cobb finished the tournament with 26 points. Conor Chepenik (Episcopal) had three falls to get to the finals and finish second, adding 18 points, while Trigg bookended the semifinal loss with two wins on either side, taking third place with 23 points. Josiah McCallum (Bishop Kenny) added a consi rd-1 fall for three more, helping the district push into second place.

285: 1. District 2 49 (Livingston 3rd, Griffin 4th). 2. District 4 44 (Harris 1st, Condoroteanu-oroveanu 2nd). 3. District 3 20 (no qualifiers). 4. District 1 12 (no qualifiers).
1s: Wewahitchka’s Jarod Melvin reached the semifinals with eight points, but was 1 match short of states. The district only won three matches as a group.
2s: The 2s wound up winning the district with a very strong performance on the backside. James Livingston (Godby) reached the semis and finished the tournament with 22 points, while Devin Griffin (Wakulla) won four matches to qualify out, scoring 14. Rossie Williams (Suwannee) was 1 match short of states, with three bonus-point wins to pick up 11 points.
3s: The 3s had just two wins on the front side, scoring a bit better on the back, but only got two wrestlers to Saturday. McKenzie Lewis (Yulee) and Travaris Shanks (Andrew Jackson) each had two bonus-point wins on the consi side to each score seven points, while Collyn Green (Baker County) had a round-1 fall for four and Tariq Hookfin (Westside) won by decision in round 1 for two points.
4s: DeAngeles Harris (Wolfson) and Alexander Condoroteanu-oroveanu (Bishop Kenny) reprised their district title matchup, and their points would be all that the 4s would get, with oh-fers for Travis Williams (Episcopal) and Jordan Luke (Bradford). Harris scored a perfect 28 points, with four pins to win the title title, and Condoroteanu-oroveanu added 16 in taking second (two pins and decision in the semis).

Final scores:
1. District 2: 528 points, 24 qualifiers (4 1sts, 7 2nds, 6 3rds, 7 4ths).
2. District 4: 438.5 points, 13 qualifiers (4 1sts, 3 2nds, 4 3rds, 2 4ths).
3. District 1: 405.5 points, 12 qualifiers (5 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd, 4 4ths).
4. District 3: 366.5 points, 7 qualifiers (1 1st, 2 2nds, 3 3rds, 1 4th).


NHSCA — VaBeach Results

Senior Division

Chris Griffin (Oakleaf) p. Matthew Duffany (Virginia), 5:23. Jacob Martin (Connecticut) d. Griffin, 9-2. Conrad Cole (Colorado) d. Griffin, 7-2.
Alphonso Martin (North Carolina) d. Zach McClinton (Middleburg), 7-0. Nash Brown (Utah) d. McClinton, 5-4.
Nick Wrobel (Ohio) d. Kaleb Warner (Columbia), 5-2. Warner d. Tyler Christian (Tennessee), 4-0. Warner d. Nick Jabs (Virginia), 4-1. Joseph Prieto (Colorado) p. Warner, 2:55.
Chad Lowe (Missouri) d. Tristain Sichmeller (Clay), 6-4. Christian Ryan (Missouri) d. Sichmeller, 7-3.
Josh Walker (Columbia) d. Lucas Silvis (New York), 3-0. Ian Butterbrodt (Massachusetts) p. Walker, 2:45. Walker d. Ethan Kanagy (North Carolina), 3-1. Nick Nolting (Kansas) p. Walker, 2:30.

Junior Division
Xaiver Sampsel (Fleming Island) d. Jason Jacobi (Pennsylvania), 1-0. Ryan Deakin (Colorado) d. Sampsel, 8-2. Sampsel d. Reid White (New Jersey), 2-0, OT. Sampsel d. Ryan Farina (Arizona), 3-1. Sampsel d. Logan Adkins (West Virginia), 1-0. Wyatt Alvis (Texas) d. Sampsel, 3-0.
Matthew Finesilver (Colorado) d. Evyn Insalaco (Palm Coast), 7-0. Insalaco fft over Bart Dalious (Delaware). Insalaco d. Bryan Rojas (Connecticut), 6-3. Mark McCormick (New Jersey) d. Insalaco, 7-5, OT.
Austin Chapman (Columbia) p. Jack Vaughan (Virginia), 1:30. Rexx Hallyburton (Georgia) p. Chapman, 1:55. Chapman d. Brian Almeida-Torres (New York), 6-4. Evan Makupson (North Carolina) d. Chapman, 5-2.
Austin Caffrey (Connecticut) d. John Martorano (Fleming Island), 8-2. Martorano d. Mark Mabalot (South Carolina), 8-2. Makupson d. Martorano, 6-5.
Jake Beistel (Pennsylvania) md. Marcus Zeighler (Columbia), 15-3. Zeighler d. Amari Latimer (Maryland), 2-1. Javier Hernandez (New York) p. Zeighler, 1:22.
Roland Samec (Clay) p. John Kelly (Tennessee), 3:56. Samec d. Tucker Kennedy (West Virginia), 2-0. Jordan Wilson (North Carolina) md. Samec, 13-5. Brady Linebaugh (Pennsylvania) d. Samec, 1-0, OT.

Sophomore Division
Tanner Smith (Ohio) md. Cody Taylor (Clay), 10-0. Taylor d. Matthew Caverly (Maine), 10-3. Zachary Martin (New Jersey) md. Taylor, 11-2.
Jason Davis (Oakleaf) p. Jacob Spofford (Maine), 2:22. Caleb Little (Georgia) d. Davis, 8-2. Davis d. Michael Taulane (New Jersey), 7-2. Davis d. Sean O’Malley (New Jersey), 3-1. Brady Daniel (Maryland) d. Davis, 5-3.
Kent Petersen (Ohio) d. Kaleb Collins (Clay), 8-6. Carlos Martinez (North Carolina) d. Collins, 4-2.

Freshman Division
Chace Curtis (Columbia) d. Joey Evangelista (NY), 6-3. Nathan Buchanan (North Carolina) d. Curtis, 5-1. Curtis d. Aaron Carter (New Jersey), 1-0. Micah Visuwan (Pennsylvania) p. Curtis, 1:28.
Matthew Shelburne (Virginia) p. Nicholas Srisupa (Clay), 3:07. Srisupa d. Magsamen (New York), 6-2. Zack Luis (Florida) p. Srisupa, 3:00.
Christian Downs (Clay) p. Justin Ebron (New York), 3:35. Mason Smith (Kentucky) tf. Downs, 15-0. Tony Locke (North Carolina) d. Downs, 3-2.


Paul Searcy (North Carolina) d. Garrett Wieseman (Clay), 4-0. Collin Metcalf (Rhode Island) d. Wieseman, 5-2.

Connor Green (Clay) md. Christian Love (North Carolina), 21-9. Green md. Bryce Doane (New York), 17-8. (round of 16) Jared Lough (Virginia) md. Green, 12-4. Jackson Moomau (West Virginia) d. Green, 9-3.

Middle School Division
Nicolas Herringshaw (New York) p. Trace Insalaco (Palm Coast). Insalaco p. Avery Bursby (Georgia), :49. Insalaco d. Cael Willis (North Carolina), 6-3. AJ Kovacs (Connecticut) fft. over Insalaco.


WHO WON REGIONS?: Breaking Down 1A-Region 2

All right, yesterday we finished off the states breakdowns. Those Region 2 people…yeah, they were pretty good. But now we move into region breakdowns by district. Which set of in-house rivalries sharpened the most iron to the finest edge?

We’ll start with 1A-Region 2. In case you wanted a little geography lesson — and I actually kinda did for myself — Region 2 is a BIG region. There are a lot of smaller states that 1A-Region 2. Consider a geographic area from Crystal River, which is maybe a 10-minute drive from the Gulf of Mexico and an hour-ish southwest of Gainesville, all the way across the state and then cutting southward down to Satellite Beach, which is well below the Kennedy Space Center, below Cocoa Beach, and almost to Melbourne. That’s massive. Plus, on the west side, Region 2 extends down to the extreme northern and northeastern Tampa suburbs.

District 5 is basically the northwestern quadrant of the region — with Clay at the eastern edge of that quadrant. District 6 is the north Tampa area. District 7 is Orlando and the areas close to Daytona that are in 1A, and District 8 is the “Space Coast” region on down to Satellite.

Which district will prevail? Same point totals as with states. The only difference between them is that there is no 5-point value for fifth place. There SHOULD be a fifth-place alternate, as I’ve said elsewhere, but for more on that go to that post. Hate forfeits at states and at regions. Also not a fan of the team numbers. 9 in District 5, 10 in 6, 4 in 7 and 7 in 8. It’s not possible for two districts to have seven and two have eight? Same 30 teams.

These will be longer posts, with more names in the mix. I’ll also say something about each district, even the out-of-coverage-area ones.

106: 1. District 6 56 (Napolitano 2nd, Haire 3rd, Smith 4th). 2. District 7 28.5 (Wohltman 1st). 3. District 5 28 (no qualifiers). 4. District 8 11 (no qualifiers).
5s: Had a decent start with three first-round wins, but no semifinalists. Farthest to get along in the tournament was Kevin Rochon (Villages), the district runnerup. He was one match short of qualifying out. As for locals, Palatka freshman Marcellus Metson took an 0-for-2 bagel, although he got eventual state champion Wohltman in the first round.
6s: Two semifinalists with Brandon Smith (Weeki Wachee) and Nathan Napolitano (Gulf), who racked up four pins between them to get there; Bryant Haire (Pasco) drew Wohltman in the quarters and had to win four matches to go all the way back to third.
7s: Mason Wohltman (Lake Highland) dominated the bracket, with bonus points in every round, but he didn’t get much help from his district mates, who chipped in only 3 points.
8s: Not much help for district champion Louis Cortez (Astronaut) who got to the semis, but then was knocked out by Napolitano and Haire. Other than one bye victory, the rest of the district went oh-fer.

113: 1. District 7 43 (Silva 1st). 2. District 5 34.5 (Merring 4th). 3. District 8 32 (Kirk 3rd). 4. District 6 22 (DeAugustino 2nd).
Running total: 1. District 6 78. 2. District 7 72. 3. District 5 62.5. 4. District 8 43.
5s: Had a good start on the front side, with three rd-1 wins, but only Chris Merring (Clay) got to the semis, doing so with two falls in 48 seconds combined. Good effort on the back, with Merring and Austin Bonasota (Villages) facing off with state on the line. Dale Green (Palatka) went 0-for-2.
6s: John DeAugustino (Pasco) scored well for the 6s, with 16 points in reaching the final, but he had all of the front-side points and no one else got past the consi 2nd round.
7s: Silva dominated, with three falls and a tech to cruise to this title, and he got some help from Nick Walker (Bishop Moore), who had a front-side rd-1 fall and then two bonus-point wins to get to the consi semis.
8s: Stronger as a group here than at 106, Kirk won three times with bonus points to pick up 22 of the 8s’ points.

120: 1. District 6 43 (Twardosky 1st). 2. District 5 26.5 (Taylor 2nd). 3. District 8 24.5 (Lebeau 3rd). 4. District 7 (Cosmides 4th).
Running total: 1. District 6 121. 2. District 7 93. 3. District 5 89. 4. District 8 67.5.
5s: Cody Taylor (Clay) just kept on winning for the 5s, with 14 of their points in reaching the final. Dean Lowe (Palatka) added a rd-1 tech fall for 3 1/2, but the rest came from Bryce Follett (Dunnellon), the third-placer, who was 1 match from state.
6s: Lukas Twardosky (Pasco) was in control the whole way through, but he got a lot of help on the back from Hunter Gibson (Weeki Wachee), who was 1 match from state, and Rudy Hajaistron (Wesley Chapel).
7s: Max Cosmides (Lake Highland) did make the semis and then got out with a consi-semi win, and there was help from Jake Wheeler (Bishop Moore, 4 points) and Clayton Cummings (Atlantic, 3).
8s: Nick Lebeau (Astronaut) had a solid tournament, with two wins on both sides of the bracket and 21.5 points, but the 8s otherwise were oh-fer in the tournament.

126: 1. District 7 44 (Brindley 1st). 2. District 5 39 (Browning 2nd, Hendrix 4th). 3. District 8 24 (Silvestri 3rd). 4. District 6 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 138.5. 2. District 7 135. 3. District 5 128. 4. District 8 91.5.
5s: All four chipped in something, with Dale Browning (Clay) and Jessen Hendrix (Trinity Catholic) leading the way with 17 points each (Hendrix had one more victory, having to go through consis after being pinned by Brindley).
6s: First weight without at least one qualifier. Jaekwon Forde (Anclote) did reach the semis, but then was knocked out by Browning and Hendrix, and Forde was the only front-side winner. Josh Cooey (Pasco) made a run to Saturday, but also was knocked out by Hendrix.
7s: Brindley put on a dominant performance, with two pins and two techs enroute to a 27-point tournament (maximum possible is 28). Andres Ramirez (Deltona) added 11 for the 7s, just one match short of state.
8s: Cody Silvestri (Astronaut) picked up all 24 points for the 8s, with four full-bonus victories sandwiching his semifinal loss by tech to Brindley. The rest of the district double-bageled.

132: 1. District 6 54 (Espinosa 1st, Enoch 2nd). 2. District 7 30 (Rasmussen 3rd). 4. District 8 21 (Rendon-Rivera 4th). 4. District 5 6 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 192.5. 2. District 7 165. 3. District 5 134. 4. District 8 112.5.
5s: Not strong. Michael Ciccone (Crystal River) had a rd-1 fall and Jacquez White (Eastside) had a rd-1 decision, and that was it for points. After the first round, the 5s were shut out.
6s: Mark Espinosa (Nature Coast) and Brandon Enoch (Weeki Wachee) reprised their district final in a region-final rematch, which meant lots of front-side points, but third-placer DeJesus Gonzales (Anclote) was just one match from state, knocking off fourth-placer Brandon Rivera (Wesley Chapel) Saturday morning.
7s: A solid effort, led by Brandon Rasmussen (Deltona), who made the semis and finished the weekend with 20 points, but Cameron Monzadeh (Lake Highland) was just one match from states after losing by 1 point in round 1.
8s: Rhio Rendon-Rivera (Titusville) qualified out after making the semis, and a decent run from fourth-placer Nael Lopez (Rockledge) who won twice — including a fall over 8s runnerup Hayden BUrns (Space COast) — to get to Saturday.

138: 1. District 6 61 (White 1st, Torres 2nd, Cardwell 4th). 2. District 8 29 (Seymour 3rd). 3. District 5 17 (no qualifiers). 4 .District 7 11 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 253.5. 2. District 7 176. 3. District 5 151. 4. District 8 141.5.
5s: Some rally after the misery at 132, with three rd-1 wins, but no semifinalists. The farthest advancer was third-placer Ryan Hatcher (Villages), who got to Saturday and had six points. Christian Downs (Clay) and Travis Webb (Eastside) each had four points with rd-1 falls, but couldn’t find wins after that.
6s: Skyler White (Pasco) and Emmanuel Torres (Wesley Chapel) got a rematch of their district final, although the region version wasn’t quite as close, with White getting a major this time to pick up 27 points. Torres had three falls of his own for an 18-point tourney, and Grant Cardwell (Anclote) avenged a rd-1 loss by fall, decisioning Satellite’s Tyler Hansen with state on the line. Cardwell had 13 points and four wins, all on the back.
7s: Not much there there, with Jack Roche (Bishop Moore) winning three times and getting to the consi semis. Two double-bagels didn’t help the group.
8s: Matthew Seymour (Titusville) lost by fall late to White in the semis, but otherwise was a solid point-scorer, with three bonus wins and 21 points on the weekend. Like the 7s, the 8s had to overcome two oh-fers.

145: 1. District 7 52 (Rogers 1st, Whitmore 4th). 2. District 5 28 (Pelton 3rd). 3. District 6 26.5 (no medalists). 4. District 8 23 (Ahrens 2nd).
Running total: 1. District 6 280. 2. District 7 228. 3. District 5 179. 4. District 8 164.5.
5s: Other than Joel Pelton (Crystal River) making the semis, no front-side scoring for the 5s, so most of the work came on the back and even then it was mostly Pelton, who had 22. Connor Green (Clay) and Harold Woods (Eastside) each had a consi rd-1 fall for 3 points each.
6s: I think this is the first time this year that I’ve done this analysis where a district/region wasn’t last and didn’t have any medalists where the last-place district/region did. The 6s had 3 rd-1 falls and got three out to Saturday, but the closest was Dalton Kaechele (Hudson) who was 1 match short of state.
7s: Rogers was dominant in this tournament, with four bonus-point wins and a total of 26 points on the weekend, but Whitmore gave plenty of help in reaching the semis and chipping in another 14. Aaron Mason (Bishop Moore) was also 1 match short of states.
8s: Ethan Ahrens (Astronaut) had all of the 8s’ front-side points, with 17, but otherwise the group had only two consi rd-1 falls to its credit.

152: 1. District 6 47.5 (Scott 1st). 2. District 7 43 (Petrone 3rd, Violette 4th). 3. District 5 20.5 (Breindel 2nd). 4. District 8 12 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 327.5. 2. District 7 271. 3. District 5 199.5. 4. District 8 176.5.
5s: Adam Breindel (Clay) had a solid weekend — his better one was still a week away — but contributed 15.5 of the 5s’ points in reaching the final, with Brennan Wykoff (Interlachen) pitching in five with two consi-round wins to get to Saturday.
6s: We can only wonder if the bye that Jonte Scott (Anclote) got on Friday helped him be a bit more rested for Saturday, but his blast-doubles to the title were the truth, as he scored 23.5 points for the 6s, who got plenty of points on the back side but no one else out.
7s: Anthony Petrone (Lake Highland) and Ryan Violette (Bishop Moore) each made the semis with full bonus points intact, as Petrone had 20 points and Violette 16, with Dylan Lapointe (Atlantic) also making it to Saturday for the 7s.
8s: The 8s got three first-round wins by fall, but didn’t win a single match after that.

160: 1. District 8 38 (Berry 2nd, Londono 3rd). 2. District 7 (Cleary 1st). 3. District 6 (Orengo 4th). 4. District 5 19 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 356.5. 2. District 7 306. 3. District 5 218.5. 4. District 8 214.5.
5s: Tough tournament for Trevor Larson (Clay), who reached the semis with a pair of majors and eight points, but he had some breaks go against him. Ronnie Fernandez (Trinity Catholic) got to Saturday with falls on both sides of the bracket, and Evan Gastelum (Palatka) chipped in a consi rd-1 fall for three points.
6s: Not much on the front side, just two rd-1 falls, but the 6s — particularly Emmanuel Orengo (Wesley Chapel) — pulled things together in the consis. Orengo finished with 17. Blake Castillo (Pasco) was 1 match short of states.
7s: Only a decision in the semis kept Elijah Cleary (Lake Highland) from a perfect score, as he finished with 26 points and the title. Justin Perkins (Atlantic) had pins on both sides of the bracket and got to Saturday.
8s: Cleary’s match with Antonio Londono (Space Coast) was in some ways the “real” title match, held in the semi. Londono was mostly untouchable otherwise, finishing with 23 points, while Berry reached finals and had 12 points.

170: 1. District 6 50 (Maple 1st, Webber 4th). 2. District 5 35 (Sichmeller 3rd). 3. District 7 22 (Ford 2nd). 4. District 8 9 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 406.5. 2. District 7 328. 3. District 5 253.5. 4. District 8 223.5.
5s: Only a semifinal loss to Kevin Ford (Lake Highland) derailed Tristain Sichmeller (Clay), who finished the weekend with 19 points for the 5s. Jaret Flynn (Crystal River) was also solid, making the semis and finishing 1 match from states, with 10 points. Interlachen’s Lance Hasting had a consi rd-1 fall as well.
6s: Pasco’s Timothy Maple was strong all weekend, with only a decision win in the quarters marring an otherwise-perfect weekend (26 points). Hernando’s Austin Webber rallied from a quarterfinal loss to Ford to finish with 15 points.
7s: Ford (14 points) and Deltona’s Gabriel Gonzales (eight, 1 match from states) did all the heavy lifting for the 7s, who had two double-bagels to overcome.
8s: Tough weekend. Just one front-side rd-1 win by fall and two consi wins from Titusville’s Mykel Connors, and that was it.

182: 1. District 6 63 (Robinson 1st, Templar 2nd, Gray 3rd). 2. District 5 36 (Bennis 4th). 3. District 8 15 (no qualifiers). 4. District 7 11 (no qualiifers).
Running total: 1. District 6 469.5. 2. District 7 339. 3. District 5 289.5. 4. District 8 238.5.
5s: Good start, with three rd-1 wins and Jon Whiting (Clay) making the semis, but the other 2 faced the eventual finalists in the quarters. Most of the work got done in the consis, with Edward Bennis (Crystal River) edging Whiting in a battle for states. Bennis finished with 17 points and Whiting had eight. Interlachen’s Logan Hasting also had eight, with falls on both sides.
6s: First 1-2-3 sweep for a district, with all four wrestlers scoring points and the district third (Ryan Robinson of Wesley Chapel) first edging finalist Le’Shaun Gray of Nature Coast in the semi and then district champ John Templar of Brooksville Central in the final. Talk about iron sharpening iron.
7s: Just one first-round win and two consi wins, plus a pair of oh-fers. The 7s might be starting out of steam as a group.
8s: Just one win on the front side, with Astronaut’s Harry Hampton winning three matches on the back after dropping a quick fall in rd 1 to eventual champ Robinson, but fell short.

195: 1. District 5 42 (Collins 2nd, Ayala 4th). 2. District 8 36 (Ralston 1st). 3. District 7 25 (Goldin 3rd). 4. District 6 18 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 487.5. 2. District 7 364.5. 3. District 5 331.5. 4. District 8 274.5.
5s: Two semifinalists in Kaleb Collins (Clay) and Dante Ayala (Crystal River), who reached the semis with maximum points. Collins finished with 16 for the weekend by reaching the finals. Eastside’s Kenneth Vance lost in rd 1, but rallied with seven points in the consis to get to Saturday, and Ira Dixon (Palatka) chipped in three points with a consi rd-1 fall.
6s: The 6s had one semifinalist and two rd-1 winners, but couldn’t convert an OK front-side start into qualifiers, as Drake Carson (Hudson) was 1 match short of state.
7s: Ben Goldin (Lake Highland) lost in the quarters to Ayala, but made his way back through the consis and eventually avenged that loss, finishing the weekend with 23 points.
8s: Christopher Ralston (Satellite) also had 23 points, with the title in hand as well, but he had good help from Clay Tezel (Cocoa Beach), who chipped in 13 and was one match from states. Pair of double-bagels prevented a weight-class win, though.

220: 1. District 6 68 (Contegiacomo 1st, Hartman 3rd, Burt 4th). 2. District 5 37 (Williams 2nd). 3. District 7 19 (no qualifiers). 4. District 8 4 (no qualifiers).
Running total: 1. District 6 555.5. 2. District 7 383. 3. District 5 368.5. 4. District 8 278.5.
5s: Could we have our first movement in the team standings? Alex Williams (North Marion) scored 16 solid points in reaching the final, with lots of points on the consi rounds from Eron Carter (Palatka, lost to champ Anthony Contegiacomo of Nature Coast in rd 1 but came back for 11 points and was 1 match from states) and a badly-injured Jeremy Beaulieu (Clay, seven points).
6s: Another dominant performance from the 6s, but in a different order this time as district champ Nick Burt (Pasco) was edged by Williams in the semis. Contegiacomo threw together a great tournament, with 26 points and three falls, and Anthony Hartman (Weeki Wachee), who was third at districts, lost only to Contegiacomo in the semis in scoring 20 points and edging Burt for third. Michael Listebarger (Hernando) also got to Saturday.
7s: Three rd-1 bonus point wins (one of those thanks mainly to District 8 champ Javohn Maravolo of Astronaut not competing), but only two after that and none on the front side.
8s: Just one win by fall in rd 1, and that was it for the 8s as a group, with two double-bagels and a non-competitor.

285: 1. District 6 76 (Ivie 1st, Jarque 3rd, Brooks 4th). 2. District 5 26 (Samec 2nd). 3. District 8 18 (no qualifiers). 4. District 7 (no qualifiers).
5s: Two rd-1 wins and a finalist appearance for Roland Samec (Clay), who finished with 18 points on the weekend. Not much on the back side for the 5s, though, with two double-bagels on the weekend, including one for Jared Hindrix (Palatka).
6s: Seemed like they just got stronger toward the end of the weight classes. Ivie pulled off the perfect 28 and only had to wrestle for 67 seconds to do it. But with Zack Jarque (Nature Coast) making the semis and Dean Brooks (Weeki Wachee) taking three bonus wins on the back side, plus Joshua Rodriguez (Gulf) getting to Saturday,it was a huge day point-wise for the 6s. Best so far.
7s: With only two competitors, the 7s were going to struggle here, and they did, with just two falls in consi rd 1 in their favor.
8s: The 8s were OK, with one semifinalist, but couldn’t get anyone out. Kenneth Willoughby (Astronaut) was 1 match from state as that semifinalist.

Final scores:

1. District 6 — 631.5 points, 23 state qualifiers (8 1sts, 5 2nds, 4 3rds, 6 4ths).

2. District 5 — 394.5 points, 12 state qualifiers (6 2nds, 2 3rds, 4 4ths).

3. District 7 — 389 points, 12 state qualifiers (5 1sts, 1 2nd, 3 3rds, 3 4ths).

4. District 8 — 296.5 points, 9 state qualifiers (1 1st, 2 2nds, 5 3rds, 1 4th).


Bonofide Camp — Bolles School Dates Set

Dates are June 29th-July 2nd for this camp, feature Bolles School (and, I suppose it must be mentioned, Iowa State University) graduate Chris Bono, a three-time Team USA freestyler, former NCAA champion and current head coach at South Dakota State University. More details can be found in the link below, but the camp is in my neck of the woods (at least the same zip code) at Bolles’ Bartram Road campus, which is its middle-school location. Another great opportunity for high-level instruction without having to travel out of the city to get it! #GetJacked 


WHO WON STATES?: Breaking Down Class 3A

1A and 2A are complete; now, let’s get a look at 3A and then we can close out the states and shift the attention more locally.

Will the Region 2s pull off a sweep of all three classes? Or will the other regions step up to the challenge of taking down central and (mostly sorta kinda) the northern part of southwest Florida? Let’s find out, with numbers…

106: 1. Region 4 44.5 (Victor 1st, McCray 2nd, Varona 6th). 2. Region 2 29 (Acevedo 4th, Martin 5th). 3. Region 3 27 (Radli 3rd). 4. Region 1 6.5 (no medalists).
Notes: A solid start for the 4s, who saw the state finalists reprise their Region 4 semi, with three first-round winners and Varona getting three wins on the back after a tight loss to Radli in rd 1. Radli had four wins on the back to pace the 3s effort, while the 2s did most of their damage on the front before losing both semis to the 4s.
Locals: Branning (Palm Coast) had a first-round tech fall, but that was it for local points.

113: 1. Region 2 46 (Telfer 1st, Tripke 2nd, Santana 5th). 2. Region 1 27 (Semrad 4th, Costen 6th). 3. Region 4 21.5 (Delisca 3rd). 4. Region 3 9 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 75. 2. Region 4 66. 3. Region 3 36. 4. Region 1 33.
Notes: NEW OVERALL LEADER. This is more the 2s’ style, with three semifinalists and all three therefore medaling. Telfer and Tripke reprised their Region 2 finals match in the state final. After an overtime loss, Delisca helped rally the 4s.
Locals: Good showing by the 1s as a whole, Robison (Fleming Island) had a rd-1 fall for four points and Holder (Palm Coast) a rd-1 decision for two, but most of the heavy lifting done by the medalists.

120: 1. Region 1 54 (Neyrinck 3rd, Shavers 4th, Staley 5th, Sampsel 6th). 2. Region 4 34 (Marshall 1st, Cannon 2nd). 3. Region 2 8 (no medalists). 4. Region 3 7 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 4 100. 2. Region 1 87.5. 3. Region 2 83. 4. Region 3 43.
Notes: NEW OVERALL LEADER. Certainly the Marshall-Cannon duo powered the 4s back into the overall lead, as the 2s only had two first-round majors and one win in the consi 2nd round, but the 1s — led by two semifinal appeances on the front side and 10 back-side wins — carried the weight and made themselves competitive.
Locals: Good point totals for both Shavers (Palm Coast), who picked up 13 points in his three wins, and Sampsel (Fleming Island), who had 11 — with all earning bonus-points to help out the 1s’ strong surge at this weight. First 3A weight where all four qualifiers medaled. We thought that could happen, as strong a group as it was.

126: 1. Region 4 43 (Lugo 1st, Valdes 2nd, Caceres 6th). 2. Region 1 28 (DeAugustino 4th, Larison 5th). 3. Region 2 25 (Rudisill 3rd). 4. Region 3 10 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 4 143. 2. Region 1 115.5. 3. Region 2 108. 4. Region 3 53.
Notes: The 4s padded their lead behind three first-round wins and a pair of semifinalists who wound up having a rematch of their Region 4 semi, in the state final. Other than one consi-rd 1 fall, Rudisill did all the heavy lifting for the 2s.
Locals: Another solid effort from the 1s, with DeAugustino (Palm Coast) winning four matches in the tournament and putting together a 12-point solo effort, better than all of the 3s combined.

132: 1. Region 2 43.5 (Prince 1st, Clarke 2nd). 2. Region 4 29 (Kinsey 3rd, Dominguez 4th). 3. Region 3 22.5 (Gomes 5th). 4. Region 1 16 (Insalaco 6th).
Running total: 1. Region 4 172. 2. Region 2 151.5. 3. Region 1 131.5. 4. Region 3 75.5.
Notes: The 2s cut into the 4s’ lead with the Prince-Clarke combo, who reprised their Region 2 final in the state final. The 4s did get two semifinalists, also, while most of the 3s’ points came on the back side.
Locals: Insalaco (Palm Coast) had 10 of the 1s’ 16 points, with two bonus-point victories along the way.

138: 1. Region 2 44.5 (Prince 1st, Loney 3rd). 2. Region 4 29 (Sage 4th, Sierra 5th, Del Cueto 6th). 3. Region 3 24 (Aronoff 2nd). 4. Region 1 9 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 4 201. 2. Region 2 196. 3. Region 1 140.5. 4. Region 3 99.5.
Notes: The 2s continued their surge back toward the top, with three front-side bonus wins from Prince, with Loney contributing four wins (including two bonus ones) on the consis after winning in rd 1. The 4s also had two semifinalists.
Locals: Detwiler (Fleming Island) had six of the 1s’ nine points, with a rd-1 fall and win in the consi second round.

145: 1. Region 1 40.5 (Nereim 1st, Maia 2nd). 2. Region 2 33 (Cruz 3rd, Owen 4th). 3. Region 4 26.5 (Ramirez 5th, Marcelin 6th). 4. Region 3 4 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 229. 2. Region 4 227.5. 3. Region 1 181. 4. Region 3 103.5.
Notes: NEW OVERALL LEADER. It took the 2s a little while, but they regained the lead with two semifinalists, who then rehashed their Region 2 semi with a rematch in the state third-place match. The 4s stayed close with a strong consi-round effort.
Locals: Maia (Palm Coast) picked up 13.5 points in his run to the finals, while Moore (Buchholz) added a consi-rd 1 victory by decision.

152: 1. Region 1 35 (Wohlabaugh 3rd, Hutchinson 4th). 2. Region 2 33 (Bonilla 2nd, Dinsdale 5th). 3. Region 4 30 (Lugo 1st). 4. Region 3 11 (Moselund 6th).
Running total: 1. Region 2 262. 2. Region 4 257.5. 3. Region 1 216. 3. Region 3 114.5.
Notes: Still a three-horse race, but the 2s had three rd-1 wins (and bonus points in all three) to keep a slight lead over the 4s, who got all of their front-side points from champion Lugo.
Locals: Hutchinson (Buchholz) had 10 points, with a pair of front-side wins, in reaching the semifinals for the 1s, who picked up their second consecutive weight-class points win.

160: 1. Region 1 37 (Tague 2nd, Treadwell 4th, Martorano 6th). 2. Region 4 31.5 (Crosby 1st). 3. Region 3 26 (Kosoy 3rd). 4. Region 2 14 (Flenard 5th).
Running total: 1. Region 4 289. 2. Region 2 275. 3. Region 1 253. 4. Region 3 140.5.
Notes: NEW OVERALL LEADER. Thanks to a couple of double-bagels from the 2s, and three rd-1 wins and two sets of bonus points from Crosby, the 4s were able to move back into the lead. The 3s had one of their stronger performances in the tournament thus far, with four wins from Kosoy.
Locals: Martorano (Fleming Island) contributed seven of the 1s’ points, which were enough to rack up the third straight weight-class win for the region.

170: 1. Region 2 54.5 (Baldwin 1st, Nevins 5th, Williams 6th). 2. Region 1 35 (Folkner 3rd, Trivett 4th). 3. Region 4 21 (Dolorit 2nd). 4. Region 3 12 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 329.5. 2. Region 4 310. 3. Region 1 288. 4. Region 3 152.5.
Notes: NEW OVERALL LEADER. Uh-oh. Could the 2s have put this one away with this W here? Sure looks like it could be possible, with Baldwin getting bonus points in all four matches and a ton of wins in the consi rounds (seven in all). The 4s stayed close with Dolorit’s run to the final.
Locals: Folkner (Sandalwood) finished the tournament with 20 points for the 1s, tops among all locals in 3A thus far, while Trivett (Palm Coast) added the other 15.

182: 1. Region 2 50 (Fulk 1st, Chaney 3rd, Morales 6th). 2. Region 4 34 (Hope 2nd, Sotolongo 4th). 3. Region 1 15 (Wallace 5th). 4. Region 3 7 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 379.5. 2. Region 4 344. 3. Region 1 303. 4. Region 3 159.5.
Notes: The sweep is looking like it just might happen now. This time for the 2s, it was because they had three semifinalists. With three weights to go, the 4s stayed close, thanks to Hope’s bonus points on the front side and three consi wins from Sotolongo.
Locals: No front-side points for any of the 1s, but McKenzie (First Coast) did pick up three with a pair of consi wins.

195: 1. Region 2 59 (Towers 3rd, Lantigua 4th, Crowell 5th). 2. Region 1 45 (Moodie 1st, Smenda 6th). 3. Region 4 17.5 (Hill 2nd). 4. Region 3 6 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 438.5. 2. Region 4 361.5. 3. Region 1 348. 4. Region 3 165.5.
Notes: With two weights after this one, a 77-point lead looks pretty safe, particularly with all of the wins and bonus points (five wins, three falls) on the front side for the 2s. But each one of the 2s scored, and the medalists all scored in double-digits.
Locals: In addition to the medal, Smenda (Fleming Island) picked up a solid 13 points for the 1s, winning three matches (1 front, 2 back) by fall.

220: 1. Region 1 54 (Meeks 1st, Dollison 3rd). 2. Region 4 42 (D. Hamilton 2nd, Kennedy 5th, Marrero 6th). 3. Region 2 17 (Deltoro 4th). 4. Region 3 4 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 455.5. 2. Region 4 403.5. 3. Region 1 402. 4. Region 3 169.5.
Notes: Leaving the 1s aside for the moment, the 4s managed to stay in second place with three semifinalists, and buku bonus points from Hamilton, who had three falls en route to the final. The 2s were shut out in the front side, but — led by four wins by Deltoro — pulled it together somewhat in the consis.
Locals: The 1s dominated the scene, with Dollison (First Coast) powering out a Matmen-best 21 points en route to his third.

285: 1. Region 2 37 (Hills 3rd, Santos 6th). 2. Region 4 32 (Taylor 2nd, Moss 5th). 3. Region 1 29 (Shriner 1st). 4. Region 3 15 (Desir-Jones 4th).
Notes: One of the more evenly-contested weights, the 2s held serve with three rd-1 wins, including two falls from semifinalist Santos. The 4s got all but four points from their medalists, while Desir-Jones had all but three of the 3s’ points.

Final scores:

1. Region 2: 492.5 points, 27 medals (5 1sts, 3 2nds, 6 3rds, 4 4ths, 6 5ths, 3 6ths).
2. Region 4: 435.5 points, 27 medals (5 1sts, 8 2nds, 2 3rds, 3 4ths, 4 5ths, 5 6ths).
3. Region 1: 431 points, 24 medals (4 1sts, 2 2nds, 4 3rds, 6 4ths, 3 5ths, 5 6ths).
4. Region 3: 184.5 points, 6 medals (1 2nd, 2 3rds, 1 4th, 1 5th, 1 6th).

We’ll start the Who Won Regions? series on Thursday night with 1A-Region 2.


Bulldogs’ Trivett Headlines DBNJ All-Area Squad

Obviously, the first link is the feature on Trivett, the second runs down the team. There are some DBNJ picks that are outside our coverage area, but we’ve seen most of those kids, as they’re nearby.

Still waiting on the FTU’s teams….if they hold true to form, these won’t appear until after NCAA basketball is over, but I could be wrong.


Bears’ Good Selected as St Johns County Wrestler of Year

Our guys continue to do well. All-county team is included in the story.


WHO WON STATES?: Breaking Down Class 2A

All righty, now that 1A states is in the books, let’s turn our attention to 2A. Let the numbers tell the story. Brandon and Springstead in the same region. That’s not going to go well for the rest of the state, on first blush. But let’s see what happens.

106: 1. Region 2 55 (Lopez 1st, Perry 3rd, Reynoso 5th). 2. Region 3 34 (Monos 2nd, Rubenecker 6th). 3. Region 4 15 (Blalock 4th). 4. Region 1 5 (no medalists).
Notes: The 2s got out to a fast start with three semifinalists and points from everyone. The really impressive thing is that each 2 in a medal match won. Both Monos and Rubenacker piled up the bonus points for the 3s.
Locals: Tough round. Rossetti (Middleburg) won one match on each side of the bracket and Wynn (Creekside) had a consi rd-1 win.

113: 1. Region 2 55 (Smith 1st, Landgraff 2nd, Velez 5th). 2. Region 3 28.5 (Reed 3rd). 3. Region 4 19 (Asenjo 4th). 4. Region 1 14 (Reid 6th).
Running total: 1. Region 2 110. 2. Region 3 62.5. 3. Region 4 34. 4. Region 1 19.
Notes: OK, back-to-back 55s right out of the chute — I’m not calling it after two weights, but if this were an exit poll I’d maybe call it on behalf of Region 2. Again three semifinalists. The 3s made up some points on the back side.
Locals: Double-digits this go-round but losing a wrestler at the open never helps. Reid (Orange Park) did get eight of the 14 points with his two front-side wins.

120: 1. Region 3 39.5 (Soto 3rd, Aguayo 5th, Eddington 6th). 2. Region 2 36.5 (Norstrem 1st). 3. Region 4 20 (Hudson 2nd). 4. Region 1 14 (Klopman 4th).
Running total: 1. Region 2 146.5. 2. Region 3 102. 3. Region 4 54. 4. Region 1 33.
Notes: One semifinalist from each region, but the 3s devastated the consi rounds, as Soto and Aguayo each won four on the back. Norstrem had 27.5 points by himself for the 2s.
Locals: Other than a consi-rd 1 win by fall, Klopman (Matanzas) had all the points for the 1s, scoring 11 on his own.

126: 1. Region 2 59.5 (McDonald 1st, Bruno 2nd, Consuegra 5th, Casado 6th). 2. Region 3 26 (Cameron 4th). 3. Region 4 24 (Wiechel 3rd). 4. Region 1 4 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 206. 2. Region 3 128. 3. Region 4 78. 4. Region 1 37.
Notes: First time in doing these that I’ve seen all four wrestlers that qualified out of regions all medal at states. Three semifinalists again — that’s 10 through four weights. The 2s have as many points as the 3s and 4s combined.
Locals: Germain (Orange Park) had two consi-round wins, but otherwise the region got a triple serving of double-bagel.

132: 1. Region 2 43 (Perry 1st, Thomas 2nd, Ridley 6th). 2. Region 4 33 (Warren 3rd, Kirkham 4th). 3. Region 3 19 (Mooney 5th). 4. Region 1 13 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 249. 2. Region 3 147. 3. Region 4 111. 5. Region 1 50.
Notes: Three more semifinalists and the third weight class where the 2s went 1-2. That’s just stunning, to have 13 semifinalists in FIVE weight classes. This time it was the 4s doing the best chasing in the consis, with Warren and Kirkham combining for seven back-side wins.
Locals: VanSickel (Creekside) had four points with a first-round win but had Perry in the quarters, and Roderick (Oakleaf) had three with a consi rd-1 fall.

138: 1. Region 2 51 (Doback 2nd, Smith 3rd 3rd, Tarvin 5th). 2. Region 4 29 (Ramirez 1st). 3. Region 3 23 (Washington 4th). 4. Region 1 17 (McClinton 6th).
Running total: 1. Region 2 300. 2. Region 3 170. 3. Region 4 140. 4. Region 1 67.
Notes: Well, the rest of Florida has a state champion finally after the 2s swept the first five titles. But with three medalists (17 in all through six weights — by comparison our local region has three medalists total), the 2s continued to run away with the region team race.
Locals: Best performance so far, with McClinton (Middleburg) scoring 10 on the front side and Tucker (Ed White) had a consi rd-1 fall for three points.

145: 1. Region 2 46 (Lewis 1st, Mitchell 5th). 2. Region 3 28 (Ratliff 2nd, Weeks 6th). 3. Region 1 21 (Warner 3rd). 4. Region 4 13 (Gillis 4th).
Running total: 1. Region 2 346. 2. Region 3 198. 3. Region 4 153. 4. Region 1 88.
Notes: The 2s got back to their title-earning ways, with Lewis scoring bonus in every round BUT the semi against Warner (Columbia). I almost wonder if the ID Mitchell sustained against Ratliff in the quarters prevented a fourth Region 2 finals rematch.
Locals: Best performance so far again, this time the first number over 20 points and the first time the region finished something other than 4th in the weight class. Warner contributed most of the damage, with 17 of the region’s 21 points, with Magnuson (Matanzas) chipping in 3 with a consi rd-1 forfeit win and Sawdo (Middleburg) adding a consi rd-1 win by decision.

152: 1. Region 2 41.5 (Joyce 1st, Febus 5th, Burgess 6th). 2. Region 3 33 (Barboza 3rd, Slade 4th). 3. Region 4 19.5 (Williams 2nd). 4. Region 1 11.5 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 387.5. 2. Region 3 231. 3. Region 4 172.5. 4. Region 1 99.5.
Notes: Again, the 2s with three medalists despite just one semifinalist in Joyce, as Febus and Burgess both won three consis. The 3s had two semifinalists in Barboza and Slade, with some good consi help as well.
Locals: Neubeck (Middleburg) chipped in four points with a first-round fall, but that was it locally.

160: 1. Region 4 33 (Norman 2nd, D. Taylor 5th). 2. Region 1 26.5 (Doerr 3rd). 3. Region 2 26 (Pyle 4th, Knaak 6th). 4. Region 3 24 (Nadotti 1st).
Running total: 1. Region 2 413.5. 2. Region 3 255. 3. Region 4 205.5. 4. Region 1 126.
Notes: The most competitive weight class among the regions thus far, given the spread between 1st and 4th, with some anomalies. This was the first weight that the 2s weren’t at least second, and they still had two medalists here. Also, this was the first weight where the region with the titlist (Nadotti, just the second non-Region 2 champion thus far) was last of the four.
Locals: Doerr did most of the heavy lifting, but S. Taylor (Orange Park) did chip in a first-round win by fall.

170: 1. Region 2 62.5 (Greene 1st, Buser 2nd, Swift 3rd). 2. Region 3 33 (Jaramillo 4th, Zahalka 5th). 3. Region 1 11 (Shoen 6th). 4. Region 4 8 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 476. 2. Region 3 288. 3. Region 4 213.5. 4. Region 1 137.
Notes: This is domination. Greene had bonus points until the final, Swift and Buser owned the bottom half of the bracket until they faced each other in the semis and Swift killed on the consis. Even their fourth-placer had a 19-7 major.
Locals: Shoen (Middleburg) had all 11 of the region’s points, as everyone else got double-bageled.

182: 1. Region 2 41.5 (Root 1st, Knauer 6th). 2. Region 1 39 (Davis 3rd, Grant 5th). 3. Region 3 20 (Rives 4th). 4. Region 4 17 (Cadet 2nd).
Running total: 1. Region 2 517.5. 2. Region 3 308. 3. Region 4 230.5. 4. Region 1 176.
Notes: Root dominated the bracket, with bonus points in each match, and the 2s had plenty of bonus on the consi side as well.
Locals: Davis (Oakleaf) spearheaded what’s been the 1s’ by-far best weight class, with 16 points of his own. The 182s for Region 1 have chipped in a little more than 20% of the region’s entire point total thus far.

195: 1. Region 2 48 (Ross 2nd, Marcano 3rd, Pendleton 6th). 2. Region 3 45 (Kerkesner 1st, Thomas 4th). 3. Region 4 14 (Allen 5th). 4. Region 1 9 (no medalists).
Running total: 1. Region 2 565.5. 2. Region 3 353. 3. Region 4 244.5. 4. Region 1 185.
Notes: A two-team horse race in this class, with Ross and Marcano scoring bonus points in every match but two. Kerkesner & Thomas kept the 3s close in the weight with the wins they rolled up.
Locals: Good (Bartram Trail) had eight points, with a fall on each side of the bracket, and McDonald (Ed White) added a consi rd-1 win.

220: 1. Region 3 54 (Warren 2nd, Pryor 3rd, Thrasher 4th). 2. Region 2 53 (Mosco 1st, Shepherd 5th). 3. Region 1 16 (Walker 6th). 4. Region 4 0.
Running total: 1. Region 2 618.5. 2. Region 3 407. 3. Region 4 244.5. 4. Region 1 201.
Notes: Never mind the two-region race with the 2s owning the front side and the 3s owning the back. Region 4 went 0-8 — the dreaded quadruple double-bagel! The region champion went 4-3 on the back side — that was as close as the 4s got to a win.
Locals: Walker (Columbia) had eight of the 1s’ 10 front-side points, while Tejada (Orange Park) added a consi rd-1 fall.

285: 1. Region 3 62 (Schneider 1st, Driggers 3rd, Delago 4th, Dennis 6th). 2. Region 2 26 (Root 5th). 3. Region 1 18 (Beyer 2nd). 4. Region 4 10 (no medalists).
Notes: For only the second time in the first two classes reviewed, one region had all four qualifiers sweep the medals, and the bigs for the 3s nearly matched the 62.5 put up by Region 2’s 170s. Interestingly, the fourth-place region finisher wound up winning the bracket.
Locals: No points for the local contingent due to injury and forfeit, but the 1s finally had their first finalist.

Final scores:

1. Region 2 — 644.5 points, 35 medals (10 1sts, 6 2nds, 4 3rds, 1 4th, 8 5ths, 6 6ths).
2. Region 3 — 469 points, 26 medals (3 1sts, 3 2nds, 5 3rds, 8 4ths, 3 5ths, 4 6ths).
3. Region 4 — 254.5 points, 13 medals (1 1st, 4 2nds, 2 3rds, 4 4ths, 2 5ths).
4. Region 1 — 219 points, 10 medals (1 2nd, 3 3rds, 1 4th, 1 5th, 4 6ths).


Gainesville Sun Tabs Matmen Duo As Co-Wrestlers of the Year

First link is on the wrestlers of the year. Second is their all-area team.

Watch for a couple of others from around the coverage area later this week!


Tar Heel Wrestling Comes to Jacksonville

The University of North Carolina wrestling program has announced it will hold its first north Florida camp in Jacksonville coming up this summer.

Dates for the camp, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day, are June 18-20 at Westside High School. Cost for the camp is $250 for the three days of instruction, but a $25 registration discount is available for those signing up by April 1.

The camp is designed to meet individual needs and will provide significant individual instruction and teaching, embodying a curriculum of concentrated teaching, drilling and practical application of basic to advanced skills of the sport.

Campers will be divided into three groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced. There will be an hourlong break for lunch each day; lunches are not provided by the camp.

Three North Carolina assistant coaches will run the program, led by four-time all-American and four-time US National Team member Coleman Scott, who won NCAAs at 133 for Oklahoma State in 2008. Scott was an Olympic bronze medalist in freestyle, competing at 60kg for Team USA in the London Olympics in 2012.

Scott will be joined by former Oklahoma State wrestler Neil Erisman and former North Carolina wrestler Kyle Kiss, both assistant coaches with the Tar Heel program, and current and past North Carolina wrestlers will be instructors at the camp.

Camp signups can be done at, or follow the link below. For more information, contact camp program director Kerry McCormick at