The Season: Fletcher, 2014-15

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Season record: 16-10 in duals.

Tournament record: 5th at Westside Kiwanis December 12-13, 20th at Palm Coast Rotary January 9-10, 3rd at Gateway Conference January 16-17, 18th at Green Cove Springs Rotary February 13-14, 7th at 3A-District 1 meetFebruary 28, 22nd at 3A-Region 1 meet March 6-7, T-68th at 3A state meet March 13-14.

Season in a nutshell: You’ve probably seen I list a few starters that maybe were quite part-time. My cutoff (I think) has been six matches minimum. This was to give some credit to kids who played fill-in roles for their teams while the main starter was out for various and sundry reasons. With Fletcher, the plug-and-play thing is a very real thing. Other than at a few weights during the course of the season, there wasn’t really a fixed starter. The MVP yes, next year’s captain yes, and about four or five others, but at a lot of weights, the Senators had a fluid lineup. I can understand the rationales involved: getting kids mat time, 50-50 in terms of ability, and the like. But without a fixed lineup for whatever the reason, I think it hurt Fletcher competitively at times, at least as a team. The Senators couldn’t hold their Gateway crown, and it was probably unfair to expect this very young group to do so, particularly with teams like Sandalwood and First Coast on the move. But 7th at districts was a low point. The Senators will want to aim higher.

2014-15 MVP: The Senators’ MVP wasn’t a starter last year — in fact, he barely registered on the varsity radar at all. What a difference a year makes for senior Nick Hobday, who made his first full year with the varsity team one to remember, as he won a Gateway Conference title, qualified for regions (with only a one-point loss keeping him out of the district final) and states. Hobday finished the season 32-13 (Track had him at 33-10) and was able to accomplish more than what he might ever have expected for himself, finishing the year ranked fourth among area 138s. Most importantly for this young Fletcher lineup, he was in the lineup from the very beginning of the season, and other than the North Florida Duals that kicked off the season for the Senators, he was the regular 138 in the lineup for every event.

Returning starters for 2015-16: Trent Dalldorf (junior in 15-16, Trackwrestling had him at 26-14, I had him at 30-15 at 106), Brandon Cuevas (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 11-13, I had him at 13-13 at 113), Oren Punnett (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 3-14, I had him at 9-13 at 126), Conner Smith (sophomore in 15-16, Track had him at 0-2, I had him at 5-8 at 132), Dominic Belew (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 1-2, I had him at 22-14 at 152), Julian Fix (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 10-17, I had him at 8-15 at 160), Bryce Bednarski (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 11-17, I had him at 9-18 at 195), plus MANY (as mentioned above) part-time starters, including: Zach Collier (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 5-2 at 106), Tommy Pugh (junior in 15-16< i had him at 7-13 at 120), Nathan Bowcock (junior in 15-16, I had him at 6-6 at 126), Jeffery Ashton (junior in 15-16, I had him at 6-5 at 132), Chase Henry (junior in 15-16, I had him at 3-5 at 138/145), Donovan Tompkins (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 2-6 at 145/152), Owen Beining (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 17-10 at 160/170), Josh Kelly (junior in 15-16, I had him at 6-10 at 220/285).

2015-16 captain: A guy who could follow in Hobday’s footsteps is going to be a guy who’s got some skills already in hand (Hobday understudied under some pretty-talented Senator wrestlers) and also a guy that stays in the lineup. The best example for this, to me, for next season is going to be Dalldorf. There were only four matches during the course of the season where Dalldorf wasn’t the guy at 106 for Fletcher. Dalldorf was a 30-match winner for the Senators in 2014-15, finished third at the Gateway at 106, and was a region qualifier. While he didn’t finish the season ranked at 106, he was ranked during the season at the weight, and was always near the mix. His consistency will be something that Fletcher needs next season.

Heaton’s Hero: It’s a struggle, sometimes, for an inexperienced, younger upper weight to wrestle up a weight for a majority of the season, but that’s what Bryce Bednarski faced in dealing with being slotted into 220 for most of the year. Bednarski had just one win by fall and one by decision at 220 before slotting down to 195 for the stretch run of the season. At that point, his record got better (I had him at 5-6 after he dropped), but the post-season still resulted in an 0-2 end to his season. He did finish fourth at Gateway, and that’s not too bad, but he’ll need to get some offseason experience and another couple full years in the lineup. But this year was a good start, even if there were a lot of losses to that start. This year’s Heaton’s Hero nominee for Fletcher is Bryce Bednarski.



The Season: Matanzas, 2014-15

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Season record: 26-5 in duals.

Tournament record: 7th at Capital City Classic December 12-13, 11th at Palm Coast Rotary January 9-10, 1st at St Johns River Conference IBT February 7, 1st at 2A-District 4 meet February 25, 5th at 2A-Region 1 meet March 6-7, 33rd at 2A State meet March 13-14.

Season in a nutshell: In their first season as an area team, the Pirates were a hallmark of consistency, winning their first 13 duals. It wasn’t until just before Christmas before Matanzas even took a loss. The Pirates were competitive in their two early-season invitationals, and then hit some roadblocks — first against Wakulla on the road, then Palm Coast at home and then a revenge loss against Creekside. Those losses seemed to refocus the Pirates once the calendar ticked over to February, as Matanzas won the St Johns River Conference tournament and then — even without all of its starters in the lineup — the District 4 title. In a two-team fight with familiar foe Creekside, the Pirates came out on top — but then were short a district champion when they went to regions. Matanzas will take a hit in the middle weights for next year, but should still be a very strong team again next year.

2014-15 MVP: It was a crazy rollercoaster of a season for Andrew Klopman in his sophomore year. First was just the simple fact of moving from Clay to Matanzas after establishing himself as a very solid 106 for the Blue Devils in his freshman year. Klopman made the jump from inland to the coast, from 1A to 2A, and up two weights. Actually, it was three to start with, and Klopman had put together a solid, if not completely spectacular, 25-8 start at 126. But, once the drop was made down to 120, Klopman only lost four times after that — with two of those coming at states and two coming against Fleming Island season MVP Xaiver Sampsel. And don’t get me started on the first of the two states losses. After Klopman had won both districts and regions, a bad call (in my opinion at least) kept him from the finals. I’m looking forward very much to what the next two years might bring for Klopman.

Returning starters for 2015-16: Rocky Samples (senior in 15-16, Trackwrestling had him at 28-6, I had him at 26-6 at 106/113), Carter Goodman (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 31-9, I had him at 32-9 at 113), Klopman (junior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 46-12 at 120), Tristan Kraus (senior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 31-12 at 132), Eddy Leon de la Cruz (senior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 29-10 at 152), Christopher Mixan (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 15-17, I had him at 15-18 at 160), Maverick Dennis (senior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 36-15 at 170), Jordin Castanheira (senior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 35-12 at 182), Nick Kubiet (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 7-6, I had him at 6-7 at 220), Bailey Sattar (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 13-17, I had him at 13-18 at 285), plus Stone White (sophomore in 15-16, Track and I had him at 15-11 at 106), Kwentel Moultrie (junior in 15-16, Track and I had him at 22-5 at 160/170), Ra’mel Adams (junior in 15-16, Track and I had him at 4-4 at 220) and Amar Albakri (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 2-9, I had him at 2-8 at 285).

2015-16 captain: There is a lot of senior leadership to choose from, when it comes to the Pirates’ expected-returner scenario for next season. The guy that particularly stood out in that class, however, was Maverick Dennis. He made significant strides from last year to this one, following in older brother Clayton’s footsteps. Dennis’ losses came against very strong state-level competitors, or when he would move up a weight — as what happened when the Pirates took on Palm Coast. Dennis also avenged a regular-season loss at just the right time, to win a district title against Bartram Trail’s 15-16 captain, John Wilson. He also was second at the Region 1 meet. His state experience was a bit shorter than he would have otherwise liked, but I feel like he’ll have a good shot at the podium this coming season.

Heaton’s Hero: At the beginning of the season, this wrestler was in a 50-50 scenario, fighting for a job, and even after he had won the job, the battle wasn’t over — at that point, then, it was about battling one of the deepest weight classes in Northeast Florida. Sometimes just winning a varsity spot is only the beginning. That was certainly true for Bailey Sattar, who had to wrestle a lot of quality opponents — including several region and a couple of state qualifiers — just to contend with being a starting 285 on the Pirates’ schedule. However, he did pick up a few wins by fall during the course of the year, and cemented his place in the Region 1 tournament with convincing wins over opponents where he’d had their number during the regular season — something that can’t always be counted upon at tournament time — and while his region time was all too short, the experience Sattar gained should help the Pirates up top next season. Bailey Sattar has earned the Matanzas nomination as the Heaton’s Hero.



The Season: Clay, 2014-15

Next up: Matanzas.


Season record: 26-3 in duals.

Tournament record: 2nd at Valdosta (GA) Tiger Invite January 2-3, 1st at Somerset Scuffle January 9-10, 1st at Lincoln IBT January 30-31, 1st at GCS Rotary February 13-14, 1st at 1A-District 5 meet February 28, 3rd at 1A-Region 2 meet March 6-7, 9th at 1A state meet March 13-14.

Season in a nutshell: Clay’s three dual losses in 2014-15 were all to 3A teams. One of those teams won north Florida’s district and region title (more on Palm Coast coming soon) and 3A state champion South Dade was another. It takes a lot to put down a Clay team, and in matchups with similarly-sized schools, the Blue Devils generally reigned victorious. In a dual, even eventual 1A state champion Lake Highland Prep gave way to Clay (This is one of the many reasons why I’m stoked to see a state duals tournament). Yes, the Blue Devils had a big hiccup at regions, but I can think of lots of teams locally that would have loved to be able to say they had their worst tournament showing of the year result in a third-place finish in the strongest 1A region in Florida. Clay was a solid #2 area team pick all year long, and maintained its string of district titles — something I expect will continue. Barring major…transfers…from other schools, the Blue Devils should be right back in the fray of the region and state chases in 1A next season.

2014-15 MVP: Even on a team chock-full of standouts, this was an easy choice. Senior Adam Breindel had a world of expectations placed upon him as a returning state champion, what with only four former Blue Devils able to win multiple titles in their careers. Breindel didn’t take his first loss until January, and that was out of state. The second one was against South Dade multi-time 3A champion Pat Lugo at the Gateway Duals final. The third was Leo Tarantino at the Clay Rotary, and the last was at Region 2 in the finals against Anclote’s Jonte Scott. But Breindel got revenge for one of those, making the other three not matter quite so much, winning the 1A state title (decisioning Tarantino in the final) and becoming the fifth Clay multi-timer in school history. Breindel was the Florida Times Union’s wrestler of the year in back-to-back seasons, first time that had been done since 2001.

Returning starters for 2015-16: Dylan Fabiani (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 36-9 at 106), Chris Merring (junior in 15-16, Trackwrestling had him at 31-18, I had him at 31-21 at 113), Cody Taylor (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 31-18, I had him at 31-15 at 120), Dale Browning (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 37-11, I had him at 35-11 at 126), Roy Runnels (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 30-21, I had him at 28-20 at 132), Julian Summa (senior in 15-16, I had him at 26-13 at 138), Connor Green (sophomore in 15-16, Track had him at 27-23, I had him at 26-23), Kaleb Collins (junior in 15-16, Track had him at 41-13, I had him at 39-12 at 195), Jeremy Beaulieu (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 28-10, I had him at 29-11 at 220), Roland Samec (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 40-11, I had him at 36-15 at 285), plus Nicholas Srisupa (I had him at 5-6 at 120), Christian Downs (I had him at 14-14), Garrett Wieseman (I had him at 2-4), Caleb Steinmetz (I had him at 9-3), Ryan Rivers (I had him at 8-8)

2015-16 captain: At Clay, one doesn’t rebuild programs — one reloads them. Finding the right captain is about finding the right mixture of intensity on the one hand, and knowing that wrestling isn’t anything if it isn’t fun and isn’t about self-improvement on the other. Fortunately, the Blue Devils have a pair of seniors to fit the bill for 2015-16. On the intensity side of the coin, you can’t go wrong with Dale Browning, a two-time state placewinner as a freshman and sophomore who had a less-fruitful junior states campaign after jumping up two weights this year. Browning has a ton of tools in the arsenal, and is poised for another deep podium run for his senior year. The other side of the coin is well-represented by heavyweight Roland Samec, but don’t let the easygoing exterior con you. Samec has evolved a ton since being a happy-to-be-here-at-regions freshman two years ago, and should be one of the area’s strongest 285s again in 2015-16.

Heaton’s Hero: No Clay starter had a sub-.500 record in 2014-15, and most of the Blue Devils don’t know what it’s like to find themselves on their backs 20 times a season, as so many of the HH nominees had to go through — yet stuck it out — this past season. So this time, I’m going to go with two kids undergoing hardship of a different nature. Junior Julian Summa was hurt during the Clay Rotary tournament and couldn’t finish there, taking sixth after losing in the quarters and having to win twice in the consis just to get a podium shot. Summa might have been a district champion and potential state qualifier with two good arms. He’ll have those next season. And it was hard to watch junior Jeremy Beaulieu’s season come to an end. Talk about arms — Beaulieu barely had one good one left by his last match at regions. I’ve seen Transformers look less beat up than his upper body was during Regions weekend. So juniors Julian Summa and Jeremy Beaulieu are the Clay nominees for the Heaton’s Hero nod.



The Season: Fleming Island, 14-15

Next up: Clay.

Fleming Island

Season record: 18-3 in duals.

Tournament record: 3rd at Westside Kiwanis December 12-13, 4th at Lyman Invitational December 19-20, 11th at Knockout Christmas Classic December 29-30, 4th at Palm Coast Rotary January 9-10, 3rd at ST Johns River Conference IBT February 7, 2nd at 3A-District 1 meet February 28, 3rd at 3A-Region 1 meet March 6-7, 12th at 3A state meet March 13-14.

Season in a nutshell: Putting together a full lineup of starters was a stretch for the Golden Eagles on a variety of fronts, but by the post-season we finally did get a look at the full and complete lineup. It was easy to overlook that this team was incredibly young this past year, with only three seniors — all starters — and up to six regular freshmen in the starting 14 at any time. This was something of a transitional year for Fleming Island, given all of that, but the Golden Eagles rarely disappointed. And with so many young starters returning, the future continues to look bright. The one thing Fleming will be working toward is full lineups for all of their major competitions this coming season.

2014-15 MVP: For the grit he showed throughout the season and the fact that he had three of the state’s fellow five state placewinners in his region, I am going with junior Xaiver Sampsel as the team’s MVP for the season. He was right there against the state’s best 120s all season long, with only two matches on his itinerary not going his way. One of those I would characterize as a surprise fall and the other was a major in the first round at states against the eventual state champ. He was forced to ID out of the tournament after a nice recovery from that states loss, winning by fall and major before an illegal slam ensured his podium place but not his continued presence in the tournament, leading to a sixth-place finish after he was second at districts and fourth at regions (in what was, truly, a murderous region at 120).

Returning starters for 2015-16: Albie Snedaker (sophomore in 15-16, Trackwrestling and I had him at 15-12 at 106), Sampsel (senior in 15-16, Track and I had him at 42-14 at 120), Tracy Davis (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 41-16, I had him at 40-17 at 126), Brysen Allen (sophomore in 15-16, Track and I had him at 28-10 at 132), David Detwiler (senior in 15-16, Track had him at 36-7, I had him at 39-6 at 138), Gabe Lear (sophomore in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 19-15 at 152), John Martorano (senior in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 44-9 at 160), Ryan Smenda (sophomore in 15-16, Track and I both had him at 35-20 at 170), Jalyn Robinson (sophomore in 15-16, Track had him at 13-15, I had him at 13-16 at 182), Jose Concepcion (sophomore in 15-16, Track had him at 37-13, I had him at 37-14 at 220), plus Jack Webber (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 7-3 at 113), Paul Detwiler (sophomore in 15-16, I had him at 4-4 at 132), Gianfranco Bello (junior in 15-16, I had him at 2-4 at 145/152), Matthew Williamson (junior in 15-16, I had him at 5-4 at 182) and Dexter Nickels (junior in 15-16, I had him at 2-5 at 220).

2015-16 captain: Normally, I’ve only picked one captain and I don’t have — for the most part — much of a reason to break that, but, along with Sampsel, next year’s FIHS team will go as far as fellow seniors (next year) David Detwiler and John Martorano can lead them. Detwiler won 23 matches in a row at one point, and a narrow loss in the quarters at states made for a sour finish to what had otherwise shown flashes of a truly brilliant junior season. Martorano won 27 in a row, and against in-state competition — other than against the eventual state champ — he was in every match. The 3rd-through-6th placers at 160 in 14-15 all return. Martorano had consistent wins over one, and one-point losses against the other two. The top of the podium is within reach for all three Fleming seniors-to-be.

Heaton’s Hero: There will be 49 or so Heaton’s Hero nominations (once, IF, I ever get every team’s The Season summary done) when it’s all said and done. I doubt that a lot of teams are going to have region qualifiers be HH nominees, but it’s certainly possible for this to be the case for the elite teams in the area, and even though there were some occasional downturns for the Golden Eagles in 2014-15, they’re still elite for the coverage area. And it’s also not par-for-the-course to have freshmen at 182. But Jalyn Robinson appears to be the lead choice for this nomination. After a slow start (3-6), Robinson won seven of his next 10 matches, including six in a row at Flagler Duals in late January. The post-season was a bit more of a struggle, but Robinson was able to do enough to get out to regions, losing an elimination match by one point. He’ll have plenty of chances to get better. Jalyn Robinson is the Fleming Island nominee for the Heaton’s Hero award.



FAWA Folkstyle Ironman Results

FAWA State Folkstyle Ironman — Osceola HS, Kissimmee

138: 4. Xaiver Sampsel (Team Jax) — IDs against 3 opponents.
182: DNP. Sean Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — md. BY Adrian Perez (unattached), 13-1; d. BY Luke Hanna (Jaguars WC), 5-4.
120: 3. Vincent Karl (Knights Attack) — p. Chase Fuller (Attack), 1:57; d. BY Kaden Harris (Team FLA), 6-4; md. Jeremy Losada (Eagle Empire), 8-0; d. Jonathan Figueroa (unattached), 0-0, 2 OT. d. BY RULE (Harris) for true 2nd.
145: 2. Luke Simons (Knights Attack) — p. Kenneth Paucar (West Orange), 4:56; d. BY Dylan Smith (CFWA), 8-2; tf. James Weed (unattached), 18-2.
152: 3. Isaiah Graham (Knights Attack) — p. BY Osvani Ley (unattached), 5:51; tf. BY Gabriel Hoodford (Team FLA), 30-13; md. Zachery Mickle (Spartan Express), 13-5.
98: 2. Kyle Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — p. BY Dylan Kohn (FLA Jets), 3:39; p. BY Kohn, 3:04.
90: 4. Cade Newton (Knights Attack) — p. BY George Duncan, :48; d. BY Louis Sassano (Triangle), 6-2; d. BY Koen Hoffman (SW Florida), 10-8.
75: 2. Tucker Thrift (Pin N Win) — d. Michael Dupuy (FLA Jets), 7-3; p. BY Zahkari Francis (Homestead PAL), 2:15; p. Trenton Young (Hook Em Wrestling), :47.


FAWA State Greco Results

FAWA State Championships — Osceola HS, Kissimmee

138: 3. Xaiver Sampsel (Team Jax) — tf. Jesse Acedo (Eagle Empire), 10-0; d. BY Anthony Vizcaino (Coral Gables), 20-17; ID against Alaen Gonzalez (Eagle Empire).
182: 2. Josh Detrick (Knights Attack) — p. Sean Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack), :50; d. BY Adolfo Sotolongo (Eagle Empire), 4-2.
182: 3. Sean Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — p. BY Detrick, :50; p. BY Sotolongo, 1:52.
220: 3. Caleb Calhoun (Team Jax) — p. BY Alexi Castro (Heights Lions Den_, :47; p. Nelson Hernandez (Maximum Performance), :51; p. BY Darius Hamilton (Spartan Express), 1:14.
120: 5. Vincent Karl (Knights Attack) — p. Jacob Carbonell (FLA Jets), 1:11; tf. BY Sebastian Barberi (Maximum Performance), 22-12; tf. BY Luis Hernandez (unattached), 10-0; tf. Carbonell, 12-1.
152: 4. Isaiah Graham (Knights Attack) — tf. BY Osvani Ley, 10-0; tf. Joshua Hagan (Citrus), 10-0; tf. BY Eric Lentz (Heights Lions Den), 12-2.
98: 4. Kyle Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — tf. BY Dylan Kohn (FLA Jets), 10-0; d. Julian Hernandez (Eagle Empire), 9-7; tf. Michael O’Brien (FLA Jets), 12-1; d. BY Logan Perkins (FLA Jets), 10-6.
75: 2. Tucker Thrift (Pin N Win) — tf. BY Zahkari Francis (Homestead PAL), 10-0; tf. BY Francis, 12-0.
95: 1. Cade Newton (Knights Attack) — d. Deshawn Bristow-Harris (FLA Jets), 9-2; tf. Bristow-Harris, 12-0.


FAWA State Freestyle Results

FAWA State Championships — at Osceola HS, Kissimmee

120: 4. Brandon Trask (Suwannee) — tf. BY Gage Hollingsworth (Lakeland), 11-0; tf. BY Nick Walker (FLA Jets), 10-0; tf. James Wright (Citrus), 13-3; tf. BY Randy McCray (Spartan Express), 10-0.
138: DNP. Xaiver Sampsel (Team Jax) — ID against Alaen Gonzalez (Eagle Empire); ID against Jesse Acedo (Eagle Empire).
182: DNP. Sean Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — p. BY Adolfo Sotolongo (Eagle Empire), :59; p. BY Zachary Ghahremanzadeh, 2:16.
120: DNP: Vincent Karl (Knights Attack) — p. BY Kyle Bennett (St. Thomas), 3:37; tf. BY Devon Craig (FLA Jets), 14-4.
145: 4. Luke Simons (Knights Attack) — p. Ethan Hardesty (FLA Jets), :20; tf. BY Leonel Hernandez (Unattached), 10-0; p. Andy Rodriguez (Coral Gables), 1:09; p. BY Miguel Flores (Gladiator), 2:16.
152: 4. Isaiah Graham (Knights Attack) — tf. BY Osvani Ley (unattached), 10-0; tf. Zachery Mickle (Spartan Express), 10-0; tf. by Ley, 11-0.
98: 4. Kyle Tairovski-Romeu (Knights Attack) — d. Gavin Wheeler (FLA Jets), 8-5; tf. BY Dylan Kohn (FLA Jets), 10-0; tf. Michael O’Brien (FLA Jets), 10-0; d. BY Logan Perkins (FLA Jets), 6-6.
75: 2. Tucker Thrift (Pin N Win) — tf. BY Zahkari Francis (Homestead PAL), 10-0; p. Jacqueline Smith (FLA Jets), :15; p. Jamison Davis (Unattached), 1:13.
95: 1. Cade Newton (Knights Attack) — tf. by Deshawn Bristow-Harris (FLA Jets), 15-4; d. Bristow-Harris, 11-3; tf. Bristow-Harris, 15-3.


Disney Duals

The Season post on Fleming Island is planned for tonight, then Clay/Matanzas/Fletcher (at a minimum) over the weekend, with perhaps more.

A coach or two has asked me to put the word out about Disney Duals, which are scheduled from June 27-July 2. In an effort to be fair to everybody that’s going to Disney Duals — those I know are taking teams and those I don’t — I’d like to offer this post as a place where anybody who needs kids at certain weights can post them. If you need a full team, post that too. If you’re a wrestler who isn’t affiliated with an off-season program, and you want to go, let me know (I will post your weight). I will keep wrestlers’ identities private on this page, but if I know of a particular kid and there’s an opening he can fill for a given team, I’ll let the coach know that identity and how to reach out. Will update this post with whatever I get starting now and going forward.

Email me at Tweet my @NEFloridaMatmen feed. Comment to this post (I’ll take the comment and add the pertinent info required).


  • Duval Wrestling Academy is planning to take an All-Star and a Developmental team.


  • St Johns County 160 is looking for a team. Region qualifier.
  • Duval County 220 is looking for a team. State qualifier.