Happy New Year from Matmen

As far as writing goes, I don’t have much to write right now. We have about 374,000 page views going into 2016, for both sites. Far better than I could have hoped 27 months ago. Still just a starting point.

For the Northeast folks, I just posted Knockout brackets. Think it’s not a tough tournament? Look at 145. A state champion was FOURTH after losing to state champions in the semis and the third-place match. Kids that placed last year at states did not place at this one. That’s just one weight class.

Working mostly on record-keeping and starting to sift through the next set of rankings. Assuming I can ever do another one. I’ve heard from 3 coaches out of 13 so far that were listed yesterday, and only got results from 2. There’s still time but it’s going to vanish quickly.

For the Northwest folks, I’m still needing the third- and fifth-place matches from Beast. If I don’t get those in my hands by end of day, I won’t be able to write it up. I’m also needing Andrews Invite brackets. Emailing Coach Alt about that right now.

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