Some Random Updates

We have a last-minute addition to the Fundraising page for Saturday that St Johns County fans, and Nease ones in particular, will want to look at. Who wants to wash their own car this weekend, anyway? It’s going to be perfectly gorgeous out and there are quite possibly a million football games to watch. I’ll be doing so on the beach, myself.

I hope to see many of you on Sunday at Dee’s in Orange Park, where I will be having brunch as part of the OPHS fundraiser (I normally just announce these, but am taking part in this one because it involves food and I typically get hungry after church). I’ll be out there, Son of Matman will be out (you can again attempt to persuade him to go out for wrestling). And hopefully you’ll be out there, too.

The opinion piece about a true 4th sparked some decent commentary on Twitter, so I may work through scenarios, on Sunday afternoon, on how a true 4th would have played out in the 2016 district tournaments. One thing to keep in mind, as there was some confusion — the true 4th wrestleback would only be granted to the wrestler who got to the blood round and then lost to the eventual third-place finisher, and only if he or she didn’t meet up with the fourth-placer earlier in the tournament. There would be no change under that scenario for the wrestlers falling in the blood round to the eventual 4ths.

It was even suggested that a “true” 2nd could be added. That would at least solve the issue of region brackets where the two best wrestlers in the bracket are paired up in the semis, but on the other hand the runnerup usually has to win three matches to get to the final, and there’s something to be said for that, too.

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