Saints March In With 26th Schedule

The Duval County two-time defending Gateway Conference champions have weighed in with their schedule, leaving just 20 to go for a complete set. We’ll be emailing for those next week (coaches have been getting bi-weekly emails in August and September).

By my reckoning, the Saints don’t have any new events compared to last year’s schedule, but that hasn’t stopped Sandalwood from once again putting together some travel into their plans. They’ll open with the Optimist Invitational at Terry Parker and will go to Bishop Snyder’s Kiwanis event for the first two weekends of December. Sandalwood will go to Lyman once again for the third weekend of that month and will compete in Buchholz’s one-day duals event on December 22.

In January, the Saints will make a return to Lake Mary for its Tournament of Champions on the first weekend and will be at Palm Coast for Flagler Palm Coast’s duals event on the second weekend and at the Rotary IBT on the final weekend of that month. In between is the Gateway Conference meet, which will lock down a host at the conference’s meeting a week from today. Sandalwood will close out its season with an appearance at Clay’s Rotary IBT on the first weekend of February.

That’s 26, and the next one will move us into the teens in terms of numbers of schedules still needed. Which one will it be…YOURS?


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