#Schedules17-18: Ft Walton Beach Is In

We have our 47th schedule this afternoon. Fort Walton Beach submitted their schedule a little earlier, making the Vikings the 15th schedule out of the Northwest (Gulfside & Tallahassee) and fourth from 2A-District 1.


And, we have our new coverage area-wide season opener with the submission of this schedule, as Ft Walton Beach will host crosstown rival Choctaw on Tuesday, November 28. Later that weekend, the Vikings will compete in South Walton’s two-day roundrobin/IBT combined event, Border Wars, on December 1-2. On the following weekend, FWB will travel to Auburn HS in Alabama for Auburn’s Swede Umbach Invitational, on December 8-9.

Ft Walton Beach will engage in FHSAA district duals on Saturday, December 16, as 2A-District 1 will be hosted by Tate that day (looks like a 10 a.m. start, not 100% sure on that). The Vikings will close out 2017 by hosting, at the Emerald Coast Convention Center, the two-day duals event, Beast of the Beach, one of the area’s bigger events.

To begin January, FWB will begin as they began the season, matching up against Choctaw, this time at the Indians’ home mat on January 4. From there, the Vikings will be off from regular-season competition until the 12th, when they travel to Thompson (ALA)’s Southeastern Pools roundrobin/IBT two-day tournament that weekend. Ft Walton Beach will stay in a roundrobin format the following weekend, competing in Wewahitchka’s Gator Brawl on January 19-20.

The Vikings begin the wind-down toward districts with North Bay Haven’s Bash, a two-day duals event contested at Rutherford, on January 26-27, then will compete in Wakulla’s one-day IBT on February 3.

So there’s 47. We just need one or two more to get to two-thirds complete. Which school will be NEXT??



#Schedules17-18: Bay Is In

We received our 46th schedule today! Closing in on two-thirds of the entire list.

Today we got Bay’s schedule, the 14th on the Northwest side of the coverage area and seventh out of 1A-District 1.


The Tornadoes will open the 2017-18 season at home with a midweek dual against Mosley on December 5, and then will travel to Gulf Breeze for its weekend tournament (not sure what the format is going to be on that one, Bay’s schedule was also the first to list this as a one-day event, other two had it as two days). The Tornadoes will then engage in FHSAA district duals next, as 1A-1 is set for December 14 at Marianna.

There’ll be two more events in December for Bay, as it hosts Rutherford on December 19 and then will compete in Fort Walton Beach’s Best of the Beach at the Emerald Coast Convention Center on December 21-22.

With the possibility of FHSAA region dual action on January 11, the next regular-season competition for the Tornadoes will be the Panhandle Championships, hosted by Mosley on January 12-13 (this was a duals format last year). Wewahitchka will be the focus of Week 3 in 2018, as the Tornadoes host the Gators on January 18, then travel to Wewa for the Gator Brawl, a two-day roundrobin, on January 19-20.

Bay will close out the regular season with four events prior to districts and after Gator Brawl, competing in the North Bay Haven Bash at Rutherford on January 26-27, then at Wakulla’s one-day IBT tournament on February 3. The Tornadoes will then host North Bay Haven on February 6, and wrap up with the Bay County Championships, a one-day dual at Arnold, on February 9.

There’s 46, who’s going to be 47 and NEXT??


Local Super 32 Results

Super 32 Challenge
At Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC

Local Results
John Johnson (Flagler Palm Coast, 113) — lost 2-1 to Walker Byrd of Georgia, lost 5-0 to Jake Bursese of New Jersey.

Kyle Hopkins (Episcopal, 113) — won 3-2 over Nick Buchanan of Indiana, lost 8-3 to Arlen Leigh of North Carolina, lost 6-2 to Cullen Day of New Jersey.

MaKayla Wilder (Matanzas, 115) — lost 12-0 to Leilah Castro of Ohio, won 11-0 over Riley White of Matanzas, lost 18-8 to Rebecca Pizuto of New Jersey.

Riley White (Matanzas, 115) — lost 16-6 to Olivia Waller of Virginia, lost 11-0 to MaKayla Wilder of Matanzas.

Stevie Chopek (Clay, 120) — lost by fall to Dylan Shawver of Ohio in 2:36, won 2-0 over Emmanuel Oliver of Alabama, lost by fall to Rylee Billings of North Carolina in 3:39.

Daniel Porter (Clay, 120) — lost by 18-3 tech to Sean Pierson of Pennsylvania, lost 1-0 to Zeke Smith of Wisconsin.

Michael DeAugustino (Flagler Palm Coast, 126) — lost 1-0 to Josh Mason of Pennsylvania, won 15-4 over Matthew Farrar of Virginia, won 6-0 over Finnegan McFadden of New Jersey, won 17-3 over Austin Kincaid of Missouri, won 10-3 over William Moore of New Jersey, won 1-0 over Nick Dolak of Pennsylvania, lost 2-1 to Phillip Moomey of Nebraska.

Avery Holder (Flagler Palm Coast, 126) — lost 5-2 to Alex Strashinsky of New Jersey, lost 4-2 to Noah Burstein of Massachusetts.

Ryan Rosano (Oakleaf, 126) — lost 7-4 to Justin Vines of New York, won 9-1 over Samuel Slate of Virginia, lost 3-1 to Garrett Bowers of Tennessee.

Michael Crowder (Lincoln, 132) — lost by fall to Marcos Polanco of California in 1:51, lost by fall to Bailey Wilkins of South Carolina in 1:42.

Aaron Curry (Bay, 132) — lost 5-2 to Alex Strashinsky of New Jersey, lost 12-2 to Colby Schriever of Iowa.

Ethan Gustilo (Oakleaf, 132) — lost 7-4 to Eli Dickens of Indiana, lost by 15-0 tech to Dusty Morgillo of Ohio.

Peyton Hughes (Clay, 132) — lost 7-2 to Colton Yapoujian of Colorado, won 8-4 over Cody Rice of Florida, won by fall over Isaiah Bryant of North Carolina in 2:45, lost 8-3 to Matthew Ryan of Connecticut.

Bryan Metcalf (Florida High, 132) — lost by 17-1 tech to Joshua Saunders of Maryland, lost 7-2 to Jacob D’Ambrosio of South Carolina.

Reid Hampton (Episcopal, 138) — won by fall over Duncan McGilvery of Maine in 2:23, lost by fall to Jaden Abas of California in 1:38, lost by fall to Conner Wilson of Texas in 1:13.

Michael Martins (Flagler Palm Coast, 145) — lost 17-5 to Seth Koleno of Pennsylvania, won 7-1 over James Roberts of South Carolina, won by fall over David Fisk of Tennessee in 2:14, lost by fall to Alexander Laveck of Maryland in :36.

Isaiah Graham (Oakleaf, 170) — lost by 16-1 tech to Patrick Kennedy of Minnesota, lost by fall to Xever Lemieux of Virginia in 1:18.

Justin Grant (Lincoln, 170) — won 13-5 over Ryan Devivo of Connecticut, lost by fall to Joseph Mazzara of Nevada in 3:03, won 11-1 over Jacob Nielson of Maryland, lost 7-6 to Jordan Florence of Virginia.

Jonquille Rivers (Lincoln, 285) — lost by fall in :35 to Jack Heyob of Ohio, lost by fall to Ramses Montalvo of Virginia in 1:13.


#Schedules17-18: Fernandina Beach Is In

We have our 45th schedule this morning!

In my inbox this morning was Fernandina Beach, the 32nd schedule on the Northeast side (we are more than two-thirds complete on that side) and sixth of eight out of 1A-District 3 (I’m curious now to see which district will be 100% complete first).


The Pirates will have a heavy dose of events in Nassau and Duval County this season, starting on November 29 with what they’re calling a quad at Yulee (that was the first I’d heard that, I have two of the four schedules in play, am wondering which team the fourth is). Fernandina Beach then will travel to district rival Bishop Snyder twice, first on Saturday, December 2, for the Cardinals’ North Florida Duals, a one-day dual event, and then again the following weekend, December 8-9, for Bishop Snyder’s Westside Kiwanis Invitational IBT event.

Fernandina will join Bradford for a midweek double dual at Baker County on December 12th, then will bounce back over to Yulee for Yulee’s duals two-day duals events on the 15th-16th. The Pirates will close out 2017 with County over at West Nassau on the 19th.

FHSAA district duals will be the first item on Fernandina’s January agenda, or at least we think so, as 1A-District 3 duals are staged for the 3rd at Yulee. The Pirates have two regular-season events scheduled besides, within the month of January, by going to Terry Parker’s Army Duals on January 12-13 and then competing in Yulee’s Battle of the Border on January 26-27.

While that’s all of the dates that I have, it may be that the Pirates have some weigh-ins in play, so it wouldn’t surprise me later on to see an addition or two. But for now, that’s 45 teams in the hopper. Who’s NEXT??


#Schedules17-18: West Nassau Is In

We have our 44th schedule that came in this afternoon! West Nassau is the 31st schedule coming over from the Northeast side (a little more than two-thirds in), and fifth out of 1A-District 3.


The Warriors will be one of a few teams that will begin the season on Wednesday, November 29, with a road dual at Nassau County rival Yulee. From there, the Warriors will travel again, and again within the district, to compete in Bishop Snyder’s North Florida Duals, a one-day event on Saturday, December 2. West Nassau will then go back to Bishop Snyder for its two-day IBT on December 8-9, the Westside Kiwanis Invitational.

The Warriors have two more December dates on their calendar, competing in Yulee’s two-day duals event on the 15th-16th, and they will host County on December 19, a Tuesday.

In January, West Nassau will begin the year with its third trip to Yulee, this time for 1A-District 3 FHSAA district dual competition. Later that weekend, the Warriors will head into Jacksonville for Episcopal’s one-day IBT, the Rob Bierbaum Invitational, on the 6th. They’ll have two dates in the second week, with a road dual at district rival Westside on January 10, then will compete in Terry Parker’s Army Duals on the 12th and 13th, with the possibility of FHSAA regional dual activity on the 11th.

IBTs will close out the regular season for the Warriors. They’ll compete in Flagler Palm Coast’s Flagler Rotary on January 26-27, and then will make their longest trip of the regular season, to Wakulla for the Wakulla IBT, a one-day event on February 3.

So that’s 44! Who’s going to be NEXT??


#Schedules17-18: South Walton Is In

Sometime during the commute home tonight, we picked up our 43rd schedule of the season. South Walton has checked in with our 13th schedule on the Northwest side and sixth out of 1A-District 1.


The Seahawks will host one of, if not the, biggest tournaments of the first weekend of December in Florida, the two-day Border Wars, which will bring teams from Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana into a roundrobin/IBT format on December 1-2. For Week 2, South Walton will travel to Tallahassee for the two-day Capital City Classic IBT on the 8th-9th, and then compete in its first duals of the year with FHSAA district dual competition at Marianna on the 14th.

After a break for Christmas, the Seahawks will return to the competitive mats with a trip to Tennessee for the Soddy Daisy Invitational on the 29th and 30th. South Walton will be the first north Florida to make the trip since Suwannee did in the 2014-15 season. Speaking of the Bulldogs, they’ll host the Seahawks in South Walton’s first January event, the Billy Saylor Invitational on January 6 (while this wasn’t on the Seahawk schedule, we did get North Bay Haven’s today, noting a dual between the two teams, at South Walton on January 9).

With the potentiality for region dual activity early in the second week of that month, next up for South Walton in the regular season is a trip to Gonzales, Louisiana, for the Louisiana Classic Tournament, a two-day event on the 12th and 13th. In the third weekend of January, the Seahawks will make a shorter trip, this time to district rival Wewahitchka for the Gator Brawl on the 19th and 20th.

Travel in Florida will also close out the Seahawks’ final two events, as South Walton will compete in Yulee’s Battle of the Border on January 26-27, and then will compete in Wakulla’s one-day IBT on February 3 as its final event of the regular season.

So there’s 43! We’re moving close to 60% complete. Will YOUR school be NEXT???


#Schedules17-18: North Bay Haven Is In

Our 42nd schedule arrived this afternoon, as North Bay Haven has pushed over its dates to us. The Buccaneers are our 12th Northwest-area schedule and fifth out of 1A-District 1.


The Buccaneers begin the 2017-18 season with a trip to Alabama, going to Central-Phenix City’s Red Devil Duals, a one-day event on December 2nd. North Bay Haven will then go back to Alabama in Week 2, this time for the Charlie Bruce Duals at Fultondale, ALA, on December 8-9.

Week 3 will also be a busy week, starting with FHSAA district dual competition on the 14th. 1A-District 1 will be hosted by Marianna this year, and those duals will jump-start the Buccaneers into the weekened, when they’ll travel across I-10, eventually winding up at Yulee, in Nassau County, for the Yulee Duals on the 15th-16th. North Bay Haven will bookend the Christmas holiday by competing in Ft Walton Beach’s Beast of the Beach event on December 21-22, then going over to Cantonment for Tate’s one-day IBT on December 30.

In January, the Buccaneers will start with a dual at South Walton, an event being called “Battle for the Belt,” on the 9th. NBH will then travel back to Jacksonville for Terry Parker’s two-day Army Duals on the 12th-13th, and is scheduleds for the two-day Gator Brawl roundrobin at Wewahitchka on the 19th-20th. The Buccaneers will host Chiles in a Thursday-night dual on the 25th, then will put on the North Bay Haven Bash, a two-day duals event, on the 26th and 27th. They will stage the Bash at Rutherford HS.

NBH will be at Bay for a road dual on February 6th, then will close out the regular season with the Bay County Championship duals event on the 9th.

That’s 42! Who’s going to be 43, YOUR school??


#Schedules17-18: Terry Parker Is In

Our 41st schedule has come in this morning!

While we were backgrounding on 2A-District 3, we got our 30th Northeast schedule with Terry Parker’s email, our fourth schedule from that district.


The Braves have frequently been a hub for wrestling activity in the city, and this year is no exception. Parker will kick off the season with a hosting gig, the Arlington Optimist Invitational, on December 1st and 2nd, its traditional season-opener. On the following Friday, the 8th, the Braves will travel to Orange Park for the Raider 6-Way event, a one-day duals event.

Duals will be the format for the Braves in closing out December and going into the new year. After OPHS, Parker will go to the Yulee Duals on December 15-16, then will make its perennial trip to Kissimmee for Harmony’s Longhorn Duals event, which moved a week back on the calendar. This year, it’ll be staged on December 22-23, and will be Parker’s last event for 2017.

To kick off 2018, Parker will engage in FHSAA post-season district duals, with 2A-3 being hosted by Ridgeview on January 4. The Braves’ next regular-season competition will be January 12-13, their traditional Army Duals two-day event that is a fixture for the second weekend in that month. Gateway Conference, at Sandalwood on January 19-20, will be the Braves’ first IBT since Optimist. Parker girls wrestlers will also compete in Cypress Creek’s Lady Bear Classic on January 20.

The regular season will come to a conclusion for the Brave varsity on January 26-27, when the Braves will host the two-day Parker Duals. Terry Parker will host 2A-District 3 once again this year, moving the date to Friday this year (2 p.m. start).

So that’s 41 schedules. Who’s 42?? YOUR SCHOOL??


#NextLevel: Life Women Open Season Saturday

WILLIAMSBURG, KY — The Life University women’s wrestling team, which includes Gulf Breeze alum Zoe Wight, started its competitive season on Saturday with three duals at the Patriot Duals hosted by the University of the Cumberlands.

Life dropped duals against Campbellsville (KY)’s B side, 25-23, 38-8 to Cumberlands and 36-9 to Campbellsville A on Saturday. Wrestling continued on Sunday, but I did not see results on either Life’s or Cumberlands’ websites.

Wight also was 0-3 on the day Saturday, with a loss by fall in 1:25 to Campbellsville B’s Lexi Foca while competing at 143. Later, at 155, Wight lost by fall to Cumberlands’ Kailee Godinez in 46 seconds, and took a 10-0 tech fall loss to Campbellsville A’s Morgan Bockor.

I did not see fellow Life roster member Nadine Fiege (Sandalwood ’15) in any of the three dual results on Saturday.

Life is now off until October 28, when the Eagles will travel to Belleville, IL, to face Lindenwood University in a dual.


#HarpStrong: NFWA Grind Raises $1400

Pretty good turnout today at NFWA for the Grind for Andy event. I didn’t get there until late but got some good Southern on and rapped with some folks. Good to almost get run over by wrestlers going full-go in a room, smell the sweat (and yes, it smells like victory) and catch up.

NFWA raised $1400 today. I saw a few different cars from South Florida as well. Good, good stuff. We’re family. We take care of each other.

NFWA photo
Creekside’s Tristan Diaz (left) and Fleming Island’s Trace Insalaco tie up during a scrap Saturday afternoon at North Florida Wrestling Academy in Green Cove Springs. NFWA hosted a four-hour grind, with all proceeds set to benefit the Andy Harp family (Photo by Shannon Heaton).