Junior High Results From Clay County

I was sent results from the Lakeside-Oakleaf dual held, I believe, Tuesday night. I do encourage submission of junior high results from coaches (this is a requirement I have for this level, can’t come from parents/students, sorry). They can be sent to the site email,, and I’ll get them on the main page. I would also add schedules to the master list (as I have for IOF dates) if I get them.

Lakeside JH 60, Oakleaf JH 54
75: Brandt (O) p. Cruz, 2:52. 80: Double fft. 85: Mastin (O) fft. 90: Gustilo (O) p. Myrick, :58. 95: Leigh (L) fft. 100: Willis (L) DQ over Marques. 106: Lanier (O) p. Lato, 1:37. 113: Champion (O) p. Haynes, :40. 120: Padgett (L) p. Bailey, :44. 126: Williams (L) p. Newton, :45. 132: Sermons (L) fft. 138: Francois (L) p. Hecks, :55. 145: Valenzuela (O) p. Mack, 1:39. 152: Jones (O) fft. 160: Floyd (L) fft. 170: McDaniel (L) p. Outlaw, 2:30. 182: Tuisano (L) fft. 195: Hoffstetter (L) p. Washington, 3:45. 220: Blevins (O) fft. 285: Daniels (O) fft.

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