#TheCalendar2018-19: Arnold THIRD IN

Was alerted to this in email I was sent while I was up north this past weekend. Not sayin just sayin, but the two daily newspapers in my hometown do not presently have wrestling beat writers. Both would certainly love to see that changed, and while I do not presently have plans to make a move, I have five very good reasons to do so even above and beyond the wrestling.

My being here has been hard on (at least) three of those reasons.

But there’s the snow and ice. Not to mention the pay cut I would most likely have to take to move back north. So the site’s continuing existence is probably safe for the time being, but let’s have some love out there, people.

We’re cleaning up the inbox — I have already posted on Brandon Dickman winning the Pat Fairfax Scholarship Award — and learning about Arnold’s schedule that was posted to Twitter. I have seen another school’s schedule — let’s just say they’re in 2A-District 2 — but don’t have official word that it’s complete. I also need to run through FloArena for a Fargo check.

So, the Marlins. First school west of Clay County to report in, Arnold will begin its season with South Walton’s Border Wars on December 7-8, one of the Southeast’s premier tournaments. The Marlins then have a dual with Rutherford on December 14 (the PDF I have does not note which school will host), and will stay in the Gulf area with Fort Walton Beach’s Beast of the Beach before Christmas (December 21-22) and (I think Mosley’s) Panhandle Championship after (December 28-29).

Arnold will open January with the two-day North Bay Haven Bash (serving as physical host this year will be Bay), on January 4-5. The Marlins will have a Friday night dual with Bay on January 11 (again, host not known), then travel to Wewahitchka for the Gator Brawl on the 18th and 19th. Arnold will have its longest trip of the regular season on January 26, as it will compete in Bishop Snyder’s North Florida Duals on that date.

The Marlins will have three dates on the February regular-season part of the calendar, competing in Wakulla’s one-day IBT on the 2nd, traveling to Tallahassee for Chiles’ Timberwolf Duals on the 9th and then hosting the Bay County Championship on the 16th (I think they’re hosting; they have hosted the previous stagings). I don’t have district dual dates yet.

So that gives us three schedules. Which school will be NEXT?

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