DeLand Is First 3A-District 3 Team In Fold

We started 3A-District 3 with DeLand, and we’ll do another 3A-District 3, then will alternate between District 3 and District 4.

We had a lot of results for DeLand, but were missing several duals — 3A-District 3, a pair of Orlando-area duals in January, and the duals event that DeLand hosted (we did have team results, just not individual ones).

We did have all but one of the Milton-Winter Duals and all of its IBT efforts. So overall, most of their match-by-match records we have.

My invitation to Orlando-area coaches to submit their records to me stands, and I would even go back into previously-posted records sets and amend them — but I would have to get complete results to do that.

The work continues.

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