An Update

We quietly did some behind-the-scenes work to shore up our results page from last year. Our statewide results had only been “complete” (complete as in what Brant had reported to him and what I dug up on Track in a school-by-school search, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds) through Week 8 of the season. After which, personal stuff got in the way and I just focused on what I could focus on, which at that time was not very much.

So this week we fixed that with more duals from Weeks 9-11. I don’t know how many duals we posted from the statewide scene, but let’s just go with “a lot.”

I am emailing another blast email to the coaches on Monday. We have the first draft complete on six of our 11 TurkeyNWrestling previews. We are in need of about 30-odd schedules. While the Gulfside coaches scramble to recover from Michael, and I’m perfectly happy with giving them a pass on that front for some time yet, they’re not the only ones who need to send theirs in. I’m missing more than I would like from this side of the state, too. If you want to know if your favorite team is in or not in, I list who’s in by alphabetical order and who’s not in by district. No districts are complete. Two are very close (down to just one team), and two more have just two left.

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