Oakleaf Preseason Classic Results

We did not have first names for the Outsiders kids. They’re still rolling up the mats here, but we have complete by-round results. If we could not tell the final outcome, we used the term “def.” rather than the actual outcome. Not all bout sheets were fully filled out.

Group 1: Hudson Coots (SGAC) 5-0, Carter DeLosSantos (Oakleaf) 3-1, Luca Ray (unattached) 3-1, Harrison Riccobono (Cacique) 2-2, Jake Shaffer (Oakleaf) 2-3, Kara McKeel (Oakleaf) 2-3, Vincent Myers (Nease) 2-3, Holden Coots (SGAC) 1-4, Shian Gustilo (Oakleaf) 0-3.
Rd 1: Hu. Coots p. McKeel; Myers md. Ray, 13-4; Ho. Coots d. Gustilo, 19-13; Riccobono md. Shaffer, 13-1.
Rd 2: McKeel d. Gustilo, 12-7; Hu. Coots p. Myers; Shaffer p. Ho. Coots; DeLosSantos p. Riccobono.
Rd 3: McKeel md. Ho. Coots, 9-1; Hu. Coots def. DeLosSantos; Myers p. Shaffer; Ray p. Gustilo.
Rd 4: Hu. Coots p. Shaffer; DeLosSantos p. Ho. Coots; Ray p. McKeel; Riccobono d. Myers, 7-3.
Rd 5: Ray p. Ho. Coots; Shaffer d. McKeel, 10-6; DeLosSantos md. Myers, 15-2; Hu. Coots tf. Riccobono, 19-1.

Group 2: Corbin Welling (Devil Dogs) 4-0, Eli Jolicoeur (Suwannee) 4-1, Ty Tillman (Monsta) 3-2, Isaac Santos (Outsiders) 2-3, Parker Woods (Yulee) 1-3, Christopher McKeel (Oakleaf) 0-5.
Rd 1: Tillman def. Woods; Santos p. McKeel; Welling dec. Jolicoeur, 5-1.
Rd 2: Welling p. McKeel; Jolicoeur p. Woods; Tillman d. Santos, 8-4.
Rd 3: Welling p. Tillman; Jolicoeur p. McKeel; Santos md. Woods, 14-5.
Rd 4: Welling p. Santos; Woods def. McKeel; Jolicoeur p. Tillman.
Rd 5: Tillman p. McKeel; Jolicoeur p. Santos.

Group 3: Ethan McCullough (Devil Dogs) 3-0, Hunter McCullough (Devil Dogs) 2-1, Cole McCullough (Devil Dogs) 1-2, Wyatt Leduc (Clay) 0-3.
Rd 1: H. McCullough md. Leduc, 8-0; E. McCullough d. C. McCullough, 5-3.
Rd 2: C. McCullough d. Leduc, 9-2; E. McCullough d. H. McCullough, 5-4.
Rd 3: H. McCullough def. C. McCullough; E. McCullough def. Leduc.

Group 4: Tristan DePhillips (unattached) 3-0, Anthony Santos (Outsiders) 2-1, Tristan Mirgeaux (Cacique) 1-2, Sofia Montijo (Oakleaf) 0-3.
Rd 1: DePhillips p. Santos; Mirgeaux p. Montijo.
Rd 2: DePhillips md. Mirgeaux, 16-4; Santos p. Montijo.
Rd 3: Santos p. Mirgeaux; DePhillips p. Montijo.

Group 5: Dean Wright (Fla High) 2-0, Anthony Brady (Fla High) 1-1, Cade Newton (Oakleaf) 0-2.
Rd 1: Wright md. Newton, 9-1.
Rd 2: Brady md. Newton, 10-1.
Rd 3: Wright def. Brady.

Group 6: Brooks Dyer (Fla High) 5-0, Abdiert Escobar (Oakleaf) 4-1, Gabriel Guzman (Ridgeview) 2-2, Emil Ganim (Fla High) 2-2, C. Fargnoli (Outsiders) 1-4, Preston Turner (Ponte Vedra) 1-3, Avery Miller (Oakleaf) 0-3.
Rd 1: Dyer md. Guzman, 9-0; Ganim p. Fargnoli; Escobar d. Turner, 9-2.
Rd 2: Guzman p. Turner; Fargnoli p. Miller; Dyer md. Escobar, 16-8.
Rd 3: Escobar d. Guzman, 7-5; Dyer p. Fargnoli; Turner md. Ganim, 13-2; Dean Wright (Fla High) p. Miller (exhibition).
Rd 4: Escobar p. Fargnoli; Ganim p. Miller; Dyer p. Turner; Guzman tf. Anthony Brady (Fla High), 19-2 (exhibition).
Rd 5: Guzman p. Fargnoli; Escobar p. Ganim; Dyer p. Miller.

Group 7: Chance Marsh (Outsiders) 5-0, Marcus McGhee (Oakleaf) 4-1, T. Doyle (Outsiders) 4-1, Braxton Abbott (Monsta) 2-3, Raider Morelli (Vipers) 2-3, Michael Ventre (Belleview) 2-3, Hunter VanVactor (Clay) 1-4, James Richie (Ponte Vedra) 0-5.
Rd 1: Marsh md. Richie, 12-1; Morelli d. VanVactor, 7-4; McGhee def. Doyle; Abbott tf. Ventre.
Rd 2: Morelli p. Richie; Doyle p. Ventre; Marsh md. McGhee, 15-3; Abbott md. VanVactor, 14-5.
Rd 3: Ventre d. Richie, 11-9; McGhee p. Abbott; Marsh def. Morelli; Doyle md. VanVactor, 13-2.
Rd 4: Marsh tf. Abbott, 16-0; Doyle p. Richie; McGhee p. Morelli; VanVactor p. Ventre.
Rd 5: Doyle def. Abbott; Marsh tf. VanVactor; Ventre p. Morelli; McGhee p. Richie.

Group 8: Timothy Jolicoeur (Suwannee) 5-0, Colin Brown (Creekside) 3-1, K. Hopper (Outsiders) 3-2, D. Fredericks (Outsiders) 2-2, Morgan Cole (Belleview) 1-4, Dietrich Woods (Yulee) 1-4, Ali Baghalan (Cacique) 0-2.
Rd 1: Jolicoeur d. Hopps, 7-0; Fredericks p. Woods; Cole d. Baghalan, 13-6.
Rd 2: Hopps p. Woods; Jolicoeur def. Fredericks; Brown d. Cole, 6-4.
Rd 3: Woods def. Baghalan; Jolicoeur def. Brown; Hopper p. Cole.
Rd 4: Jolicoeur p. Cole; Hopper p. Fredericks; Brown p. Woods.
Rd 5: Brown def. Hopper; Jolicoeur tf. Woods, 17-2; Fredericks tf. Cole.

Group 9: Gavin Riccobono (Cacique) 5-0, Rocky Yarbrough (Belleview) 4-1, Owen Bronson (Oakleaf) 2-2, Trey Martinez (Oakleaf) 1-3, Jack Shewey (Ponte Vedra) 1-3, J. Burnett (Outsiders) 0-4.
Rd 1: Riccobono p. Bronson; Yarbrough p. Burnett; Shewey d. Martinez, 3-0.
Rd 2: Riccobono p. Martinez; Yarbrough p. Shewey; Bronson p. Burnett.
Rd 3: Riccobono d. Yarbrough, 3-2; Bronson p. Shewey; Martinez def. Burnett.
Rd 4: Yarbrough p. Bronson; Riccobono tf. Shewey.
Rd 5: Yarbrough p. Martinez; Riccobono d. Burnett, 12-5.

Group 10: Sean Arnold (Cacique) 5-0, Christopher Stiltner (Clay) 3-1, Dean Ganci (Orange Park) 2-1, C. Clark (Outsiders) 2-2, Alex DeAlmeida (Ponte Vedra) 1-4, C. Gabriel Navarro (Stanton) 0-5.
Rd 1: Arnold tf. Ganci, 17-2; DeAlmeida p. Navarro; Stiltner d. Clark, 4-0.
Rd 2: Ganci p. Navarro; Arnold d. Stiltner, 8-2; Clark def. DeAlmeida.
Rd 3: Ganci d. DeAlmeida, 11-5; Stiltner def. Navarro; Arnold p. Clark.
Rd 4: Arnold def. DeAlmeida; Clark def. Navarro.
Rd 5: Stiltner def. DeAlmeida; Arnold p. Navarro.

Group 11: Porter Bryant (Outsiders) 5-0, Garrett Herrin (Outsiders) 4-1, Logan Gilbert (Oakleaf) 3-2, James Smith (Bradford) 2-3, Zachery Newsome (Monsta) 1-4, PJ Simon (Cacique) 0-5.
Rd 1: Herrin def. Simon; Smith p. Newsome; Bryant p. Gilbert.
Rd 2: Gilbert p. Newsome; Bryant p. Simon; Herrin d. Smith, 4-2.
Rd 3: Newsome def. Simon; Gilbert p. Smith; Bryant md. Herrin, 8-0.
Rd 4: Gilbert p. Simon; Bryant p. Smith; Herrin d. Newsome, 4-2.
Rd 5: Bryant p. Newsome; Smith p. Simon; Herrin d. Gilbert, 3-2.

Group 12: Jacob Satterfield (Cacique) 4-0, Cameron Broughton (Oakleaf) 4-1, Da’Veyon Brown (Monsta) 2-2, Grant Kelsey (Stanton) 2-3, J. Cash (Outsiders) 1-3, Jesse Bragdon (Monsta) 0-4.
Rd 1: Brown p. Cash; Broughton p. Kelsey; Satterfield p. Bragdon.
Rd 2: Satterfield d. Broughton, 5-1; Brown def. Kelsey; Cash p. Bragdon.
Rd 3: Satterfield tf. Brown; Kelsey p. Bragdon; Broughton tf. Cash.
Rd 4: Broughton d. Brown, 4-0; Satterfield p. Kelsey; Cash p. Bragdon (exhibition).
Rd 5: Kelsey def. Cash; Broughton p. Bragdon.

Group 13: David Parkes (Oakleaf) 3-0, Reid Hampton (Episcopal) 2-2, Micah Perdue (Fla High) 1-1, Jason Amato (Viper) 1-1, Rett Maritato (Ponte Vedra) 0-3.
Rd 1: Perdue d. Maritato, 4-3; Amato p. Hampton.
Rd 2: Parkes ID over Amato; Hampton d. Maritato, 7-5, SV.
Rd 3: Hampton p. Perdue; Parkes p. Maritato.
Rd 4: Parkes def. Hampton.

Group 14: Zabriel Allen (Seminole) 4-1, W. Blount (Outsiders) 4-1, Noah Perdue (Fla High) 4-1, Pablo Oliva (Suwannee) 2-3, Luca Fiannaca (Clay) 1-4, S. Hooks (Outsiders) 0-5.
Rd 1: Fiannaca p. Hooks; Perdue p. Oliva; Blount d. Allen, 8-6, SV.
Rd 2: Oliva p. Fiannaca; Allen p. Hooks; Perdue p. Blount.
Rd 3: Allen def. Perdue; Oliva p. Hooks; Blount p. Fiannaca.
Rd 4: Blount p. Oliva; Perdue p. Hooks; Allen p. Fiannaca.
Rd 5: Allen p. Oliva; Perdue p. Fiannaca; Blount p. Hooks.

Group 15: Chauncy Riggsby (Fla High) 3-0, Kirill Kim (Cacique) 2-1, D. Dozier (Outsiders) 1-2, Hayden Smith (Outsiders) 0-3.
Rd 1: Riggsby p. Dozier; Kim p. Smith.
Rd 2: Dozier p. Smith; Riggsby p. Kim.
Rd 3: Riggsby p. Smith; Kim p. Dozier.

Group 16: Johnathan Potter (Belleview) 4-0, T. Dozier (Outsiders) 2-1, Noah Stubblefield (Monsta) 2-2, S. Sanders (Outsiders) 1-2, Michael Porchiazzo (Bradford) 0-4.
Rd 1: Dozier p. Stubblefield; Sanders p. Porchiazzo.
Rd 2: Potter p. Dozier; Stubblefield p. Porchiazzo.
Rd 3: Potter p. Porchiazzo; Stubblefield p. Sanders.
Rd 4: Potter p. Stubblefield; Dozier p. Porchiazzo.
Rd 5: Potter p. Sanders.

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