Friday Update

We have a schedule that was sent to us, but it had some incorrect info. When we asked about it, clarification on one part was given but we’re still waiting to see if they’re going to fix another date. When that school does, we’ll post it.

TurkeyNWrestling is proceeding apace. With fair winds and calm seas, we finish off 1A-District 1’s first draft (UPDATE: Done!) and that should allow us to wrap 3A-District 1 before the end of the weekend. We’ll then start sending our projected returners lists to coaches in order to get those as accurate as possible, given transfers out and in.

We’ll also, early next week, be sending individual emails to coaches for schedules (except to the Panhandle; I think school actually is only being considered for return next week, and maybe that’s not even true in all cases, so I’m going to hold off a couple more weeks on that for those guys).

Readers, this is a collaborative process, too. If your school’s schedule is known to you but you don’t see it on our master list, get with your coach about it. He’s got multiple ways to get in touch with me. Or, if it’s posted somewhere, shoot me an email at and let me know about it yourself.

Hopefully, more #NextLevel rosters will be posted — who knew that college sports information directors were so busy? — and we’ll be able to post a more complete schedule there, too (UPDATE: We put two more kids on Friday).

We’ll be following along some with Super 32, too, though I would urge you to check out Brant Parsons’ page. He covers the whole state, and with more immediacy than I can.

Still turning over a crazy idea I have in my head. Don’t know how much I want to do with it this year, but I think it’s definitely going to happen in 2019-20 — and maybe in limited form still this year.

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