#TheCalendar2018-19: Ridgeview – 11 TO GO

We also got confirmation to publish on Ridgeview’s schedule, meaning that we have another district closed out, as the Clay County Panthers are the seventh team from 2A-District 3 and 63rd overall to report in.

The Panthers are keeping their larger events schedule flexible this year, so many of their dates are going to be determined per team needs at that moment in the season. What they are committed to first is a road-trip to Alabama for the Swede Umbach Duals on December 7-8. Next up, Ridgeview will be hosting the Panther Prowl duals tournament on the 14th and 15th, which will be an eight-team duals event.

In January, the Panthers will host 2A-District 3 FHSAA dual team tournament competition at the district level. They will host midweek duals against Raines on the 23rd and Palatka on the 30th.

February for now has two dates on the calendar. The Panthers will have a midweek dual away at Westside on February 6th and will compete in Chiles’ quad along with Wakulla and Rickards on the 13th.

So that’s 63 teams in hand! Who’s going to take us down to 10 left? Will it be Paxon, which schedule is set but has a couple of December discrepancies? Will it be Gulf Breeze, which has been promised to me? How about Baker County, now that football season is over? Or will it be a team whose coach I have not heard from yet this autumn…Suwannee…Eastside…Interlachen…Crestview…Bozeman…Mosley?

The regular-season is set to begin in 10 days.

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