Thank You Sponsors

The leader of my parent group over on the Northeast side has recently sent out a fundraising letter on my behalf to the coaches of the programs in the coverage area.

While I recognize these programs are often as — if not more — cash-strapped than I am, let alone more cash-strapped than they should be as legitimately-recognized athletic programs by the FHSAA, I am grateful that a few donations have recently come in.

So thank yous go out to the following very-recent sponsors of our work:

  • Alex Vugman
  • The Hill Family
  • Ryland Wagner
  • Nikki Maddox
  • Leslie Johnson
  • Becky Matz

If you have recently donated and I haven’t sent my thanks on this space, please accept my apologies.

We have two ways to donate. They are highlighted in green at the bottom of this text. I would like to think that I work very hard to highlight as many kids as possible in a one-man dadblog operation, and I am grateful for continuing support. We put in at least 60 hours every single week, above and beyond my feed-the-bulldog work work, on these spaces, and it is always gratifying to receive appreciation for the work we do here.

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