#TheRecap: Sandcrabs Rally For Kilpatrick Title

seabreeze wins
Seabreeze wrestlers and coaches celebrate a team title won Saturday in Inverness at Citrus HS’ Ed Kilpatrick IBT (Photo submitted by Michael Fries via Facebook).

North Florida Matmen staff report

INVERNESS — After achieving the dream of a district duals title, Seabreeze looked a little shell-shocked after not being able to add on to that dream with a 2A state duals appearance.

But the best thing about a dream denied is that the next one can start being built. And the Sandcrabs started working toward that next one on Saturday at Citrus, taking first at the Ed Kilpatrick one-day IBT tournament.

Seabreeze held off determined efforts from Tampa-area teams Strawberry Crest and Tampa Prep, scoring 161 points to Strawberry Crest’s 151.5 and Tampa Prep’s 149.5.

University-Orange City was fifth in the event with 118 points, while DeLand was 11th (68.5), Belleview 13th (54), Gainesville 17th (28), Union 18th (21) and Lake Weir 19th (three).

Below follows a summary of the tournament with notes on area participants as applicable —

106: Strawberry Crest’s Aaron Ortiz (18th-3A) pinned his way into the finals (3 falls in all), then majored Tampa Prep’s Gavin Nolan (2 pins & tech prior to final), with a 13-4 victory. Belleview’s Zackary Young was fifth; after dropping his first match by a 7-6 count in the quarters to the eventual fourth, Young won three of four matches on the back, winning by walkover over Viera’s Jaxson Crumpler in the fifth-place match. Seabreeze’s Kayla Nguyen was 1-2 in the tournament, but was one match from placing, having lost to the eventual 4th and 6th in her two losses, which sandwiched an 8-2 consi rd-2 win. Young’s teammate, Christian Lewis, and UOC’s Grady Bryant were both 1-2 with back-side falls, while Union’s Jonathan Maldonaldo and DeLand’s Felix Rivera were each 0-2 in the tournament.

113: Strawberry Crest’s Jake McDarby picked up two pins and two decisions in taking the title, with the second decision a 10-7 win in the final over Seabreeze’s Joe Kent (19th-2A). Kent pinned his way through the bottom half of the bracket, three pins in all, falling the hosts’ Gage Persons in 49 seconds in the semi. Belleview’s Mark Willis was a semifinalist and placed fourth, falling 3-0 to Viera’s Dylan Quiroga in the third-place match to conclude a 3-2 tournament. Gainesville’s William Moore was 2-2 in the tournament, with two back-side pins before a 10-3 loss to Crystal River’s Logan Kornder in the consi quarters, while Union’s Christian Simmons (win on the front) and UOC’s Patrick King (win on the back) were both 1-2.

120: Seabreeze’s Kobe Baert (14th-2A) was 2-0 with two pins in an initial bracket, then had a walkover and a third fall (1:14) over Strawberry Crest’s Carter Willis (pin/decision/walkover prior to final) in the championship match. Baert had pins over Vero Beach’s Lucas Munro (:27) and Zephyrhills Christian’s Javier Lopez (1:23). Belleview’s Michael Ventre was 3-2 (all wins by fall, on both sides of the bracket, with losses to the eventual 3rd and to Lopez, while UOC’s Malique Hargett was 2-2, with a pair of back-side pins.

126: Tampa Prep’s Ethan Mojena (1st-1A at 120) was 3-0, with two pins, a walkover and a third-period tech fall (15-0 in 4:30) over Viera’s Andrew Pinzon (12th-2A; pin/decision/walkover prior to final). UOC’s Jonathan Justice (19th-3A) was third. Justice had a pair of techs before falling to Pinzon, 8-6; he then took third with a pin and 16-5 major over Land O’Lakes’ Dante Reese (19th-2A) in the third-place match. Gainesville’s Brennan Kade was 2-2, with a major and decision before losing by fall to Mojena and by 8-1 decision to Reese. Belleview’s Andrew Davis, Union’s Ian Halfacre and Seabreeze’s Ben Orlowski were each 0-2 in the tournament.

132: Tampa Prep’s Alan Morano (3rd-1A at 126) pinned his way (3 pins in all) into the final, where he majored Strawberry Crest’s Jarrett Affronti (4th-3A; 2 pins & tech prior to final), 18-6, for the title. Union’s Ethan Shea was 2-2, with a pair of max-point wins on the back side after a round of 16 loss by fall to Affronti. DeLand’s Noah Falk (front-side win by fall), Belleview’s Zach McLaughlin (front-side win by fft) and Gainesville’s Zachary Collins (front-side win by DQ) were each 1-2 in the tournament, while Union’s James Rogers was 0-2.

138: Tampa Prep’s Collin Mojena (4th-1A) made it three in a row, with three first-period falls (in 2:50), plus a 16-0 tech fall (3:00) in the final over Seabreeze’s Devin Stickney. Stickney had two pins and a decision to reach the final, falling Central’s Caleb Wood in 4:30 in the semis. DeLand’s Lane Wishart was 2-2 in the tournament, with losses to the eventual 5th (6-0 on the front) and 6th (7-0 on the back), and was one match short of placing. UOC’s Kolton Mixon was 1-2 (win by fall on the back side) and Lake Weir’s Hunter Peake 0-2 in the tournament.

145: University’s Chase McDonough (11th-3A) had two pins bookend a 6-5 semifinal win over Seabreeze’s Grant Schwartz (20th-2A) in taking the title, pinning Strawberry Crest’s Jacive Sheppard (15th-3A; pin & 2 decisions prior to final) in 1:05 in the championship match. Schwartz would place fourth (2 wins by decision on the front to reach semis, a third decision on the back to get to the third-place match). DeLand’s Jacob Lashinsky was 3-2 (wins on both sides of the bracket) and got to the fifth-place match, but couldn’t contest it due to the five-match rule. The Sandcrabs’ Nik Crossman was 2-2 (wins on both sides of the bracket and was one match short of placing, falling 6-4 to Lashinsky in the consi semis. Union’s Danny Thornton and Lake Weir’s Grant Kincannon (win by pin on the back side) both were 1-2 in the event.

152:  Seabreeze’s Brock Roberts initially had two pins and a major to win one pool bracket, then had a walkover in the semis of the championship bracket, where he majored Villages’ Kevin Coon, 8-0, for the title. Gainesville’s Nicholas Hanson was fourth. Hanson had two pins before falling 5-1 to Coon, then had a decision on the back side to reach the championship bracket. Hanson fell in the third-place match to Bayside’s Peter Gordon, 2-1. DeLand’s Michael Brown was 4-1, with a pigtail win and three consi-side wins before the 5-match rule ended his day. UOC’s James Houck and Belleview’s Eric McLaughlin were both 3-2; Houck pinned McLaughlin on the front side, but McLaughlin would advance one step further in the consis. Union’s Johnny Benefield and Brandon Mecusker, along with Lake Weir’s Dean Marquis, were all 0-2 in the tournament.

160: Seabreeze’s Victor Lipsey won the title, pinning his way through the bracket (four pins in all). He falled Vero Beach’s Zad Villalpando (eventual 3rd; :55) in the semis and Crystal River’s John Bruce (1:39; 2 pins & major prior to final) in 1:39 for the bracket victory. DeLand’s Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro was 2-2 in the tournament (wins on both sides of the bracket) and was 1 match short of placing, losing by fall (2:45) to eventual 4th Collin Bogle of Land O’Lakes. Gainesville’s William Marshall and both Colin Hadlock and Jayce Puni of Union were all 0-2 in the tournament.

170: Villages’ Ethan Hatcher (6th-1A) pinned his way into the finals, with a pair of falls, then decisioned Zephyrhills Christian’s Jonny Casarez (pin & decision prior to final), taking a 6-4 decision in the final. UOC’s Antonio Liberti was fourth in the tournament, going 4-1 (wins on both sides of the bracket) before his day came to an end due to the 5-match rule. Gainesville’s Logan Fernandez-Smith was 1-2 but was one match short of placing, losing to Hatcher (:46) on the front side and to Liberti (5-0) on the back in the consi semis. Belleview’s Cornelius Bentley-Greene also lost to two placers (Casarez on the front, Liberti on the back) in going 2-2 on the day, while Union’s Carson Rogers was 0-2.

182: The hosts’ Blake Coleman (7th-1A) bookended a first-period semifinal pin with two decisions, the second of those a 12-6 win over Mulberry’s Isaiah Stancil (6th-1A; pin & decision prior to final). Seabreeze’s Chris Thomas was 1-2 and one match short of placing, with a loss by fall to Stancil on the front and to the eventual 4th in the consi semis. Union’s Allan McClellon, Belleview’s Julian Flores and Gainesville’s Carlos Nelson were all 0-2 in the tournament.

195: Vero Beach’s Bakari Mosley (6th-3A) had a major and tech early, then a walkover in the semis before decisioning DeLand’s Aaron Morris (7th-3A), 3-1, in the championship match. Morris won by major and fall early, then had a walkover in the semis to get to Mosley. UOC’s Ethan Lasher (13th-3A) took an early loss to Seabreeze’s Caiden Patton, 3-2, but then won three times in the consis to get back to the championship bracket, winning by walkover in the third-place match over Land O’Lakes’ Zavian McKinnon. Patton lost by fall to Morris and took a 6-3 loss to McKinnon, and was one match short of placing. Morris’ teammate, Andrew Knowles, was 1-2 in the tournament (4-1 win over Belleview’s Nathan Halstead), while Halstead and Lake Weir’s Anthony Loynes were both 0-2.

220: University-Orange City’s Christian Kennick (7th-3A) had three pins early to reach the championship bracket, then had a walkover in the semis and an 8-4 win in the finals over Vero Beach’s Isaiah Davis (6th-3A; pin & 3 decisions plus walkover prior to final). DeLand’s Gavin Hart was third in the weight class, with a 4-1 record (2 pins, win by DQ & decision, with his only loss in double-overtime to Davis). Seabreeze’s Nate Boyd & Belleview’s Andrew Dunn (both with front-side win by fall) and Union’s Davalier Blocker (back-side win by fall) were all 1-2 in the tournament, while the Sandcrabs’ Connor Flagg and Rattlers’ Titus Bailey were both 0-2.

285: Zephyrhills Christian’s Malik Jones (1st-1A) pinned his way through the draw, with three falls in exactly 2 minutes. The third of those in the final came in :27 over Viera’s Jackson Hatfield (16th-2A; 3 pins prior to final). UOC’s Keenan Diaz was 1-2 in the tournament (consi-side win by fall) and was one match short of placing, while Belleview’s K D Soloman and DeLand’s Dalen Burns were both 0-2.

Complete brackets from the tournament can be found HERE.

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