#TheRecap: Atlantic 2nd, Creekside 4th @ DeLand

North Florida Matmen staff report

DELAND — Just 20 points separated second place from sixth on Saturday at the DeLand Bulldog IBT one-day tournament.

Atlantic, which finished only behind Lake Mary’s 175.5-point total, had 122 points for second.


West Orange (115), Creekside (108.5) and Poinciana (107) rounded out the top-five teams, with Merritt Island just five points back in sixth.

Host DeLand was seventh in the 17-team tournament, with 85.5 points, while Sandalwood was 11th (61.5 points), New Smyrna Beach 12th (57), St Augustine T-13th (45), Deltona 16th (25) and Lake Weir 17th with one points.

Below follows a summary of each weight class, with area placers and wrestlers one match short of placing noted:

106 — West Orange’s DJ Perez had two pins and two decisions to win the title, with a 14-8 win in the finals over Merritt Island’s Zane Hudson (3 pins prior to final). Creekside’s Andrew Feeks and DeLand’s Felix Rivera were both one match from placing.

113 — Wekiva’s Victor Altamirano bonus-pointed through the tournament, with two pins, a third-period tech fall and 13-2 major in the final over Dr Phillips’ Heriberto Zayas (pin & major prior to final). Creekside’s Cody Smith was a semifinalist and placed fourth. After a bye into the quarters, Smith falled St Augustine’s Tristan Smith (:36) but then lost by tech to Altamirano (19-3 in 4:38). Smith then pinned Deltona’s Kevin Kerns (1:39) in the consi semis, falling 9-8 in the third-place match to West Orange’s Lorenzo Perez. Kerns and Atlantic’s Bernaldo Alvarez were both one match short of placing.

120 — Merritt Island’s Elijah Lusk pinned or teched his way through the tournament, with a pin and two techs — the second of those in the final over Atlantic’s Jamey Bruner (20-5 in 4:21). Bruner had two pins and a major in getting to the final, with falls over Dr Phillips’ Joey Diaz (1:27, rd of 16) and Merritt Island’s Jeremiah Johnson (1:30, quarters), then majored Poinciana’s Levi Lewis, 11-1, in the semi.

126 — Lake Mary’s Diego Solorzano also pinned or teched through the bracket, with three pins and a tech. The third pin came in the final over Sandalwood’s Juvens Augustin, in 4 minutes. Augustin had three decisions (7-3 over Deltona’s Carlos Pineda, 16-10 over New Smyrna Beach’s Jace Engberg and 5-4 over Poinciana’s Zayveon Mitchell) to get to the final. Engberg and Pineda were both one match short of placing.

132 — Lake Mary’s Alex Vasquez had a forfeit, tech and pin to reach the final, then stopped New Smyrna Beach’s Michael Shannon, 3-1, for the weight-class win. Shannon reached the final with pins over DeLand’s Noah Falk (2:49, rd of 16), Merritt Island’s Ben Whalen (2:23, quarters) and Dr Phillips’ Erle Zayas (5:47, semis). Creekside’s Nolan Anderson was a semifinalist and placed fourth. Anderson pinned Dr Phillips’ Jamsheed Gafur (1:08, rd of 16) and decisioned Sandalwood’s Ben Peterson (13-9, quarters), before losing by fall (2:46) to Vasquez in the semi. Anderson then pinned Whalen in 3:40 in the consi semi, before falling, 8-3, to Zayas for third.

138 — Lake Brantley’s Chris Labrecque had a major and three decisions to win the bracket, taking a 6-2 win in the final over Merritt Island’s Noah Davin (pin/tech/decision prior to final). Sandalwood’s Lavaughn Brown was third after falling, 9-6, to Labrecque in the quarters. On the front, Brown pinned NSB’s Hunter Childress (1:05) in the round of 16. On the back, Brown won four times for third, with pins over NSB’s Justis Chandler (2:22), Creekside’s Keanan Sexton (:52) and Atlantic’s Jeremiah Epps (2:26) before downing Lake Mary’s Aiden Rubino, 7-3, for third. Epps and Creekside’s Lee Leavell were each one match short of placing.

145 — West Orange’s Michael Nepywoda bookended two pins with a pair of decisions, the second a 4-2 win in the final over Atlantic’s Avante Chamble. Chamble reached the title round with first-period pins over Lake Weir’s Grant Kincannon (1:06, rd of 16), Sandalwood’s Jacob Kirkpatrick (1:55, quarters) and New Smyrna Beach’s Hunter Lupien (1:39, semis). No match was held for third (due to both wrestlers reaching 5 matches), but Deland’s Jacob Lashinsky was one of the two in the mix. Lashinsky had a tech on the front, but then lost by fall to Sandalwood’s Jermell McCall (1:45) in the quarters. He then had pins over St Augustine’s Daniel Griener (:09), Lake Brantley’s Aaron Starling (1:54) and Lupien (1:00) to get to the podium. Lupien and McCall were each one match short of placing.

152 — West Orange’s Solomon Smith teched or pinned his way to the final, where he won by injury-default over Lake Mary’s Noah Hesse (major & pin prior to final). New Smyrna Beach’s Thomas Evans was a semifinalist and placed third. Evans pinned Sandalwood’s Michael Torres (1:07) in the quarters before losing by fall to Hesse (3:18) in the semi. ON the back, Evans had falls over Ocoee’s Eric Gilreath (1:55) and Lake Brantley’s Joey Henkhaus (4:29) for third.

160 — Lake Mary’s Jared Purcell had three first-period falls for the championship, pinning Sandalwood’s Joshua Brown (1:59) in the final. Brown pinned Wekiva’s Dalcima Jouvens (5:10) in the rd of 16, teched Atlantic’s David Arcieri (17-2 in 4:57) in the quarters and then decisioned Creekside’s Hunter Brown, 6-2, in the semi. Brown finished third, pinning DeLand’s Gavin Rodriguez-Cayro (2:41) on the front; in the consi semis, Brown decisioned St Augustine’s Clint Griffin, 7-1, and then teched DeLand’s Michael Brown in 4:28 (15-0) for third. Michael Brown decisioned Griffin, 3-0, in the quarters before losing by fall (1:56) to Purcell in the semis; he then decisioned Arcieri, 4-2, in the consi semis. Arcieri and Griffin were each one match short of placing.

170 — Creekside’s Jalen Hines pinned his way through the bracket, four pins in all, to win the title. Hines falled NSB’s Thomas Connell (3:34, rd of 16), Dr Phillips’ Sebastian Norman (4:16, quarters), DeLand’s Bryce Minsky (1:26, semis) and then falled Atlantic’s Noah Anderson in 1:55 in the finals. Anderson had three bonus-point wins to get there, pinning First Academy’s Noah Nixon (1:21), majoring Lake Brantley’s Christian Mowry (14-0) and falling Poinciana’s Carlson Michel in 3 minutes. Minsky came back for third; on the front he pinned First Academy’s Patrick Melley (:19) and had bonus-point wins over Mowry (16-8) in the consi semis and Norman (2:51) for third.

182 — St Augustine’s Ryan Murphy also pinned through the weight class, with three pins in order over Poinciana’s Jeremiah Jules (1:40, quarters), Creekside’s Bryan Fortay (3:54, semis) and then took a 44-second fall over Atlantic’s Christian Henry in the championship. Henry also had three pins, over West Orange’s Elijah Zayas (:46, rd of 16), NSB’s Dale Edwards (3:46, quarters) and Lake Brantley’s Jackson Fisher (:25, semis). Fortay was one match short of placing.

195 — DeLand’s Aaron Morris had two pins prior to the final, where he downed Merritt Island’s Daylyn Randolph (pin/tech/decision prior to final), 3-1, or the bracket win. Morris had falls over Lake Brantley’s Justice Pratt (:47) in the quarters and Lake Mary’s Dakota Phillips (5:18) in the semis.

220 — First Academy’s Jacob Forbes sandwiched a 5-0 semifinal win with two pins, the second of those in 2:46 in the final over Ocoee’s Korey Karbowsky (pin & decision prior to final). DeLand’s Gavin Hart was in the mix for third and fourth in a match that wasn’t wrestled due to both wrestlers hitting five matches. Hart had a pin on the front before losing by fall in the quarters, then had three pins on the back over St Augustine’s Jaquan Whitty (1:34), Creekside’s Wyatt Galloway (3:44) and Deltona’s Ethan Chiu (5:08). Chiu was one match short of placing.

285 — Poinciana’s Quaylen Hill had three pins and a decision for the title, falling Wekiva’s Lawrence Stubbs (major/pin/decision prior to final) in 4:29 for the weight-class win. Atlantic’s Jared Jackson was fourth. After falling, 14-5, in the round of 16 to Stubbs, Jackson won four times to make podium, winning over DeLand’s Danny Brown (2-1), DeLand’s Dalen Burns (4:30), DeLand’s Willie Goosby (1:18) and Ocoee’s Jordan Phillips in the consi semis, but was then walked over by Lake Mary’s Jacob Donaldson (who only had 4 matches) in the third-place match.

Complete brackets from the tournament can be found HERE.

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