Thank You Sponsors

I thought it had been quite some time since I’d put out a post thanking our most recent donors.

It had only been three months.

Time is kind of murky to me right about now. Feels like yesterday that I went to Ware County in Waycross GA on the second Saturday of November, when my season began. Like an hour ago that my son was here for near 10 days.

So I’ll not beat myself up that it’s been 3 months. We’ve been…a little busy.

We’re putting in, during the season, over 100 hours per week on the site. When you go home on Saturday from a tournament, I go to work. When you see me somewhere, that’s as close to “free time” as I have right now. We work until 11 p.m. or midnight every single night of the week. Every one. We took one day off over the holiday (we worked on Christmas Day for most of the day). We spend easily half of our “work work” time on site work. Sometimes a lot more. We’ve gone to the gym maybe three times since New Year’s.

There might be some of you that say, well, nobody forced you to do this. I reach. I get that it’s a choice.

But, I get also that this work is worth it, I think, to me, and I think so, also, to you. And therefore my sincerest of thanks to the following folks who’ve recently donated (apologies if I’ve missed anyone recently):

  • John Hinsey
  • Kenneth DeFord (FOUR TIMES!)
  • Andy Dance (TWICE!)
  • Bill Hill, on behalf of his sons Brady and Tanner
  • Ricki Nix
  • Heather Harrell
  • Anita Smith
  • Jake Williams
  • Lindsay Bibla
  • Lee Leavell (a wrestler!)

I recognize this is a time of year where y’all do a lot of traveling to tournaments and funds are tight, but if you like what we do, please check out the fundraising options listed in green below.

If you prefer to wait a bit in light of that travel, just know this: I only do “paid” work for the Florida Times-Union until the end of March. I get nothing from them after April (and trust me, what they give me, even during the fall and winter months, is not a lot, and I often have to fight with them about how late things are sent to me).

So if you want to wait, the spring and summer are very much light times in terms of money coming in. I don’t want to have to take a second job (I thought very hard about this last fall), or require that every team donate so much (it’s been suggested to me, multiple times, every year).

We would like to do and be so much more. If you like our content and are a business owner in the coverage area (for Florida, from the Gulf to Daytona Beach, on up to the state line, and as far southwest as Ocala), please talk to me. I’ve wanted to add featurized content that highlights wrestlers as students and as engaged members of their schools in other ways besides on the wrestling mat. But that content takes time and planning and, yes, resources. Reach out to me; let’s talk.

To each of you, whether you’ve donated or not, I’m glad I keep giving you a reason to come back and read this little dadblog. And that you keep coming back. I enjoy seeing parents (Amy Switzer, I see you!) from my first year liking my posts from last night.

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