#RoadToTheShow: 1A-District 4 Preview

1A-District 4

Christmas has nothing on this. THIS is the most wonderful time of the year.

Just remember before you read. It’s not personal, but you’re allowed to take it personally if you want. Prove me wrong. Or prove me right. I like both.

Where: Clay HS.
When: Wednesday, February 19 (10 a.m. weighins, noon wrestle start).
Projected team finish: 1. Clay. 2. Bolles. 3. Ridgeview. 4. Wolfson. 5. University Christian. 6. Bishop Snyder. 7. Bradford. 8. Baldwin.
The skinny: Clay is going after its 21st district championship won in order, and barring something incredibly unforeseen, the Blue Devils should be able to secure that, as Clay should be qualifying its entire team out for the Region 1 tournament at Wakulla next weekend. Both Bolles and Ridgeview — in its first year of Class 1A tournament action after being in 2A for the lifetime of our site, anyway — are bringing some quality kids to the party, but I’m going to go with the Bulldogs in the runnerup spot by virtue of having just a couple more weights filled. Wolfson was the district dual runnerup, and while the Wolfpack have a lot of weights covered, they’re covered a bit unevenly and their strongest kids are going head-to-head against some of the best in the state for the weight class. University Christian is a smaller version of Ridgeview — lots of starpower, but only (at max) five weights covered. Bishop Snyder, Bradford and Baldwin haven’t been able to, as teams at least, build a lot of momentum, but could have a couple of their better kids get out and have one more week of season.

Matmen’s projected region qualifiers (along with dark horses if applicable and a BRIEF note):

106: 1. Jayce Paridon (University Christian, 11th statewide). 2. Jacob Witt (Bolles, 10th statewide). 3. Blake Pu (Ridgeview, 19th statewide). 4. Jacob Bobo (Clay). Dark horse: Ian Hall (Bishop Snyder). Note: Witt has a ton of experience and that will help, but Paridon is no ordinary middle-schooler. Going to be one of best finals of the day.

113: 1. Tazz Hampton (Clay, 3rd statewide at 106). 2. Egan Gustilo (University Christian, 5th statewide). 3. Thomas Holt (Bolles). 4. Liam Strange (Wolfson). Dark horse: Kaiden Tibbetts (Ridgeview). Note: If 106 or 145 isn’t the best final of the day, this one should be. Going with experience here. Tibbetts could go as high as third.

120: 1. Luke Davis (Clay, 6th statewide). 2. Christian Villanueva (Bishop Snyder). 3. Andrew Harbin (Wolfson). 4. Robby Morris (Ridgeview). Dark horse: Bryson Hubbard (Bolles). Note: Am sure of the final in this one, I could be surprised by either Morris or Hubbard, although wish I’d seen Hubbard at Rotary to make sure he would be here.

126: 1. Matthew Rodriquez (Ridgeview, 3rd statewide). 2. Abdiert Escobar (Clay, 8th statewide). 3. Max Lewallen (Wolfson). 4. Austin Davoli (Bishop Snyder). Dark horse: Caleb Hellard (Baldwin). Note: This is definitely the final, and Lewallen is the definite lock for third.

132: 1. Dalton Posick (Bolles). 2. Aiden Mayo (Clay). 3. Emarre Campbell (Wolfson). 4. Andrew Crews (Bradford). Note: Not sure this is going to be a full set of semis, but should be Posick’s class to win — if he’s here (see 145 note).

138: 1. Tyson Riley (Bolles). 2. Luke Boree (Clay, 11th statewide). 3. Ian Finnorn (Ridgeview). 4. Nathan Shad (Wolfson). Dark horse: Jacob Brugh (Bradford). Note: Going to be a breakout tournament for whoever wins this weight; a springboard for future seasons.

145: 1. Gabe Guzman (Ridgeview, 9th statewide). 2. Dominic Martin (Clay, 18th statewide). 3. Julian Morris (Bolles). 4. Gavin Hill (Wolfson). Dark horse: Joseph Miranda (Bishop Snyder). Note: Really good first three. With 106 and 113, could be best final of the day in any weight class. Not 100% sure Bolles doesn’t have him go 132 and Posick 126.

152: 1. Cale Hoskinson (Clay, 4th statewide). 2. Cameron Frison (Wolfson, 20th statewide). 3. James Smith (Bradford). 4. Skylar Malone (Bolles). Dark horse: Dylan Brown (Ridgeview). Note: If Smith’s here (I haven’t seen a result with him since New Year’s), this should be a good bottom-half semifinal between leaders on the mat.

160: 1. Tucker Reape (Clay). 2. Jackson Brill (Bolles). 3. Johnatan Santiago (Baldwin). 4. Lyric Richardson (Wolfson). Dark horses: John Flores (University Christian) & Clayton Beasley (Bishop Snyder). Note: With a full group and potentially one or two multi-year starters staying home, I see moveups for a couple of these guys.

170: 1. Isaiah Clifford (Clay, 12th statewide). 2. Elijah Giles (Wolfson). No 3rd or 4th. Note: Clifford should cruise to the title, even if one (or more) of the 160s move up.

182: 1. Ethan Asbury (Bolles, 19th statewide). 2. Jordan Bell (Clay, 13th statewide). 3. Jackie Dinh (University Christian). 4. Spencer Robertson (Ridgeview). Dark horse: Carson Bowers (Bishop Snyder) & Cecil Caraway (Bradford). Note: I would expect at least one of these 182s from 3 on down to move up, if they’re all on the bracket.

195: 1. Joe Grelli (Clay, 13th statewide). 2. JT Jameson (Bolles). No projected 3rd or 4th. Note: Am guessing there’s a 182 that is going to be weighing their options on how far they might be able to advance next week, and potentially moving up, because as of right now there are (at most) two 195s that have competed all year.

220: 1. Jack Pyburn (Bolles, 17th statewide). 2. Garrett Tyre (Clay, 6th statewide). 3. Angel Lecointe (Bishop Snyder). 4. Michael McDuffie (Bradford). Dark horse: Shydeim Deas (Wolfson). Note: Pyburn-Tyre was a fall at Clay Rotary; I would not be surprised if it goes closer on Wednesday, that does happen from time to time, but I think those two are definitely the final for sure.

285: 1. Derrek Mosley (Clay, 7th statewide). 2. Cam Neal (Bolles). 3. Rashawn Spears (Wolfson). 4. Austin Varnes (Bradford). Dark horse: Keegan Powell (Ridgeview). Note: I think the final is right; I don’t know that much about Varnes, because we just don’t have that many Bradford results. Powell and Baldwin’s Remmy Hoke could have a good tournament and get out.

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