#RoadToTheShow: 1A-Region 1 Day 1 Recap

North Florida Matmen staff report

CRAWFORDVILLE — Nobody’s in The Show yet.

But Wakulla and Clay both put 10 wrestlers within one match of Kissimmee on Friday, setting the stage for an epic second-day battle in the 1A-Region 1 tournament at Wakulla HS.

The War Eagles and Blue Devils each have 10 semifinalists and have out-distanced the rest of a 30-team field, with 92 and 89 points, respectively.

Bolles holds a slight lead over Yulee and Suwannee for third place, with 58.5 points to the Hornets’ 57 and the Live Oak Bulldogs’ 54.5. Bolles has four wrestlers in the semis, while Yulee has three and Suwannee five.

Florida High (7th place, 43 points) has five in the semis, while Raines (9th, 33) has four. Episcopal (10th, 32.5 points), Marianna (T-11th, 32) and University Christian (19th, 16.5) each have two.

Of the teams with one semifinalist, sixth-place Bishop Kenny ranks highest, with 44 points. Ridgeview (8th, 36), West Nassau (13th, 31), South Walton (15th, 22), Godby (16th, 20), Bozeman & Fernandina Beach (T-17th, 17), Rocky Bayou Christian (21st, 13), Rutherford (25th, eight) all also have one semifinalist.

Teams fighting out of the consis in the top 20 are Arnold (T-11th, 32), Baker Cty (14th, 25) and Bay (20th, 14).

Below follows a recap of the eight remaining wrestlers in each weight class:


Semifinals: Brody Boehm (Suwannee, 32-25) v Jacob Witt (Bolles, 35-8); Maverick Rainwater (Clay, 19-9) v Jayce Paridon (University Christian, 44-9).
Semis recap: Boehm bonus-pointed through the first two rounds, with a round-1 tech over Yulee’s Duhan Lewis (15-0 in 2:32), and a 13-4 major over Ridgeview’s Blake Pu in the quarters. Witt teched South Walton’s Brett Canut (15-0 in 2:14), then falled Episcopal’s Scott Busey in the quarters (1:28). Rainwater had a 52-second fall over Rutherford’s Elijah Stillgess, then pushed past Wakulla’s Julian Harvey, 4-2, in the quarters. Paridon didn’t give up a point Friday, teching Wewahitchka’s Justin Johnson (18-0 in 4 minutes) and then majoring West Nassau’s Blayden Tharpe, 13-0, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Porter Beach (Arnold) v. Harvey; Busey v Pu.
WB round 2 recap: Beach won twice on the back after a 5-0 loss to Pu, with pins over Lewis (3:47) and Tharpe (4:12). Harvey came back in the consis to pin South Walton’s Brett Canut (2:44), while Busey knocked off Bishop Kenny’s Allan Bustos, 7-5. Pu bounced back with a 13-2 major over Johnson.

university christian

Semifinals: Dalton Huckelberry (Clay, 28-18) v DaQuan King (Raines, 51-3); George Hernandez (Wakulla, 52-7) v Egan Gustilo (University Christian, 49-6).
Semis recap: Huckelberry teched Marianna’s William Carrel (15-0 in 5:44), then took a first-period fall (1:29) over West Nassau’s Jackson Holcomb in the quarters. King had two pins, falling Rocky Bayou’s Owen Parry (2:33) in the first round and Suwannee’s Foster Swain (4:43) in the quarters. After an 18-second fall over Wolfson’s Liam Strange in the first round, Hernandez had to push past Bishop Kenny’s Ryan Mayer, 4-3, in the quarters, while Gustilo pinned Baker County’s Thomas Torres (1:03) in the first round and decisioned Episcopal’s Christian Ryan, 15-8, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Ryan v Mayer; Swain v Holcomb.
WB round 2 recap: Ryan bounced back with a fall over Marianna’s William Carrel (1:36), while Mayer pinned Bolles’ Bryson Hubbard in 3:39. Swain falled Bozeman’s Logan Jamison (4:04), while Holcomb falled South Walton’s CJ Inman in 13 seconds to get to Saturday.


Semifinals: Joe Jackson (Episcopal, 31-13) v Raymond Hatchman (Wakulla, 47-11); Kyle Hopkins (Raines, 39-5) v Luke Davis (Clay, 32-13).
Semis recap: Jackson got to the semis with a fall over Wolfson’s Andrew Harbin (1:57) and then a 9-5 quarterfinal win over Arnold’s Will Ashby. Hatchman had two pins, falling Bay’s Jamie Balmeceda (:56, round 1) and Bishop Snyder’s Christian Villanueva (2:47, quarters). Hopkins pinned Ridgeview’s Robby Morris (:43) in the first round and Baker Cty’s Shane Bullard (2:27) in the quarters, while Davis falled Fernandina Beach’s Caden Kubatzke (1:34) and then teched Suwannee’s Xander Kirkland, 15-0, in 5:32.
WB quarters: Kirkland v Balmeceda; Villanueva v Ashby.
WB round 2 recap: Kirkland falled Godby’s John Breaux (:58), while Balmeceda shut out Bullard, 13-0, after a forfeit win in WB rd 1. Villanueva pinned Morris (1:52) in the bottom half of the round, while Ashby pushed past district rival Conner Roberts of Wewahitchka, 9-8.


Semifinals: Jae T Thaxton (Wakulla, 24-15) v Tyler Reeve (Florida High, 30-4); Timothy Jolicoeur (Suwannee, 54-8) v Matthew Rodriquez (Ridgeview, 61-0).
Semis recap: After opening with a 15-11 first-round win over Clay’s Josh Kumpf, Thaxton shut out Episcopal’s Ben Helton, 9-0, in the quarters. Reeve had two pins over Bolles’ Denny Vohs (:23) in the first round and Fernandina Beach’s Jeremy Mahoney (3:52) in the quarters, while Jolicoeur falled Wolfson’s Max Lewallen (3:44) in round 1 and pushed past Bishop Kenny’s Sebastian Deara, 10-3, in the quarter. Rodriquez also had two pins, falling Baker Cty’s David Jackson (:49) in the first round and Yulee’s Tristan Martinez (3:31) in the quarter
WB quarters: Kumpf v Deara; Mahoney v Jackson.
WB round 2 recap: Kumpf rallied from the round-1 loss to Dart with two wins, decisioning Arnold’s Spencer Korol (11-5) and falling Martinez (4:02), while Deara bounced back with an 8-6 decision over Vohs. Mahoney falled Lewallen in 2:08, while Jackson picked up a pin in 2:31 over Helton.


Semifinals: Canyon Dart (South Walton, 29-21) v Matthew Owen (Wakulla, 50-3); Jaxon Sansouci (Suwannee, 38-11) v Brooks Dyer (Florida High, 15-5).
Semis recap: After a forfeit in the round of 16, Dart took down Bishop Kenny’s Brock Hinson, 6-2, in the quarters. Owen also had a forfeit in the round of 16, pinning Episcopal’s Noah Meyer in 35 seconds to reach the semi. Sansouci had two decisions, grinding out wins over Wewahitchka’s Jaden Moseley (7-2) in the first round and Yulee’s Bryce Bees (6-4) in the quarters. Dyer, meanwhile, won by tech twice without giving up a point, teching North Bay Haven’s Helmut vonKnoblauch (16-0 in 1:49) and Bolles’ Dalton Posick (15-0 in 3:01).
WB quarters: Posick v Shawn Tahir (Ridgeview); Meyer v Sebastian Gonzalez (Ed White).
WB round 2 recap: Posick came back with a 12-5 decision over Clay’s Aiden Mayo, while Tahir had a forfeit in round 1 and fall (4:51) over Yulee’s Bryce Bees. In the bottom half of the consis, Meyer pinned Moseley in 2:43, while Gonzalez edged Hinson, 3-2.


Semifinals: Dylan Johns (Yulee, 36-10) v Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny, 31-11); Tyson Musgrove (Suwannee, 37-18) v Tyson Riley (Bolles, 32-9).
Semis recap: Johns bonus-pointed into the semis, with wins over Wakulla’s Jackson Merrick (fall in 2:36) in the round of 16 and North Bay Haven’s Michael Esquivias (12-4) in the quarters. Cuartero found a takedown in sudden victory for a 12-10 win over Florida High’s Emil Ganim in the round of 16, then falled Clay’s Luke Boree (5:22) in the quarters. After a first-round bye, Musgrove shut out Ridgeview’s Ian Finnorn, 5-0, in the quarters, while Riley pinned Bozeman’s Kincade Lassiter (1:47, rd of 16) and West Nassau’s Bradley Hulett (3:43, quarters) to reach the semis.
WB quarters: Hulett v Ganim; Boree v Esquivias.
WB round 2 recap: Hulett came back in the consis with a fall over Merrick (:35), while Ganim bounced back from the OT loss with pins over South Walton’s Ryan Kurfirst (:45) and Finnorn (1:28). Boree pinned Bay’s Kyle Roper (2:45), while Esquivias came back with a 3-2 win over Lassiter.


Semifinals: Wyatt Kirkpatrick (Rocky Bayou Christian, 26-4) v Dennis Ganim (Florida High, 19-9); Noah Wilson (Wakulla, 50-3) v Dominic Martin (Clay, 27-14).
Semis recap: Kirkpatrick falled Wolfson’s Gavin Hill (3:03) and then pushed past Suwannee’s Caleb Parsons, 8-6, in the quarters. Ganim majored Bishop Kenny’s Daniel Maher (10-1) and took down Ridgeview’s Gabe Guzman, 9-6, in the quarters. Wilson had two first-minute pins over Paxon’s Jared Aten (:58) and Bolles’ Julian Morris (:50), while Martin falled South Walton’s Ashton Nunes (1:11) and then decisioned Marianna’s Ethan Heinemann, 7-2, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Heinemann v Maher; Guzman v Parsons.
WB round 2 recap: Heinemann pinned West Nassau’s Gibreen Ahmad (1:44), while Maher had two wins on the back, falling North Bay Haven’s Jonathan Yates (2:37) and decisioning Morris, 7-4, in the top half. Guzman came back with a fall over Bay’s Trenton Wood (1:38), while Parsons knocked off Yulee’s Jesse Johnson, 9-4.


Semifinals: Aston Ricks (Yulee, 43-7) v Chase Roberts (Wakulla, 44-4); Reid Hampton (Episcopal, 36-9) v Cale Hoskinson (Clay, 44-6).
Semis recap: Ricks had a pair of pins, falling Bolles’ Skylar Malone (3:19) and Arnold’s Nick Kendrick (5:36), while Roberts matched the two-pin feat, with pins over Bozeman’s Bradley Garner (:38) and Wolfson’s Cameron Frison (3:07). Hampton pinned Bishop Snyder’s Jamil Johnson (1:17) and then teched Florida High’s Liam Hawkes (15-0 in 4:10), while Hoskinson also had two pins, both in the first period, with falls over Bishop Kenny’s Barrie Snyder (1:15) and Rocky Bayou’s Calvin Wells (:55).
WB quarters: Malone v Hawkes; Frison v Kendrick.
WB round 2 recap: Malone won twice on the back, with pins over Baker Cty’s Branden Bradley (2:55) and Wells (2:57), while Hawkes had a 15-second fall over Garner. In the bottom half, Frison came back to pin South Walton’s John Lopez (1:59), and Kendrick falled Suwannee’s Austin Howard in :22.


Semifinals: Micah Perdue (Florida High, 26-11) v Cole Baggett (Wakulla, 54-7); Chase Maddox (Marianna, 37-10) v Tucker Reape (Clay, 13-10).
Semis recap: Perdue picked up a pair of first-period pins over Bishop Snyder’s Clayton Beasley (1:38) and Arnold’s Max Gaylord (1:42), while Baggett falled Bolles’ Jackson Brill (1:01) and then edged West Nassau’s Requan Works, 6-5, in the quarters. Maddox also won by decision in the quarters, 7-5 over Yulee’s Isaiah Shook, after pinning Baldwin’s Johnatan Santiago (1:13), while Reape took decisions over Baker Cty’s Clayton Dennison (8-3) and Bishop Kenny’s Carter Wood (6-1).
WB quarters: Wood v Shook; Works v Dennison.
WB round 2 recap: Wood bounced back with an 11-6 win over Episcopal’s Brennan Doherty, while Shook took down Brill, 9-6, in the top half. Works came back with a fall over Santiago (1:50), while Dennison had two wins, falling Bay’s Caleb Pippin (1:20) and decisioning Gaylord, 6-3.


Semifinals: John Maddox (Marianna, 42-6) v Jeremiah Giedrys (Fernandina Beach, 35-10); Jayvon Brown (Wakulla, 37-8) v Raynarde Thomas (Raines, 43-5).
Semis recap: Maddox had second-period pins over Yulee’s Collin Sewell (2:41) and Rutherford’s Chad Allgood (2:50), while Giedrys falled Suwannee’s Dustin Wood (5:31) in the first round and found a takedown in sudden victory over Clay’s Isaiah Clifford for a 5-3 win. Brown had first-period falls over Bishop Kenny’s Paul Barakat (1:33) and Rocky Bayou’s Jaden Scruggs (1:00), while Thomas had falls over Godby’s Thomas Branson (:37) and South Walton’s Chase Maas (1:32).
WB quarters: Sewell v Wood; Clifford v Branson.
WB round 2 recap: After a bye into round 2, Sewell falled Maas in 15 seconds, while Wood had two contested wins (fall in :26 over Anderson’s Walter Anderson, 9-2 decision over Scruggs). Clifford bounced back from the OT loss to pin Barakat in 1:32, while Branson falled Allgood in :06.


Semifinals: Jackson Osteen (Wakulla, 39-8) v Jordan Bell (Clay, 27-11); Blaine Howard (Suwannee, 26-5) v Ethan Asbury (Bolles, 20-8).
Semis recap: Osteen had a pair of first-period falls, pinning Raines’ Christian McNair (:39) and University Christian’s Jackie Dinh (1:42), while Bell also had two pins, with falls over North Bay Haven’s Jackson Savell (:52) and Marianna’s Christian Cosson (5:22). Howard falled Bishop Kenny’s Mike Bagan (:22) and Ridgeview’s Spencer Robertson (2:28), while Asbury pinned Rutherford’s Marco Mejia (1:08) and Yulee’s Keleb Reddish (3:16).
WB quarters: Dylan Garner (South Walton) v Kolby Kidd (Fernandina Beach); Cosson v. Toby Kinghorn (Baker Cty).
WB round 2 recap: Garner had pins over McNair (1:56) and Reddish (3:00) on the back, while Kidd falled Savell (2:07) and pushed past Robertson, 7-5, in round 2. Cosson had just the one consi-side match, pinning Bagan in 1:35, while Kinghorn pinned Mejia (:54) and Dinh (1:50) to get to Saturday.


Semifinals: Xavier Stillgess (Rutherford, 35-9) v Marcus Haigler (Florida High, 15-7); John Trevor Hinsey (Wakulla, 50-3) v Joe Grelli (Clay, 24-11).
Semis recap: Stillgess had a pair of pins over Paxon’s Matthew Brunelli (:26) and Godby’s Julian Green (5:00), while Haigler, after a first-round bye, found a takedown in sudden victory for a 7-5 win over Raines’ Jamari Watson. Hinsey also had a bye, then pinned Yulee’s Joseph Michel in :52, while Grelli had falls over Baker Cty’s Conner South (3:45) and Arnold’s Tyler Lewis (1:04).
WB quarters: Lewis v Michel; Watson v Green.
WB round 2 recap: Lewis falled Brunelli in 2:25, while Michel received a bye in round 2. Watson came back in the wrestlebacks with a fall over South Walton’s Noah Gabbard (1:38), while Green needed double-overtime to knock out South, 7-5.


Semifinals: Jack Pyburn (Bolles, 41-7) v Jackson Rowell (West Nassau, 29-11); Bradley Durrance (Yulee, 38-10) v Garrett Tyre (Clay, 42-14).
Semis recap: Pyburn had a pair of first-period pins, with falls over Marianna’s Roosevelt Williams (1:31) and Bishop Kenny’s Kevin Thallemer (1:03), while Rowell had a forfeit into the quarters, where he pinned Godby’s Robert Harrell in 1:57. Durrance falled Bay’s Dexter Anderson (1:23) and Wakulla’s Slade Watkins (3:25), while Tyre had pins over Baker Cty’s Garrett Cain (:52) and Arnold’s Justin Harry (2:48).
WB quarters: Harry v Angel Lecointe (Bishop Snyder); Anderson v Thallemer.
WB round 2 recap: Harry bounced back on the consi side, with a fall over Williams (4:17), while Lecointe had a forfeit win and then took down Watkins, 4-1, in WB round 2. Anderson took two falls in the bottom half over Wolfson’s Shydeim Deas (1:29) and Harrell (:27), while Thallemer falled Ed White’s Larry McCurdy in 4:47.


Semifinals: Cole Galbreath (Bozeman, 33-8) v Joshua Yarbrough (Godby, 18-2); Jamon Goodwine (Raines, 44-2) v Derrek Mosley (Clay, 38-3).
Semis recap: Galbreath falled Suwannee’s Cayden Williams (1:32) and Wolfson’s Tavion Ford (1:48), while Yarbrough falled South Walton’s Andrew Thompson (:15), then edged Ed White’s Salvador Rodriguez, 2-1, in the quarters. Goodwine had a forfeit into the quarters, but then needed to go double overtime to overcome Wakulla’s Jayven Hearns, 2-1. Mosley falled Yulee’s Darquill Brown (2:56), then decisioned Baker Cty’s Jaqrez Elliott, 7-3, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Curtis Leggett (Bishop Kenny) v Hearns; Rodriguez v Brown.
WB round 2 recap: Leggett won twice on the back side, with a fall over Williams (2:26) and double-overtime win over Elliott, 4-3. Hearns bounced back from the loss to Goodwine with a fall over Bolles’ Cam Neal (3:45), while Rodriguez pinned Rocky Bayou Christian’s Kyle Burden in 1:42. Brown had two pins on the back, with falls over Arnold’s Tanner Lewis (3:26) and Ford (1:13).

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