#RoadToTheShow: 3A-Region 1 Day 1 Recap

North Florida Matmen staff report

ORANGE PARK — 13 in the first day. 13 through the first day.

Fleming Island had a couple of tiny hiccups in the first day of competition in the 3A-Region 1 tournament at home, but the Golden Eagles have all 13 of their wrestlers still alive in the tournament heading into today’s second day.

Fleming had just two contested losses on Friday, by a combined total of three points, getting 10 wrestlers through to the semifinals. Just one more win, on either side of the bracket, and those 10 are through. The three wrestlers already in the consis need two wins today.

Flagler Palm Coast stands third after the first day, with 65 points, two back of runnerup Timber Creek, with four semifinalists, while Buchholz is in fifth, with 52 points and four semifinalists of its own. Hagerty rounds out the top five, with 60 points in fourth.

Seminole has three semifinalists and the Noles are currently in ninth place, with 39 points. Creekside (7th place, 41 points) and Oakleaf (11th, 35) each have two in the semis, while University (Orange City) (12th, 32.5) and Forest (T-23rd, 11) each have one.

The rest of the coverage area in 3A is either fighting out of the consis or are done after the first day. Bartram Trail leads that group, in 13th place with 31 points. Sandalwood is 16th (20), Nease 20th (15), West Port T-23rd (11), DeLand T-26th (10) and Mandarin 28th (nine).

Below follows a recap of the eight remaining wrestlers in each weight class:


Semifinals: Kole Hannant (Flagler Palm Coast, 42-11) v Trenton Dominguez (Timber Creek, 45-9); Jakob Zawosky (Forest, 31-3) v DJ Perez (West Orange, 30-8).
Semis recap: Hannant advanced with a fall over Apopka’s Tamarion Kendrick (1:52) in round 1 and a 5-2 win over Bartram Trail’s Ethan Vugman in the quarters. Dominguez bonus-pointed through both Friday rounds, with a fall over Oakleaf’s Denzell Keeton (1:33) and a 12-0 quarterfinal major over Colonial’s Tyreque Pringle. Zawosky picked up two first-period pins over Wekiva’s Maurice Beasley (1:45, rd 1) and University-Orlando’s Tiana Marcillo (:57, quarters). Perez won by fall twice, over DeLand’s Kellen Chapman (3:47) and Creekside’s Andrew Feeks (2:34).
WB quarters: Kendrick v Grady Bryant (University-Orange City); Pringle v Vugman.
WB round 2 local recap: Bryant won twice on the back, with a 5-1 round-1 decision over Keeton and 15-second fall over Marcillo, while Vugman bounced back from the quarterfinal loss with a fall over Chapman (1:55).


Semifinals: Hunter Herrington (Fleming Island, 34-7) v Victor Altamirano (Wekiva, 25-4); Venumadhava Mirel (Buchholz, 30-11) v Fernando Dominguez (Timber Creek, 39-10).
Semis recap: Herrington picked up bonus in both rounds, with wins over Ocoee’s Nathan Ramirez (fall in 1:56, rd 1) and Seminole’s Corry Sanchez (12-4, quarters). Altamirano had pins over Mandarin’s Devin Foster in round 1 (4:30) and over Flagler’s Joseph Rizzo in the quarters (1:52). Mirel needed just 68 seconds to advance, with pins over Hagerty’s Jacob Genao (:55, rd 1) and Bartram Trail’s Michael Moore (:13, quarters). Dominguez pinned West Port’s Frangello Baltodano (3:55) in the first round, but had to battle to get past Nease’s Trevion Demus, 9-7, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Demus v Moore; Rizzo v Sanchez.
WB round 2 recap: Demus came back in the consis with a 6-2 win over Oviedo’s Stewart Reynolds, while Moore falled Lake Mary’s Jeremy Goodman in 2:05. Rizzo needed just 25 seconds to pin Windermere’s Ticiano Brito, while Sanchez pinned West Orange’s Lorenzo Perez in 1:55.


Semifinals: Ryan Hobson (Fleming Island, 44-19) v Gabe Rendon (Oviedo, 37-5); Cesar Marquez (Seminole, 4-1 in post-season) v Jason Shaw (Hagerty, 34-7).
Semis recap: Hobson bonus-pointed into the semis, with a 36-second fall over UOC’s Malique Hargett and 10-2 major over Timber Creek’s Jacob McCrimmon. Rendon also bonus-pointed through (pin over Lake Brantley’s Emmanual Sardoba-Gracia, 17-0 tech over Sandalwood’s Hunter Milner). Marquez had pins over Creekside’s Hunter England (2:20) and Evans’ Dionysos Dix (1:40), while Shaw had first-period falls over Colonial’s Brandon Vargas (1:45) and Flagler’s John Hald (1:59).
WB quarters: Hald v Dix; England v Marcus McGee (Oakleaf).
WB round 2 local recap: Hald came back in the consis with a 13-4 major over Hargett, while McGee — who forfeited to Hald in the first round — picked up a pair of consi-side wins over Colonial’s Brandon Vargas (10-0 major) and McCrimmon (5-2) in the second round.


Semifinals: Kamdon Harrison (Hagerty, 38-10) v Diego Solorzano (Lake Mary, 33-6); Joseph Parker (Winter Park, 31-7) v Jayden Tapia (Timber Creek, 48-4).
Semis recap: After a fall over Flagler’s Brendan Buckles (1:03), Harrison held off Fleming’s Riley Holton, 2-0, in the quarters. Solorzano bonus-pointed through Friday, with an 11-3 major over Seminole’s Ethan Gorospe and fall over Colonial’s Dominique Pringle (3:46). Parker also had two bonus-point wins (15-5 over UOC’s Jonathan Justice, 10-second fall over Apopka’s Jalen Moliere), while Tapia had pins over Forest’s Chase Cook (3:20) and Creekside’s Michael Galiani (4:44).
WB quarters: Buckles v Gorospe; Justice v Holton.
WB round 2 recap: In the top half, Buckles and Gorospe both won twice in the consis, with Buckles taking pins over Lake Brantley’s Mark Nashed (:54) and Galiani (5:31), while Gorospe falled Oakleaf’s Kevin Gilley (2:19) and Moliere (2:21). Justice also had two wins, with a 14-12 decision over Bartram’s Trevor Tagarelli and fall over Pringle (4:36), while Holton shut out Windermere’s Justin Pinto, 14-0, after his quarterfinal loss.

Semifinals: Isaac Padgett (Fleming Island, 39-16) v Andrew Dance (Flagler Palm Coast, 40-8); Clayton Hurley (Apopka, 23-1) v Alex Vazquez (Lake Mary, 42-5).
Semis recap: Padgett and Dance both had two pins Friday, with Padgett falling DeLand’s Noah Falk (2:45) and Hagerty’s Traevis Saint Louis (2:20), and Dance taking pins over Bartram Trail’s Preston Pena (3:04) and Winter Park’s Kevin Dominguez (1:25). Hurley falled Timber Creek’s Azriel Tiburclo (:59) and took down Oakleaf’s Trevor Owens, 9-3, in the quarters, while Vazquez teched West Orange’s Conner Smith (19-3) and majored Buchholz’s Kason Nichols, 8-0.
WB quarters: Nichols v Owens; Dominguez v Nolan Anderson (Creekside).
WB round 2 local recap: Nichols bounced back in the consis with a fall over Evans’ Tyran Schanck (5:32), while Owens pinned Pena in 2:07. Anderson had two wins on the back, with a 6-1 win in round 1 over Smith and fall (2:37) over Saint Louis.

Semifinals: Dalton Williams (Fleming Island, 37-3) v Ransom Randolph (Apopka, 41-8); Kyle Peacock (Flagler Palm Coast, 40-5) v Chris Labrecque (Lake Brantley, 31-6).
Semis recap: Williams opened with a 16-1 tech over Lake Howell’s Johnathan Adams, then pinned Evans’ Jagdesh Persaud in 2:31, while Randolph had pins over West Port’s Tyler Pinkowski (2:53) and University (Orlando)’s Abel Marcano (4:42). Peacock majored West Orange’s Juan Sanchez, 19-5, and then decisioned Sandalwood’s Lavaughn Brown, 13-8, in the quarters, while Labrecque falled University (Orange City)’s Cooper Braden (5:59) and majored Timber Creek’s Logan Custred, 17-4.
WB quarters: Custred v Brown; Marcano v Jalon Lumar (Nease).
WB round 2 local recap: Brown falled Oakleaf’s Logan Gilbert in 39 seconds in the consis, while Lumar had two victories on the back, with a fall over Braden (4:25) and an 11-8 round 2 decision over Persaud.


Semifinals: Gannon Janssen (Fleming Island, 58-5) v Marcus Patrick (Oviedo, 42-5); Blane DeFord (Flagler Palm Coast, 48-5) v Blake Watts (Hagerty, 29-11).
Semis recap: Janssen needed just 1:49 to reach the semis, with pins over Timber Creek’s Dominic Acosta (1:25) and University (Orange City)’s Chase McDonough (:24) in the quarters. Patrick falled Sandalwood’s Jermell McCall (:45)and then majored West Port’s Bryce Dodge, 21-7, in the round of eight. DeFord had two pins in 1:59, with falls over Colonial’s Christopher Sito (1:10) and Bartram Trail’s Stephen Farris (:49), while Watts won by medical forfeit over Nease’s Andrew Ryan, then pushed past West Orange’s Michael Nepywoda, 8-7, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Nepywoda v Farris; Brett Moses (Lake Mary) v McDonough.
WB round 2 local recap: Farris came back from the loss to DeFord with a 29-second pin over McCall, while McDonough got to Saturday with a tech fall over Buchholz’s Timothy Bowen, 15-0.


Semifinals: Tanner Hill (Fleming Island, 54-8) v Phillip Carstens (Lake Howell, 24-7); David Parkes (Oakleaf, 39-8) v Dylan Kohn (Hagerty, 43-5).
Semis recap: Hill had two pins on Friday, with falls over Buchholz’s Liam Buchanan (2:42) and Oviedo’s Luca Vizzarri (1:42). Carstens also had two pins, falling Ocoee’s Eric Gilreath (2:23) and Flagler’s Timothy King (3:24). Parkes falled UOC’s James Houck (2:21), then pushed past West Orange’s Solo Smith, 3-2, in the quarters, while Kohn had techs over Lake Brantley’s Joey Henkhaus (22-6) and West Port’s Theo Massilon (15-0).
WB quarters: Buchanan v Smith; Noah Hesse (Lake Mary) v Vizzarri.
WB round 2 local recap: After a forfeit in the first round of consis, Buchanan got through to Saturday with a 6-3 decision over Massilon.

Semifinals: Luke Chop (Fleming Island, 55-7) v Winter Park’s Quentin Reeves (20-8); Hunter Brown (Creekside, 30-12) v Jared Purcell (Lake Mary, 45-1).
Semis recap: After a forfeit into the quarters, Chop took down Hagerty’s Ryan Cody, 4-1, to get to Saturday on the front side of the bracket. Reeves had two pins over Flagler’s Marcelo Gonzalez (1:42) and Bartram Trail’s John McNames (:03). After falling Apopka’s Cory Cardosa (:50) in the first round, Brown won by forfeit over Timber Creek’s Carson Rick in the quarters, while Purcell had falls over West Port’s Joseph Paci (2:32) and Sandalwood’s Joshua Brown (3:43).
WB quarters: Joshua Brown v Rick; McNames v Cody.
WB round 2 local recap: Brown got to Saturday with a fall over Buchholz’s Max Szabo (2:45), while McNames pinned University (Orange City)’s Kellan Flanary in 2:17.

Semifinals: Gavin Smith (Fleming Island, 48-10) v Logan Perkins (Hagerty, 36-8); Matthew Vann (Buchholz, 46-13) v Luther Casimir (Apopka, 29-3).
Semis recap: In the top half, both Smith and Perkins had two pins, with Smith falling Oviedo’s David Rojo (2:20) and Colonial’s Jalen Mathis (1:14), while Hagerty pinned Creekside’s Josh Benavides (1:32) and Flagler’s Garrick Schwarz (2:50). Vann’s two pins both were in the first period over Evans’ Michley Andrezil (1:20) and Oakleaf’s Onjel Caraballo (1:40), while Casimir opened with a 16-0 tech over UOC’s Aaron Liberti, then pinned Timber Creek’s Zach Hanks in 1:17 in the quarters.
WB quarters: Rojo v Caraballo; Ghazi Alkadry (Winter Park) v Mathis.
WB round 2 local recap: Caraballo was the only area winner in the final round of the day, majoring Benavides by a 19-6 count in the second round.


Semifinals: Jalen Hines (Creekside, 36-5) v Ethan Lopez (Hagerty, 31-3); Armando Acosta (Buchholz, 46-1) v Austin Parker (Winter Park, 29-5).
Semis recap: Aftera a forfeit into the quarters, Hines falled West Orange’s Elias Funk in 1:07. Lopez took a tech fall over Nease’s Mario Powers (16-0) and falled Seminole’s William James (1:46), while Acosta had first-period pins over Wekiva’s Simeon McKell (1:18) and Timber Creek’s Shamai Powell (1:32). Parker won by fall over Mandarin’s Tony Carter (:50) in the first round and over Colonial’s Seth Suvak (4:20) in the quarters.
WB quarters: Suvak v Powers; Nick Janssen (Fleming Island) v Carter.
WB round 2 local recap: After a round-1 win by forfeit, Powers pinned Powell in 3:41 to get to Saturday. Janssen, who’d forfeited his opener, then had pins over McKell (2:34) and James (1:13) to move through, while Carter falled Forest’s Alvont Graham (1:30) and Funk (:16) to get out.

Semifinals: Jeffrey Lascano (Fleming Island, 41-7) v Kelton Law (Ocoee, 26-4); Jason Martin (Buchholz, 41-11) v Dakota Phillips (Lake Mary, 39-6).
Semis recap: Lascano had six-minute wins over Lake Brantley’s Justice Pratt (14-1) and DeLand’s Aaron Morris (2-1), while Law pinned Mandarin’s Royal Felton-Norman (:52) and then downed University-OC’s Ethan Lasher, 4-3, in the quarters. Martin had first-period pins over Lyman’s James Fodor (1:59) and Creekside’s Bryan Fortay (1:53), while Phillips did the same, with pins over Forest’s Jacob Pratt (:56) and Oakleaf’s Isiah Schevchook (:28).
WB quarters: Bertilus Bornelus (Hagerty) v Dyllan Bueter (Timber Creek); Lasher v Morris.
WB round 2 local recap: Lasher came back from the narrow loss, with a 12-1 major over Colonial’s Sean Henderson in WB round 2, while Morris falled Wekiva’s Orane Clark in 3:06 to move onward.


Semifinals: Chad Nix (Fleming Island, 58-1) v Christian Kennick (University-Orange City, 30-7); Jordan Smith (Seminole, 5-0 in post-season) v Luther Johnson (Wekiva, 24-9).
Semis recap: After an 11-second pin over Colonial’s Nathaniel Gayle, Nix won by forfeit in the quarters. Kennick falled Oviedo’s Malachi Williams, then came back to push through a 2-1 win over Ocoee’s Korey Karbowsky. Smith falled Hagerty’s Landon Revis in 1:51 in the first round, then took down Apopka’s Ralph Sanchez, 5-2, in the quarters, while Johnson had a pair of decisions (11-8 over Oakleaf’s Jason Mitchell and 5-4 over Timber Creek’s Shamir Nelson).
WB quarters: Nelson v Sanchez; Karbowsky v Nevan Burney (Buchholz).
WB round 2 local recap: Burney, who’d forfeited to Nix in the quarters after an opening-round pin in 1:18 over Winter Park’s Joshua Ayala, then won on the consi side with a 4-1 decision over Mitchell.

Semifinals: Josh Murrell (Oakleaf, 45-7) v Curtis Ruff (Seminole, 5-0 in post-season); Lawrence Stubbs (Wekiva, 24-3) v Jacob Donaldson (Lake Mary, 38-4).
Semis recap: In the top half, both Murrell and Ruff won by first-period falls, with Murrell pinning Forest’s Kaleb Thompson (1:28) and Ocoee’s Jordan Phillips (:49). Ruff falled Bartram Trail’s Ryan Piersza (:53) and Timber Creek’s Daniel Garcia (1:33). After a bye, Stubbs knocked off Fleming’s Raul Gonzalez, 4-3, while Donaldson falled Apopka’s Sheldan Flowers (:50) and then downed Flagler’s AJ Cinelli, 7-3, in the quarters.
WB quarters: Cinelli v Gonzalez; Garcia v Phillips.
WB round 2 local recap: Both Cinelli and Gonzalez advanced to Saturday with pins, as Cinelli falled Thompson in 53 seconds and Gonzalez pinned Piersza in 2:30.

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