#TheSeason2019-20: University (Orange City)

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The work continues. We are bringing back, for its sixth year, #TheSeason. We didn’t do these first year, but have ever since. It’s something nobody else does. We compile all season records and write a wrapup for each team.

Our sixth team was randomly selected and University (Orange City) was the team chosen out of 3A-Division 2, and the first of our “new” teams this year.


You can see everything I have on the Titans in 2019-20 here –>  UNIVERSITY (ORANGE CITY)

Win/loss record: 8-8 in dual meets. We were missing individual results from one dual in which the Titans competed. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Titans’ performance in IBT events.

UOC Season in a nutshell: University began the year by hosting its one-day Clash of the Titans IBT on December 7, taking third out of 17 teams. Two weeks later, the Titans went to region rival Hagerty for its two-day Johnny Rouse tournament, which was all duals this year. University was 3-5 as a team at that tournament. After the holidays, the Titans took 10th out of 32 teams at region rival Lake Mary’s two-day Tournament of Champions IBT. University’s next tournament was the 3A-District 2 duals tournament, where the Titans were 3-1 and placed third as a team. Next for the University boys side was the Ed Kilpatrick IBT at Citrus, a one-day event on the 18th, where UOC placed fifth out of 19 teams. University wrapped up January and started February with an 11th-place finish at conference and district rival Flagler Palm Coast’s Flagler Rotary, a 33-team IBT, then finished third at the 5 Star Conference meet at New Smyrna Beach on February 8th. In the traditional post-season series, the Titans duplicated their third-place dual finish at the district level, placing 13th at Region 1 at Fleming Island, with one state qualifier. University was T-56th at states, with a quick exit due to injury-default. The Titan girls’ team started with a fifth-place team finish in Titans Lady IBT on December 6 and competed in two additional girls tournaments in January, with an 11th at Dr Phillips’ Lady Panther two-day IBT on January 11 and a T-8th at Cypress Creek’s Lady Bear IBT on the 18th. University then finished seventh at the girls’ state tournament, also hosted by Dr Phillips, on February 14-15, with three fifth-place finishers. While Trackwrestling is incomplete with respect to this past year’s roster and each wrestler’s year in school, we have determined that at least nine Titan wrestlers will be part of the class of 2020, with potentially eight boys returners (though there might be more) and three girls returners (again, might be more) in the 2020-21 season.

Key returners (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) for 2020-21 (with year in school as they’ll be next year) —
Boys: Grady Bryant (sophomore, 21-16 at 106, district 3rd, 2-2 at regions); Patrick King (year not noted, 9-19 at 113, 1 match from regions); Malique Hargett (year not noted, 11-21 at 120, district 4th, 1-2 at regions); Kolton Mixon (junior, 4-15 at 132/138, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Cooper Braden (junior, 4-8 at 138, district 4th, 0-2 at regions); Michael Berrios (senior, 1-16 at 145, did not compete in post-season traditionals); James Houck (senior, 19-17 at 152, district 3rd, 0-2 at regions); Aaron Liberti (senior, 19-14 at 170, district 4th, 0-2 at regions); Christian Kennick (senior, 35-8 at 220, district runnerup, region 3rd, 0-2 at states); Keenan Diaz (senior, 10-15 at 285, 1 match from regions).
Girls: Kyndall James (junior, 2-4 at 122, 2-2 at girls’ state); Alexandra Roche (year not noted, 7-8 at 122, 1-2 at girls’ state); Lauren Kaminsky (year not noted, 6-6 at 134, 5th at girls’ state).

Graduation losses (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) from this year’s team: Ashley Corujo (12-7 at 112, 5th at girls’ state); Jonathan Justice (27-14 at 126, district champ, 2-2 at regions); Alyssa Murzycki (9-8 at 128, 2-2 at girls’ state); Jenna Ross (5-6 at 128, 2-2 at girls’ state); Kaylee Hollifield (6-3 at 134, 2-0 at girls’ state); Chase McDonough (26-7 at 145, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Katlyn Gillespie (19-14 at 147, 5th at girls’ state); Kellan Flanary (17-14 at 160, district champ, 1-2 at regions); Ethan Lasher (30-11 at 195, district runnerup, 2-2 at regions).

2019-20 MVP: Junior Christian Kennick‘s state-tournament run ended more quickly than he would have hoped, but Kennick’s path to the state tournament was a tough one, with the top two 220s in the state in his region (one of them in his district). After an early loss up a weight at Johnny Rouse, Kennick won 10 matches in a row; after two losses at district duals (one up a weight, one to the eventual state runnerup), Kennick won another eight matches in a row, and didn’t lose again until it was to a 2A state placer at Flagler, with titles at Tournament of Champions (bonus-pointed through the field) and Ed Kilpatrick, with a fifth at Flagler and title at 5 Star. Prior to states, Kennick would only lose to higher-ranked wrestlers in the traditional tournament series, and took an injury-default in round 1 at states. Kennick will be favored to podium next year and is third statewide among 220s.

2020-21 captain: Next year’s Titan group is going to have several hits to its lineup, and while Kennick will certainly once again be a leader on the mats for University next year, we’ll add another senior-to-be as captain, one who seemed to relish a challenge. While we’ve got a couple of kids who could fill the bill, it seemed that junior James Houck was particularly good at rallying back from early losses in tournaments at 152. Houck ws fourth at Clash of the Titans, 2-2 at Tournament of Champsions, 3-1 at district duals, and 3-2 at Ed Kilpatrick and Flagler (where he won three matches by fall after an opening loss). Houck was fourth at 5 Star, then rallied back for third at districts after an opening loss. The Titans will need his tenacity next year.

Zander Laurin Warrior: University is a new team for us, so we’re still getting our feet wet with the Titans. Given that, we’ll look for a wrestler who pitched in to help the team out, and that’s what sophomore Kolton Mixon did, most specificly at Johnny Rouse Duals, where he made Saturday appearances two and even three weights up from his lowest weight where he’d wrestle just a couple of weeks later. Mixon also spent most of the end of January up a weight, again to fill the lineup more fully, and that is what we look for in this space. Kolton Mixon is the Zander Laurin Warrior for University (Orange City).

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