#TheSeason2019-20: Nease

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The work continues. We are bringing back, for its sixth year, #TheSeason. We didn’t do these first year, but have ever since. It’s something nobody else does. We compile all season records and write a wrapup for each team.

We are into our second round of random selections from the 11 districts (in round 3, we’ll include independents in the mix). Our 16th team overall was randomly selected and Nease was the team chosen out of 3A-District 1.


You can see everything I have on the Panthers in 2019-20 here –>  NEASE

Win/loss record: 19-17 in dual meets reported to Matmen. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Panthers’ performance in IBT events.

nease Season in a nutshell: With a new head coach, the St Johns Panthers had just one regular-season tournament that wasn’t duals in format — at least one in which boys competed. Nease began with a 2-3 night at the season-opening Raider 8-Way at Orange Park on December 4; after a midweek win on the 10th, the Panthers struggled at Oakleaf’s Friday Knight Lights on the 13th, going 1-4 as a team. A midweek loss on the 18th was the last boys’ wrestling of the year, but Panther girls did travel to Matanzas to compete in the Lady Pirate Classic on the 21st. Nease met up with the rest of the St Johns County teams to contest the first county championship, a roundrobin event that did not include team scores, on January 4. It finished 1-2 at the 3A-District 1 dual team tournament on the 8th, and the Panther girls were T-26th out of 47 teams at Dr Phillips’ Lady Panther event on the 11th and T-25th out of 35 teams at Cypress Creek’s Lady Bear Classic; both of those were IBT in format. Nease then had two duals tournaments in late January, winning the Orange Park Duals on the 22nd with a 5-0 record. Its A group then was 5-4 at the Parker Duals, hosted by former region rival Terry Parker, on the 24th and 25th. After a midweek loss to open February wrestling on the 5th, Nease rallied with a first-place team finish and 4-1 duals record at Englewood’s Rams Classic on the 7th. The regular season closed out with Nease taking a midweek loss and then finishing in the top half of the girls’ state tournament (T-45th out of 117 teams). The St Johns Panthers then finished fifth while hosting the 3A-District 1 traditional tournament, and wrapped up the season with a 21st-place finish at Fleming Island for Region 1, with no state qualifiers in March. While Nease will graduate four post-season starters, all of them region qualifiers, the Panthers could have as many as 11 returning starters with at least 15 matches in 2020-21, including a handful of kids that were in the 10-14 match area as well.

Key returners (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) for 2020-21 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Brielle Bibla (sophomore, 44-18 at 106, girls’ state 5th; district runnerup, 0-2 at regions); Parker Stamschror (sophomore, 17-13 at 120, 1 match from regions); Jhon Olivar (sophomore, 11-13 at 120, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Olivia Drayton (sophomore, 5-17 at 122/126, 0-2 at girls’ state); Wilson Whitehead (junior, 4-16 at 132, did not compete at post-season traditionals); Andrew Ryan (junior, 11-3 at 145, district 3rd, did not compete at regions); Chad Severt (junior, 22-14 at 152, 1 match from regions); Kobe Ross (senior, 24-6 at 195, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Donald Haraway (sophomore, 15-15 at 220, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Brandon Almaria (sophomore, 9-14 at 285, 1 match from regions); Hunter Moser (senior, 5-11 at 285, did not compete in post-season traditionals).

Graduation losses (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) from this year’s team: Trevion Demus (41-3 at 113, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Jalon Lumar (36-6 at 138, district 3rd, 2-2 at regions); Colin White (18-17 at 170, district 3rd, 1-2 at regions); Mario Powers (18-9 at 182, district 4th, 2-2 at regions).

2019-20 MVP: Injuries had often slowed down the career of senior Trevion Demus, who announced his presence right from the jump when he won his first high school tournament back in December of 2017. This year, Demus ran the table in the regular season at 113, winning his first 36 matches (as we had recorded them) prior to the post-season traditional tournament. That string included 5-0 days at Raider 8-Way, Friday Knight Lights, Orange Park Duals and the Rams Classic at Englewood, plus a St Johns County championship and a 7-0 weekend at Parker Duals. During the regular season, Demus had 34 max-point victories (including 22 pins), with just one opponent able, on two occasions, to make him go six minutes. Demus was one of Nease’s two finalists at districts, but injury struck there too. He rallied for the Region 1 tournament, where he advanced farther than any other Panther. Demus got to the blood round before falling by a single point there, with three victories on the weekend.

2020-21 captain: If there are two words to describe freshman Brielle Bibla‘s approach to the sport, “old school” might be those words. Take a minute to observe her at tournaments, and she’s most likely warming up, taking instruction from older teammates, watching opponents or — more often than not — throwing them. There might have been girls in north Florida who’ve won more in a single season than Bibla’s 44 matches in 2019-20 at either 100 or 106, but I can’t say I recall any in the previous seven years, and Bibla might be the first girl I’ve covered with a shot at 150 wins in three years, let alone a career. Bibla took fourth at Matanzas for Lady Pirate and had thirds at both Lady Panther and Lady Bear, with a runnerup finish at county and four dual wins at four different one-day tournaments, plus an 8-1 weekend at Parker Duals. Bibla reached the traditional district final as well. It’s going to be fun to watch her progress.

Zander Laurin Warrior: We didn’t get a long look at senior Mario Powers — he didn’t enter the lineup at all until the Orange Park Duals in late January — but when he was there, he solidified the Panther lineup at 182 and certainly played a key role in Nease’s title win at Englewood, where he was 4-1 with his lone loss to a state placer. Powers was also 7-2 at Parker Duals and bumped up a weight to try to help his team win a rivalry dual at season’s end. In a very solid 182 weight class at districts, he took two losses, but then got to the second day at regions. Not a bad amount of work for six weeks of season; for that, Mario Powers is the Zander Laurin Warrior for Nease.

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