#TheSeason2019-20: Florida High

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The work continues. We are bringing back, for its sixth year, #TheSeason. We didn’t do these first year, but have ever since. It’s something nobody else does. We compile all season records and write a wrapup for each team.

We have begun our third round of random selections from the 11 districts, plus our independent teams. Our 25th team overall was Florida High, the third team chosen out of 1A-District 2.


You can see everything I have on the Seminoles in 2019-20 here –>  FLORIDA HIGH

Win/loss record: 1-2 in dual meets reported to Matmen. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Indians’ performance in IBT events.

FLORIDA HIGH LOGO Season in a nutshell: Florida High focused mainly on IBTs/roundrobin events in the 2019-20 season, starting with its own, the Cam Brown Seminole Classic on December 6-7, where the Seminoles were eighth out of 12 teams on a weekend where several eventual starters were competing in the state football finals that weekend. Next was the short hop crosstown to Chiles for the Capital City Classic, a straight IBT on the 13th and 14th, where Florida High was 11th out of 28 teams. The team then made its first road trip of the season, heading up to Valdosta GA for the Allstate Wildcat Invitational two-day IBT on the 20th and 21st, where the Seminoles were 19th out of 25 teams. They finished December with their annual trip to Kissimmee and the Knockout Christmas Classic, where Florida High finished T-29th out of 40 teams. January began with the 1A-District 2 dual team tournament on the 9th, where Florida High fell in the semifinal round. That weekend, the Seminoles went to Yulee, taking fourth out of 16 teams at the two-day IBT-formatted Joe Bees Memorial Battle of the Border on the 10th and 11th. Two weekends later, Florida High went to Bay’s inaugural George Mulligan Invitational, taking sixth out of 18 teams in that two-day IBT, and then finished its tournament regular-season slate by finishing fifth out of 20 teams at Wakulla’s two-day tournament. The regular season ended for the Seminoles with a split of midweek duals against in-town opponents on February 13. Florida High finished third at the District 2 traditional tournament, and finished sixth at Region 1, with four state qualifiers. The Seminoles then finished T-18th at Kissimmee, with two medalists.

Key returners (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) for 2020-21 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Reed Curry (sophomore, 7-13 at 106, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Tyler Reeve (senior, 35-8 at 126, district runnerup, region runnerup, state 6th); Emil Ganim (senior, 14-10 at 138, district 3rd, 2-2 at regions); Wright Dean (sophomore, 14-10 at 132/138, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Liam Hawkes (junior, 12-17 at 152, district 3rd, 2-2 at regions); Micah Perdue (senior, 27-13 at 160, district 3rd, 1 match from states); Diego Duprey (junior, 6-12 at 170, 1 match from regions); Collin Bishop (freshman, 4-5 at 182, 1 match from regions).

Graduation losses (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) from this year’s team: Brooks Dyer (17-8 at 132, district runnerup, region runnerup, 1-2 at states); Dennis Ganim (21-12 at 145, district 3rd, region runnerup, 1-2 at states); Marcus Haigler (20-10 at 195, district runnerup, region runnerup, state 4th).

2019-20 MVP: Senior Marcus Haigler joined the wrestling team after a long football run, missing the first three tournaments and then joining the team just in time for Knockout. He had a solid 3-2 tournament, with both of his losses to out-of-state wrestlers, but rallied by bonus-pointing his way to a title at Joe Bees Memorial, followed up by thirds at George Mulligan and Wakulla. The next two tournaments, District 2 and Region 1, ended in similar fashion, with Haigler reaching the final and losing to the same wrestler both times. He then nearly pulled off the same feat that older brother Will did at states in 2017, when he wrestled all the way back to third place after losing his first match. This year, Marcus lost his first match, then got all the way back to the third-place medal match before losing to the same opponent in round 1. It remains to be seen where Haigler will be going to college for football, but a fourth-place finish at states is a pretty good way to end a high school wrestling career.

2020-21 captain: If you want your wrestlers to show some guts out there on the mat, look no further than junior Tyler Reeve. Quite frankly, I have no idea how in the world he finished the entirety of the post-season with three medal efforts and a second state podium finish on the leg that he literally seemed to have to drag off the mat behind the rest of him. Reeve won his first 11 matches, with a title at Cam Brown and runnerup finish (losing only to a Camden wrestler) at Capital City. Reeve finished a very solid fifth at Knockout, bonus-pointed his way through Joe Bees Memorial, and pinned his way through George Mulligan. Reeve wasn’t done yet, though, pinning and teching his way through Wakulla for his final tournament victory of the year. He did enough to reach the finals at both District 2 and Region 1, but then allowed the other finalist to walk over to titles, in an attempt to rest his injuries. At states, Reeve won his first match, then fell in the quarters to the eventual champion, winning twice on the back over very capable wrestlers to earn a podium spot. A fully healthy Reeve should certainly make the Kissimmee podium once again in 2021.

Zander Laurin Warrior: On a team that saw mostly juniors and seniors receiving the high accolades that come with experience, we also saw the next wave of Seminoles that should come in and work through the first half of the 2020s, much as this crew of juniors and seniors did four and five years ago. One of those was 8th-grader Collin Bishop, who started with the varsity in January, near the end of the middle-school season. Bishop had his first start at the district team dual tournament, at 17-, then went 2-2 at Wakulla. He then bumped up to 182 for February wrestling, and was the only Seminole middle-schooler to suit up for the team at districts. As a team leader for the new blood in the Florida High lineup, Collin Bishop is the Zander Laurin Warrior for the Seminoles.

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