Deep South Nationals — K-8 Duals Day 2

At Irondale, AL
Deep South Nationals
K-8 Duals

Bronze Bracket
Round 1
Hammer House 84, Panhandle 12
45: Braden Flowers (HH) p. Bennett Alexander, :41. 50: Jacob Arehart (HH) p. Sterling Knowles, :25. 55: Cason Sanford (HH) p. Jaxon Starkie, 1:15. 60: Brandt Hodge (HH) d. Kolt Palmer, 4-0. 65: Luke Weaver (HH) p. Kaleb Alexander, 2:42. 70: Christian Luckey (P) ID over Alan Glaze. 75: Jonathan Arehart (HH) p. Bentley Fuston, 2:41. 80: Chaz Brogdon (HH) p. Zane Libbert, 1:00. 85: Garrett VerHeecke (HH) p. Maya Alvarado, 2:07. 90: Paxton Hanshaw (HH) d. Ryan Luckey, 6-2. 95: Thomas Young (HH) p. Alex Mendez, 1:48. 100: Tristen Clapp (HH) p. Jackson Simmons, 2:30. 108: Gage Roberts (HH) p. Kam Palmer, 1:30. 116: Ethan Sharkey (P) p. Bobby Tomlin, :47. 125: Jonathan Mejia (HH) d. Maeson Otwell, 9-5. 140: Rex Richardson (HH) p. Drew Adams, 1:41. 170: Landon Phillips (HH) fft. 225: Dirk Junkins (HH) d. Phillip Dillard, 6-0.

Round 2

Panhandle 47, Southern IL Gunslingers 45
45: B. Alexander (P) p. Aria Thephavong, 2:51. 50: Gibson Ponder (SI) p. Knowles, :20. 55: Starkie (P) fft. 60: Ko. Palmer (P) p. Brooks Morris, :33. 65: K. Alexander (P) fft. 70: C. Luckey (P) fft. 75: Jase Holshouser (SI) p. Fuston, :35. 80: Libbert (P) fft. 85: Caleb Feil (SI) p. Alvarado, :47. 90: Drew Sadler (SI) p. R. Luckey, :31. 95: Isaiah Thephavong (SI) p. Mendez, :20. 100: Simmons (P) md. Zoee Sadler, 10-2. 108: Ka. Palmer (P) md. Iggy Smouth, 13-1. 116: Isaac Smith (SI) tf. Sharkey, 15-0. 125: Bryce Edwards (SI) md. Otwell, 13-3. 140: Drew Holshouser (SI) p. Adams, 2:35. 170: Double fft. 225: Dillard (P) d. Javier Hollis, 1-0.

Round 3
Panhandle 72, Whitted Trained Gray 30
45: B. Alexander (P) fft. 50: Knowles (P) fft. 55: Starkie (P) fft. 60: Ko. Palmer (P) fft. 65: K. Alexander (P) fft. 70: Izayiah Chavez (WTG) p. C. Luckey, :43. 75: Shiloh Jackson-Bey (WTG) p. Fuston. 80: Libbert (P) fft. 85: Alvarado (P) fft. 90: Titus Norman (WTG) p. R. Luckey, 2:41. 95: Mendez (P) fft. 100: Aiden Torres (WTG) p. Simmons, 1:21. 108: Ka. Palmer (P) p. Zyan Banks, 1:52. 116: Sharkey (P) p. Sam Navasai, 1:55. 125: Otwell (P) p. Sam Adams, 1:31. 140: Robbie Rocha (WTG) p. D. Adams, 2:33. 170: Double fft. 225: Dillard (P) fft.

Round 5
Blackcats 52, Panhandle 43
45: B. Alexander (P) fft. 50: Knowles (P) d. Joshua Hughey, 7-0. 55: Starkie (P) fft. 60: Ko. Palmer (P) p. Deacon Martinez, :59. 65: Ryley Correll (B) p. K. Alexander, 1:59. 70: Braden Morris (B) md. C. Luckey, 11-2. 75: Henry Baker (B) p. Fuston, 2:00. 80: Cayden Fowler (B) p. Libbert, :22. 85: Andrew Workman (B) p. Alvarado, :30. 90: R. Luckey (P) p. Trever Steffy, :58. 95: James Hicks (B) d. Mendez, 8-2. 100: Simmons (P) md. David Bradford, 9-1. 108: Sebron Colson (B) d. Ka. Palmer, 3-0. 116: Sharkey (P) p. Landon Franklin, 1:54. 125: Otwell (P) fft. 140: Hunter Eldridge (B) p. Adams, :28. 170: Samuel Griggs (B) fft. 225: Rob Atwood (B) fft.

Local competitors on other teams:

  • Liam Davis (Vanquish Black): Was 3-1 on Saturday at 85, as his team placed second overall in the gold bracket. Davis had a pin, major and decision in the first three rounds for his victories.
  • Eli Jolicoeur (Teknique Blue): Was 1-2 on Saturday at 80, as his team was 15th overall in the gold bracket. Jolicoeur took a 4-0 decision in his final match of the day.
  • Jayce Paridon (Level Up): Was 4-0 on Saturday at 108, as his team took first in the silver bracket. Paridon had three pins and a 3-0 decision on the day.

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One reply on “Deep South Nationals — K-8 Duals Day 2”

Just curious why you haven’t mentioned Alex Smith from Northern FL. He is from Yulee and wrestled at Deep South on Vanquish Orange. He went undefeated (8-0) during k-8 duals at 170. Then wrestled individuals both 13u and 16u. He got 1st place for 13u and came in second for 16u when he lost by one point (14th match of the weekend). He also wrestled at River Rumble in Oklahoma for TNT National Team where he earned all American and went 8-1 for the duals. He gave up 35 pounds in the match he lost. Alex is going into 8th grade at Yulee Middle and ranked 4th on trackwrestling’s top 100 elite athletes list.

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