#TheSeason2019-20: Seabreeze

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The work continues. We are bringing back, for its sixth year, #TheSeason. We didn’t do these first year, but have ever since. It’s something nobody else does. We compile all season records and write a wrapup for each team.

We have begun our seventh round of random selections from the 11 districts (during this round, three of the 11 will be completed). Our first team up this round and the seventh from 2A-District 4, the 69th team overall, is Seabreeze.


You can see everything I have on the Sandcrabs in 2019-20 here –>  SEABREEZE

Win/loss record: 22-3 in dual meets reported to Matmen. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Sandcrabs’ performance in IBT events. All individual records are as compiled by Matmen. We were missing one midweek tri-meet from Seabreeze’s schedule, with duals against two fellow new coverage-area teams. Asterisks for each record are noted below to show that records are incomplete.

seabreeze  Season in a nutshell: Seabreeze began the 2019-20 season with a midweek dual victory on December 4, then went to district rival Matanzas’ one-day duals tournament on the 7th, where the Sandcrabs placed fifth with a 3-2 record for the day. Next was a trip to Tallahassee on the 13th-14th for the two-day Capital City Classic at Chiles, where Seabreeze placed 15th out of 28 teams in the field. The Sandcrabs stayed in IBT mode in the third weekend of the month, traveling to Lyman’s Bill Scott Memorial on the 20th-21st and finishing second out of 14 teams in that field. Seabreeze also had representation in the 27-team Lady Pirate Classic at Matanzas, a one-day roundrobin on the 21st, but no team scores were kept at that event. After the holidays, the Sandcrabs began competition with a trip to Fleming Island and the two-day Keystone Memorial on the 3rd-4th of January. Seabreeze was 5-0 in duals on the first day and placed fifth out of 20 teams in IBT competition on the second. Next was the highlight of the Sandcrabs’ year, as they won three duals to win the 2A-District 4 dual team tournament, their first such district win, on the 11th. After a midweek dual win on the 15th, the next day saw Seabreeze taking I-95 up north to Neptune Beach for Region 1 duals competition, reaching the semifinals. That weekend, the Sandcrabs went to Citrus’ Ed Kilpatrick IBT, winning the 19-team, one-day event on the 18th. Seabreeze then returned home to host the Ray Hollingsworth Duals on the 25th, sweeping the day with five dual victories. The Sandcrabs then wrapped up January with a two-day trip to Palm Coast for the Flagler Rotary on the 31st and February 1st, placing 14th out of 33 teams in that two-day IBT. After a midweek tri-meet sweep of dual wins on the 5th, Seabreeze then placed fourth out of nine teams at the Five Star Conference IBT on the 8th. For most of the Sandcrabs, that was the end of the regular season; Seabreeze’s girls’ state contingent went on to place T-64th out of 117 teams at Dr Phillips on the 14th and 15th. The Sandcrabs were third at the District 4 traditional tournament and placed 15th at Region 1 at Chiles, with two state qualifiers. At Silver Spurs Arena, those qualifiers placed T-34th out of 77 teams in the 2A state field. Seabreeze graduated four key seniors from this past year’s team, including both 2019-20 state qualifiers, but the Sandcrabs can call upon as many as 13 key post-season or regular-season starters in 2020-21.

Key returners (15+ matches this past season) for 2020-21 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Kayla Nguyen (senior, 26-24* at 106, 2-2 at girls’ state, district 3rd, 2-2 at regions); Joe Kent (junior, 41-12* at 113, district champ, did not compete at regions); Ben Orlowski (sophomore, 7-24* at 126, 1 match from regions); Edward Davison (sophomore, 5-14* at 132, 0-2 at districts); Charles Slaughter (sophomore, 2-11* at 138, 1 match from regions); Grant Schwartz (senior, 19-16* at 138/145, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Devin Stickney (24-6* at 138/145, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Brock Roberts (senior, 45-13* at 152, district runnerup, 1-2 at regions); Pedro Bonilla (sophomore, 5-8* at 170, 0-2 at districts); Chris Thomas (senior, 30-16* at 182, 1 match from regions); Caiden Patton (senior, 33-15* at 195, district champ, 2-2 at regions); Nathan Boyd (senior, 37-19* at 220, district runnerup, 1-2 at regions); Connor Flagg (senior, 16-19* at 285, district 4th, did not compete at regions).

Graduation losses (15+ matches this past season or post-season experience) from this year’s team: Kobe Baert (47-13* at 120, district 3rd, region 3rd, 1 match from state medal); Ryan Phelan (4-13* at 132, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Nik Crossman (19-12* at 145, district 3rd, 1-2 at regions); Victor Lipsey (49-11* at 160, district champ, region runnerup, 1 match from state medal).

2019-20 MVP: 2020 graduate Victor Lipsey reached the 2A state meet for the second season and first time in Region 1, getting to Saturday’s blood round before coming up just one match short of the podium (his losses were to the eventual 3rd and 5th-place finishers). This season, Lipsey qualified in for Silver Spurs at 160, a weight class down from 2019. After a slower start to the season, Lipsey started turning things on at Lyman, going 6-0 there to win the 170 bracket. He then split time at 160/170 in the next two tournaments, with an 8-1 weekend at Keystone (where he was 3rd in the 160 IBT) and three wins at district duals. After that event, Lipsey stayed at 160, and built a 17-match win streak, which included a Kilpatrick title and a max-point day at home for Hollingsworth Duals. Lipsey placed sixth at Flagler and went 3-0 for a Five Star title. He was one of Seabreeze’s three district champs, and won three matches on the front side of the 160 bracket at Region 1 to reach the final, where he lost to the eventual state runnerup. At Silver Spurs, Lipsey had wins on both sides of the bracket, falling a scoring move short of the Kissimmee podium. He was a consistent leader for the Seabreeze program and a key reason why it rose to the top of the district in mid-January.

2020-21 captain: In a solid cadre of rising 12th graders that will provide leadership to Seabreeze in 2020-21, middleweight Brock Roberts‘ junior year stood out to us, with a 45-win season in 2019-20. Roberts was 4-1 at Matanzas and 3-2 at Tallahassee, but started to make a step forward at Lyman, where he was 8-0 on the weekend and won the 152-pound title. Roberts followed that up with an 8-2 weekend at Keystone, with a fifth-place finish in the IBT portion of that tournament, and he was 3-0 as Seabreeze won the district duals title. Roberts picked up his second bracket at Citrus in mid-January, and pinned his way through Ray Hollingsworth for the Sandcrabs. He reached the Five Star and District 4 final round, and while Region 1 was a quicker out than he’d hoped, as he did not get to Saturday’s round, not only should he do that next post-season, but should be a good candidate to qualify out for states.

Zander Laurin Warrior: If you’re a younger lower-weight wrestler that has been taking more than a fair share of contested losses in your high school career thus far, I have another story to share with you. Seabreeze wasn’t an area team until this year, but the Sandcrabs wrestled area teams often over the past three years, so I had some basic familiarity with some of their kids over that period. And 2020 graduate Kobe Baert was where you are in his first couple of years with the program: lots of losses, but a consistent starter. But he persevered over the four years — even overcoming a consistent mis-spelling of his name by area “experts” this past season (to be fair, Trackwrestling had and still has it incorrectly on its roster; the “expert” had spelled it right in previous seasons) — to finish with a 47-win senior season, a Kilpatrick bracket win, and qualifying out for states, where Baert was one match short of medaling. For persevering over the course of his career, Kobe Baert is the Zander Laurin Warrior for Seabreeze.

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