Thank You Sponsors

And I thought three months was bad. Six-ish is far too long.

Since our last post like this one, we ran through the post-season — at a full sprint, and as big as I am, that’s not easy to do — and pushed out 144 #TheSeason recaps between mid-March and mid-August. We’ve completed around a third of our records updates. We started an Instagram! (I still don’t fully get how it works). We had some personal challenges and we’re continuing to battle our worse selves on that front.

But we’re also going to begin Year 8 of this site in just a couple of weeks, and the biggest reason that there is a Year 8 is you.

Therefore my sincerest of thanks to the following folks who’ve donated since my last post (apologies if I’ve missed anyone recently):

  • Cary Helton
  • John Rogerson
  • Bill Pyburn
  • Heather Harrell
  • Wade Mercer
  • Keith Davis (it’s not too late for that signing photo!)
  • John Hinsey
  • Kenneth DeFord (TWICE, since last post)

These included some very generous donations last time round. Money’s tight all around right now, but if you like what we do, please check out the fundraising options listed in green below.

We would like to do and be so much more. If you like our content and are a business owner, or you know a civic-minded business owner, in the coverage area (for Florida, from the Gulf to Daytona Beach, on up to the state line, and as far southwest as Ocala), please talk to me. I’ve wanted to add featurized content that highlights wrestlers as students and as engaged members of their schools in other ways besides on the wrestling mat. But that content takes time and planning and, yes, resources. Reach out to me; let’s talk.

We also are going to be rethinking, over the months of September and October, how to reach you all more effectively. I’m not sure if our daily and weekly recaps do that, in looking at other coverage models that are out there.

To each of you, whether you’ve donated or not, I’m glad I keep giving you a reason to come back and read this little dadblog. And that you keep coming back.

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