Another Revolution Round The Sun

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, the very beginning, perhaps you’ll remember, that today, seven full years ago, we started this thing with our very first post.

Tomorrow, we’ll begin Year 8.

Some of the things we brought to the table back then — when it was just Northeast Florida Matmen, and we covered only teams in the Florida Times-Union’s coverage area — we still bring. Some of that is good. Some of it has become a bit counter-productive, and when I say that, I mean that it’s not you; it’s me.

We’re going to keep trying to be THE source for northern Florida wrestling, even though now we define northern as an area from the northern edge of Nassau County down to New Smyrna Beach on the Atlantic coast. Westward from New Smyrna Beach into Seminole County, and extending even further west over to the Ocala area, then cutting sharply northwest-ward to include all of the Tallahassee area and the Panhandle. That focus has not changed. And we’re going to continue to ally with Brant Parsons as he remains the top source of statewide news; we’re going to partner with the Times-Union, if they’ll continue to have us, and we’d like to engage in direct partnership with a Jacksonville-area TV station.

But HOW we cover you, on this site, is going to change. It has to. We’re still working through the logistics of it. Some of that change may bring some things to the table that you’ve been wanting for some while now. Some of it is as a necessity to protect myself and my health — as I near my mid-50s, some things that I used to do my first year and even some things I did as recently as last year, just aren’t tenable anymore.

And some of that change is needed as an effort to reach more of you — particularly the kids, a lot of whom still don’t know who we are and what we do. Given that we’re starting year 8 tomorrow, every junior and senior wrestler for every team in the coverage area should be familiar with our work, and I am not sure all of them, even those who wrestle for teams who’ve been with us since year 1, do have that familiarity.

You can help me with your input. Good suggestions are always welcome. Even crazy ones will get our review. I have some ideas of what I want to do, and more heads put together are better than just my old one alone.

As I said in the run-up to the site beginning, way back in 2013, change is coming.

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