Category 5 Chaos: North Florida Finishes

Here’s a summary of results contested by north Florida wrestlers at the Category 5 Chaos tournament in Perry, GA, hosted by The Storm Wrestling Center and run by NUWAY. IBT competition was staged on Saturday. On Friday, boys’ HS and 12-under divisions staged duals, while all girls duals, plus boys duals for 8-, 10- and 15-under divisions, were contested on Sunday.

You can find full IBT results for both boys and girls here.  HS boys duals full results can be found here and here. Full girls dual results can be found here, and if you surf around some on my more recent posts on the sister site for south Georgia, you can look up the boys duals in the three age groups contested on Sunday.

We did our best to sift through each page of results to pick out familiar names that competed, looking for familiar club names or kids with which we have direct familiarity. If we are missing your son or daughter, message me (kindly if possible) in reply, and let me know your club (and where you live, as I don’t have a huge amount of familiarity with kids that aren’t in high school yet, particularly when we really haven’t had a regular “off-season” this spring and summer). Kids that wrestled for local clubs where we know they don’t live in the north Florida coverage area were not listed here.

HS boys:
Egan Gustilo (Cartel/Bold City, 120): (Duals) 5-3, pin, 3 decisions; (IBT) 2-2, DNP.
Tyson Musgrove (Icon, 138): (Duals) 4-3, 2 pins, 2 decisions.
Luke Boree (Clay, 145): (IBT) 1-2, DNP.
Emil Ganim (TK Wrestling, 145): (IBT) 1-2, DNP.
Nick Kendrick (Mosley, 160): 2-2, DNP (1 match from placing).
Obie Smith (Icon, 160): (Duals) 1-6, pin.
Cale Hoskinson (Misfits Blue, 170): (Duals) 7-0, 3 pins, major, 2 decisions; (IBT) 4-1, runnerup.

Liam Davis (Storm Center, 85): (Duals) 6-0, 4 pins, 2 decisions.
Jayce Paridon (University Christian/Level Up, 108): (IBT) 5-1, 3rd place; (Duals) 4-2, 2 pins, 2 majors.
Maeson Otwell (Panhandle, 122): (IBT) 1-2, DNP.

Christopher McKeel (Riot Performance, 85): (IBT) 2-2, DNP.

Estin Rackley (Oakleaf Knights, 50/54): (IBT) 1-2, 4th place.
Troy Mobley (Team Clay/Roundtree, 75): (IBT) 3-1, 3rd place; (Duals) 0-3.
Beau Bradshaw (Riot Performance, 75): 0-2, DNP.
Carter DeLosSantos (Alabama Elite, 85): (Duals) 2-1, pin.

Estin Rackley (Oakleaf Knights, 55): (IBT) 1-0, 5th place (did not compete after first match).
Estin Rackley (Oakleaf, 58-61): (IBT) 2-1, runnerup.

HS girls:
Gracie Bradshaw (Riot Performance, 106): (IBT) 2-2, 3rd place; (Duals) 1-4, pin.
Riley White (Mutiny/Riot Performance, 126): (IBT) 0-2, runnerup; (Duals) 4-1, 4 pins.
Madisyn Blackburn (Riot Performance, 138): (IBT) 3-1, 3rd place; (Duals) 3-2, 2 pins, decision.
KyLeigh Edenfield (Riot Performance, 175): (Duals) 0-2.
Andrea Smith (unattached/Riot Performance, HWT): (IBT) 2-0, champion; (Duals) 4-1, 2 pins, decision.

Jayla Harrison (Riot Performance, 175/HWT): (IBT) 0-2, runnerup; (Duals) 1-2.

Lily Bradshaw (Riot Performance, 85/90): (IBT) 0-2, runnerup; (Duals) 2-3.
Makayla Harrison (Riot Performance, 135/HWT): (IBT) 0-2, 3rd place.

Jordyn Traster (NBWA/Riot Performance, 50/57): (IBT) 0-2, runnerup; (Duals) 2-3, 2 pins.
Kara McKeel (Riot Performance, 75/85): (IBT) 1-1, runnerup; (Duals) 3-2, pin, decision.

Kadyn Wolters (Riot Performance, 43/46/55): (IBT) 1-1, runnerup.

Kadyn Wolters (Riot Performance, 49-55): (IBT) 0-3, 4th place (competed in boys division); (Duals) 0-2.

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