1A-R2 Records Update: Palm Bay

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If you’ve been around a while, you’ve seen us do some things to talk about more of Florida wrestling besides the coverage area. We are therefore happy to start up — because we were worried we wouldn’t have time — our Records Updates for the remainder of 3A-Region 1 and 1A-Region 2.

We will alternate between 3A and 1A teams until we are done with 3A (which should be done first), then it will be just 1A going forward. With any luck, we’re done with these by October 1. Our fifth 1A team out of District 8 is Palm Bay.


You can see everything I have on the Pirates in 2019-20 here –>  PALM BAY

Win/loss record: 29-2 in dual meets searchable by Matmen. Please review the attached document for a summary of the Pirates’ performance in IBT events. All individual records noted below are as searchable online. For most post-season starters, slight adjustments to win/loss records were made to reflect what was reported to the District 8 traditional tournament host.

Tournament results (where results are complete): 5-0 (1st) at Matanzas Duals. 9-0 (1st) at Hornet Duals (GA). 6-0 at KSA Holiday Duals. T-2nd at Tournament of Champions. 3-0 (1st) at 1A-District 8 dual team tournament. 3-0 at Ships N Duels (duals portion). 2nd at Ships N Duels (IBT portion). 1A-Region 2 dual team tournament semifinalist. 4th at Chase Life. 2nd at Wolfpack Invitational. 1st at Cape Coast Conference. 1st at 1A-District 8 traditional tournament. 2nd at 1A-Region 2 traditional tournament. 6th at 1A state traditional tournament.

Projected key returners (15+ searchable matches this past season) for 2020-21 (with year in school as they’ll be next year): Tyler Perrow (senior, 57-4 at 106, district champ, region runnerup, state runnerup); Shaver Jackson (junior, district runnerup, region runnerup, 1-2 at states); Avery Jackson (sophomore, 16-18 at 120, 1 match from regions); Rocco Senia (senior, 56-8 at 126, district champ, region runnerup, state 5th); Ronald Theilacker (sophomore, 39-13 at 126, district runnerup, region 3rd, 1-2 at states; transferred from Cocoa); Braden Baxter (senior, 51-13 at 138, district runnerup, region 4th, 1 match from state medal); Jack Dinberg (senior, 39-9 at 145, district champ, region runnerup, state 6th); Cameron Komat (senior, 52-12 at 152, district champ, region 4th, 1-2 at states); Anthony Holden (senior, 46-15 at 160, district champ, region 3rd, 1-2 at states); Zander Owens (senior, 40-13 at 170, 2A-District 13 runnerup, 2A-Region 4 runnerup, 0-2 at 2A states-injured; transferred from Bayside); Ozkan Aydin (senior, 37-16 at 220, district runnerup, 1-2 at regions); Zandy Lanier (senior, 25-12 at 220, 2A-District 13 champ, 2A-Region 4 4th, 0-2 at 2A states; transferred from Bayside); Carlos Gerardino (junior, 51-15 at 285, district runnerup, region 3rd, 1 match from state medal).

Graduation losses (15+ searchable matches this past season or post-season experience) from this year’s team: Dominick Carter (51-16 at 132, district champ, region 3rd, 1 match from state medal); Jamari McAlpin (10-6 at 145/152, did not compete in post-season traditionals); Bryan Bartos (29-18 at 170, district runnerup, 1 match from states); Matthew Lewis (57-12 at 182, district champ, region runnerup, state 4th); Jahree Holmes (51-11 at 195, district runnerup, region 3rd, 0-2 at states).

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