Matmen you ever gonna do rankings again?…Shannon, would be cool if you did rankings…rankings rankings RANKINGS rankings. Like The Master in Doctor Who, it’s a constant drumbeat in my brain.

I heard. I listened. I turned it over in my brain again and again. And, after four years, the Matmen TEN was forged.

We’ll do updates during the season. We’ll do them weekly IF the following conditions are met: 1) All area coaches with ranked kids make sure that every single result of theirs (whether ranked kids or not) is put into my hands. This doesn’t work without results, And, 2) you will need to be OK with the fact that coverage is going to change. I’m still just me, and I’m going to have to spend time updating records and analyzing results with time that I had spent writing. Time that I had spent all day on site at events.

That has to change. Unless you want to fund my life and hire me an assistant.

So. The disclaimers. I haven’t heard from most coaches and certainly not about individual kids at individual weights. Yes, I’m familiar with Brant’s rankings, but Brant has the whole state to consider AND — at the same time — he is trying to keep wrestling IN the Orlando Sentinel, and to do that, he has to generate content on the regular. So, my disclaimers on this initial TEN rollout are these:

  • Only wrestlers who were in the state and competed at the high school level last year, AND can come back this year, were considered. With three schools’ exceptions, most kids had to compete in the post-season.
  • Rankings were based on what was done last year unless a compelling case could be made for a ranking based on a prior performance.
  • Rankings were based on the weights where kids were last year. However, where I know a wrestler’s new school, I have added it. If you’ve transferred, and your old school is listed, let me know (this means that Brant, too, needs to know).
  • Offseason results, including last weekend’s Super 32, have not been considered. Y’all have to get me many more results in hand before the off-season would ever be a variable in my considerations.
  • We won’t do another TEN until (at least, and results-dependent) after Week 1. So please save your emails and comments about Johnny going 152 this year after being ranked at 132 here. We’ll catch it all up then. Which leads to a future disclaimer: I rank you where you are, not where you will be. That is a little different from Brant’s and lesser statewide rankings. So if you start at 182 but eventually you will make that 160, you’ll be evaluated at first among the 182s, and we’ll drop you in accordingly when you make the drop down.
  • If this goes well, we’ll obviously keep it — and next year, assuming they’re sanctioned, we hope to add a girls list. There were a couple that just missed out being in the mix at 106, based on their regular lineup presence.

So since I know you skipped down to here anyway, let’s gooooo….

1. Elijah Hendley (Lincoln, sr.).
2. Jayce Paridon (University Christian, 8th).
3. Maverick Rainwater (Clay, jr.).
4. Jacob Witt (Bolles, jr.).
5. Garrett Marschka (Chiles, soph.).
6. Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, soph.).
7. Julian Harvey (Wakulla, jr.)
8. Brett Millard (Columbia, sr.)
9. Brody Boehm (Suwannee, soph.).
10. Jakob Zawosky (Forest, jr.).
The skinny: Hendley had no losses to local 106s. Paridon outperformed Rainwater and Witt on the biggest stage, though the older kids had wins earlier in the post-season. Marschka & Vugman a tossup, with no head-to-head matchup in 2019-20. While Harvey lost to Boehm at regions, he had earlier wins over Millard and Boehm (3x). Zawosky best resume among the rest of the group, but not much interaction with rest of top 10 except Vugman.
In the mix, no particular order: Kole Hannant (Flagler Palm Coast); Nate Weber (Gulf Breeze); Cole Bell (Mosley).

1. Hunter Herrington (Fleming Island, sr.)
2. DaQuan King (Raines, jr.).
3. Egan Gustilo (University Christian, soph.).
4. George Hernandez (Wakulla, sr.).
5. Venumadhava Mirel (Buchholz, jr.).
6. Ryan Mayer (Bishop Kenny, sr.).
7. Hunter Brown (Chiles, jr.).
8. Dalton Huckelberry (Clay, sr.).
9. Joe Kent (Seabreeze, jr.).
10. Kevin Kerns (Deltona, soph.).
The skinny: Three state medalists at the top; the King-Gustilo battle was one of the hottest of the year. A drop to Hernandez and Mirel at 4-5. Would have loved to see them wrestle at Clay for fifth there. Mayer had a key week-1 win over Brown to hold 6. Huckelberry went 7-5 in region blood round with Mayer; Kent might have had a chance at a higher rank with a region appearance.
In the mix, no particular order: Lucas Biddle (Arnold); Bernie Alvarez (Atlantic); Jeffrey Parker (Middleburg).

1. Aiden Moore (Buchholz, jr.).
2. Raymond Hatchman (Wakulla, sr.).
3. Xander Kirkland (Suwannee, sr.).
4. Brandon Mallin (Ft Walton Beach, sr.).
5. Jace Engberg (New Smyrna Beach, jr.).
6. Jamey Bruner (New Smyrna Beach, jr.).
7. Marcus McGee (Oakleaf, jr.).
8. Davon Bailey (Orange Park, sr.)
9. Logan Merritt (Gulf Breeze, jr.)
10. Hunter England (Creekside, sr.).
The skinny: Moore pinned the top other guys and takes the 1 spot, even without a region appearance; only local losses were to graduates or a weight up. Hatchman lost first match to Kirkland, but won next two contested. Mallin’s local losses were mostly against graduates in Panhandle. Engberg edged Bruner in sudden victory when they were opponents a year ago; McGee topped Bailey 3-2 and 7-6 in midweek duals. Merritt was in a loaded weight class at districts.
In the mix, no particular order: Christian Villanueva (Bishop Snyder); Wilson Nguyen (St Augustine); John Hald (Flagler Palm Coast); Joe Jackson (Episcopal).

1. Matthew Rodriquez (Ridgeview, sr.).
2. Tyler Reeve (Fla High, sr.).
3. Michael Shannon (New Smyrna Beach, jr.).
4. Riley Holton (Fleming Island, sr.).
5. Timothy Jolicoeur (Suwannee, sr.).
6. Nolan Zirgibel (Leon, jr.).
7. Colson Elliott (Gulf Breeze, soph.)
8. Jeremy Mahoney (Fernandina Beach, sr.).
9. Trevor Tagarelli (Bartram Trail, sr.).
10. Sebastian Deara (Bishop Kenny, jr.).
The skinny: After two finals appearances, Rodriquez the clear choice at 1 here. Kind of a tossup between Reeve and Shannon; going with two podium finishes as a tiebreaker. Shannon the 3 behind a 5-2 win at Flagler, Holton’s 6-4 win at Keystone gives him the nod over Jolicoeur for 4. Zirgibel edged Elliott, 9-8, in the region blood round; Elliott pinned Tagarelli at Parker Duals. Stronger post-season run gave Mahoney the nod at 8; Tagarelli (ill during post-season) held 12-7 win over Deara at Flagler.
In the mix, no particular order: Abdiert Escobar (Clay); Gabe Daltro (Fletcher); Jamal Burkes (Robert E Lee); Weston Burbidge (Ft Walton Beach).

1. Nick Hejke (Mosley, sr.).
2. Ian Daily (Gulf Breeze, sr.).
3. Lynden North (Englewood, jr.).
4. Atticus Waters (Pace, jr.).
5. Brandon Lewis (Palatka, jr.).
6. Alex Adkins (Chiles, jr.)
7. Canyon Dart (South Walton, jr.).
8. Trevor Owens (Oakleaf, sr.).
9. Noah Meyer (Episcopal, sr.).
10. Garrett Cole (Fleming Island, sr.).
The skinny: All of Hejke’s losses in 2019-20 were to grads or out-of-area wrestlers. Short season for Daily, but went 7-2 with Hejke at regions. North could have challenged for 3 (maybe even 2) with a region appearance. Waters gets the nod for the 5 spot behind the depth out of the Panhandle. 6 through 10 gets pretty razor-thin on the margin between each kid. Lewis is the first 1A competitor in the group, but he did go 1-1 (with the second match his way) over Adkins, who had a 10-7 win over Dart at Wakulla. Owens and Meyer also 1-1 against one another, with Owens taking rematch. Cole might have been much higher with a fuller season (just five reported matches in 2019-20), but he knocked off a teammate at Danny Byron that would go on to beat Hejke later in the season.
In the mix, no particular order: Kason Nichols (Buchholz); Christian Jackson (St Augustine); Nolan Anderson (Creekside).

1. Kyle Peacock (Flagler Palm Coast, jr.).
2. Tyson Musgrove (Suwannee, jr.).
3. Tyson Riley (Bolles, jr.).
4. Roberto Cuartero (Bishop Kenny, soph.).
5. Olufemi Egberongbe (Chiles, sr.).
6. Sam Russo (Matanzas, sr.).
7. Dylan Johns (Yulee, soph.).
8. Luke Boree (Clay, jr.).
9. Logan Gilbert (Oakleaf, sr.).
10. Matthew Tayloe (Bartram Trail, jr.).
The skinny: Peacock’s losses were out-of-area or to graduates. Musgrove takes the 2 on the strength of district/region run. In one meeting they had, Riley had a fall over Cuartero, who had a sparkling post-season run of his own plus two regular-season decisions over Egberongbe. Gets murky here, as Egberongbe took down Russo in sudden victory at Region 1 (but Russo had early win over Cuartero). Johns had a 5-2 win over Boree in region duals; Boree in turn went 5-3 with Riley at Wakulla. Gilbert didn’t see many locals after not starting until mid-January, and could be higher. Very little gap between 7 and about 17 in this deep weight.
In the mix, no particular order: Devin Stickney (Seabreeze); Carlos Quintanal (St Augustine); Emil Ganim (Florida High); Jackson Merrick (Wakulla).

1. Blane DeFord (Flagler Palm Coast, jr.).
2. Bryce Dodge (West Port, jr.).
3. Dominic Martin (Clay, soph.).
4. Josiah Mossor (First Coast, sr.).
5. Avante Chamble (Atlantic, sr.).
6. Gabe Galloza (St Augustine, sr.).
7. Malachi Santiago (Ft Walton Beach, sr.).
8. Thomas Greene (Columbia, jr.).
9. Timothy Bowen (Buchholz, sr.).
10. Ethan Heinemann (Marianna, jr.).
The skinny: DeFord (returning state placer) was the clear choice at 1 even before Super 32 win. Dodge went 13-8 with DeFord in the District 2 final. No HTH between Martin and Mossor, but Martin had better outcomes against common opponents (2 Martin wins over wrestlers that won against Mossor). We took the full season Chamble had to slot in at 5, but Galloza went 7-4 with Mossor at regions. Not a lot of interaction with ranked kids, but Santiago did have two falls down stretch over Greene, who in turn pinned Bowen in regular-season finale. Heinemann’s state run deserved merit, with revenge win in region blood round.
In the mix, no particular order: Jermell McCall (Sandalwood); Caleb Parsons (Suwannee); Drew Ryan (Nease).

1. Cale Hoskinson (Clay, sr.).
2. David Parkes (Fleming Island, sr.).
3. Joel Rodriguez (Fletcher, sr.).
4. Obie Smith (Columbia, sr.).
5. Aston Ricks (Yulee, sr.).
6. Joseph Cortez (Pace, sr.).
7. Timothy King (Flagler Palm Coast, jr.).
8. Brock Roberts (Seabreeze, sr.).
9. Nick Kendrick (Mosley, sr.).
10. Hayden Yanni (St Augustine, sr.).
The skinny: Hoskinson’s only local losses were to a 2020 graduate. Parkes, at Oakleaf, went 4-0 with Hoskinson in early December; Rodriguez also made a solid case for the 2 spot, with a region title. Rodriguez had two wins over Smith, one at Lake Gibson and second at regions. Almost a tossup between Ricks, Cortez and King; down the stretch, Ricks went six with both Hoskinson and top 152 in 2019-20. Cortez the nod for 6 behind a state appearance, plus King spent most of his season at 145. Roberts had a 7-2 win over Kendrick at Keystone; Kendrick’s state appearance the tiebreaker at 9-10.
In the mix, no particular order: Skyler Malone (Bolles); Trevion Sermons (Orange Park); Patrick Blanca (Lincoln).

1. Jhoel Robinson (Fleming Island, soph.).
2. Ahmahd Denmark (Robert E Lee, sr.).
3. Chase Maddox (Marianna, sr.).
4. Cole Baggett (Wakulla, sr.).
5. Cayden Bevis (Lincoln, jr.).
6. Caleb Tourgee (Ft Walton Beach, sr.).
7. Brody Andrews (Pace, sr.).
8. Joshua Brown (Sandalwood, sr.).
9. Hunter Brown (Creekside, sr.).
10. Luca Fiannaca (Clay, jr.).
The skinny: No shade to Denmark’s finals run, as the coverage area has just two returning state finalists, but HTH counts for a lot with me, and Robinson held a 5-3 win over Denmark in the medal round at Clay Rotary. Denmark otherwise the very clear choice for the 2 spot. Maddox took loss to Baggett at Gator Brawl and Wakulla, but won at districts and regions. Bevis was quietly consistent, spent half the season at 170, held 12-7 win over Tourgee, who in turn had two wins over Andrews. The Browns were close but Sandalwood’s had two decisions over Creekside’s at DeLand and districts. Key win for Fiannaca over a state qualifier at region duals.
In the mix, no particular order: Isaiah Shook (Yulee); John McNames (Bartram Trail); Micah Perdue (Florida High); David Arcieri (Atlantic).

1. Connor Spossey (St Augustine, sr.).
2. Raynarde Thomas (Raines, sr.).
3. Gavin Smith (Fleming Island, sr.).
4. Rett Maritato (Ponte Vedra, sr.).
5. Jayvon Brown (Wakulla, jr.).
6. Joseph Rice (Columbia, jr.).
7. Hunter Williams (Fleming Island, jr.)
8. Noe Pena (Mosley, sr.).
9. Collin Sewell (Yulee, sr.).
10. Noah Anderson (Atlantic, jr.).
The skinny: Kind of some separation between top 3 from the rest, then the middle three from the rest, but 7-10 could go a number of combinations. Spossey fell to Smith at Flagler, but then won in overtime in the Clay final over Thomas, who’d defeated Smith in the round before. All three have placed at state before (Smith in 2019, Spossey & Thomas last year). Maritato had a tight 3-2 win over Brown at Capital City; Brown, in turn, had a 6-2 win over Rice at Border Wars, and Rice took down Pena, 8-5, in the 2A-District 2 semis. Williams was a backup to Smith, but went 6-0 with him at Keystone and beat a few state-ranked kids. Sewell missed out on some local battles, but had a solid season, as did Anderson.
In the mix, no particular order: Onjel Caraballo (Oakleaf); Garrick Schwartz (Flagler Palm Coast); Hunter Dupont (Gulf Breeze).

1. Kyle McGill (Chiles, sr.).
2. Jackson Osteen (Wakulla, sr.).
3. Tony Carter (Mandarin, jr.).
4. Ethan Asbury (Bolles, sr.).
5. Blaine Howard (Suwannee, sr.).
6T. Wyatt Yown (Lincoln, sr.).
6T. Hayden Reeves (Wakulla, jr.).
8. Ryan Murphy (St Augustine, sr.).
9. John Merritt (Westside, sr.).
10. Christian Cosson (Marianna, sr.).
The skinny: McGill’s four losses in 2019-20 were to graduates; he won 27 of his last 28 last year. Osteen spent most of the regular season at 170 before taking region title at this weight last year. Carter didn’t seen many of this year’s ranked returners but held his own against the top kids he faced down the stretch, and had a fall in hand over Asbury, who seemed to unlock something at regions last year in making a run to the final. Howard was 1-1 with Osteen, with a district-title win, but couldn’t solve Asbury in the region semi. Reeves didn’t crack the post-season lineup, but had enough resume to merit listing here, going 1-1 with Yown. Tossup with Murphy and Merritt, with Murphy’s schedule and prior state experience the decider. Cosson made a nice run to get to states last year.
In the mix, no particular order: Josh Sandoval (Fleming Island); Eliyah Cole (Middleburg); Tyler Edenfield (Wakulla).

1. Xavier Stillgess (Rutherford, sr.).
2. Jason Martin (Buchholz, sr.).
3. Jamari Watson (Raines, jr.).
4. Isiah Schevchook (Oakleaf, soph.).
5. Caiden Patton (Seabreeze, sr.).
6. Doug Dittmer (New Smyrna Beach, sr.).
7. Michael Strong (Fletcher, sr.).
8. Julian McCulley (Gulf Breeze, sr.).
9. Shawn Raggins (Columbia, jr.).
10. Jack Tilton (Palatka, jr.).
The skinny: All of Stillgess’ losses in 2019-20 were out of area or to graduates; two state appearances provides tiebreaker at 1 spot. Martin, also, had all of his losses out of area or to graduates. Watson only saw Stillgess and graduates among northern top 10s, but state run counts. Schevchook was better at 195 than 182, figured things out and had solid first year. Patton had some really good wins in-season, but a bad loss at regions put him in tough consi bracket. Dittmer couldn’t solve Patton in regular-season, but won three times to qualify out at Mainland. Strong had an early win over Patton, could have been higher but for midseason injuries. Breakout season for McCulley, who pinned two grads at regions and went 8-4 with Dittmer. Raggins had solid moments as a sophomore wrestling at least one weight up, went 8-6 with Patton at regions. Tilton reached Saturday at regions, but needs to see more of area’s top kids.
In the mix, no particular order: Julian Green (Godby); Bryan Fortay (Creekside); Conner South (Baker Cty).

1. Garrett Tyre (Clay, jr.).
2. Christian Kennick (University, sr.)
3. Jack Pyburn (Bolles, jr.).
4. Ethan Hollenbach (Fletcher, sr.).
5. Craig Harper (Robert E Lee, sr.).
6. Ethan Chiu (Deltona, sr.).
7. Wyatt Dillon (Pace, sr.).
8. Nathan Boyd (Seabreeze, sr.).
9. Jackson Rowell (West Nassau, sr.).
10. Grayson Peterson (First Coast, sr.).
The skinny: Tyre had two local losses, one to a graduate and the other he got back twice, last year. Kennick was expected to place in 3A, but got hurt in opening match at states, and had a win over Pyburn at Flagler. Pyburn was the only local returner with a win over Tyre. Hollenbach had no local losses to returners; team’s schedule was skewed toward 2A competition and he didn’t see other northern elite kids last year. Harper took early loss to Boyd, but went 5-4 with Pyburn and his region run pushed him to the 5 spot. Chiu also had early loss to Boyd, but got that back and his blood-round win over Dillon got him to 6. Boyd’s wins push him past Rowell and Peterson; Peterson could challenge for a higher spot with more exposure to more of the stronger kids; he did go 3-2 with Harper and 8-2 with Pyburn.
In the mix, no particular order: Joshua Seabrooks (Leon); Robert Harrell (Godby); Angel Lecointe (Bishop Snyder).

1. Jared Jackson (Atlantic, sr.).
2. Derrek Mosley (Ridgeview, jr.).
3. Ray Bolden (Westside, sr.).
4. Raul Gonzalez (Fleming Island, sr.).
5. Jaycob Jones (Columbia, jr.).
6. Robert Elder (Matanzas, sr.).
7. Jayven Hearns (Wakulla, sr.).
8. Cam Goodenow (Pace, sr.).
9. Nick Wilbur (Mandarin, sr.).
10. Ryan Piersza (Bartram Trail, sr.).
The skinny: Jackson was a region champ and state placer in 2019, something no one else has in their resume. After that, margins are razor-thin and there are likely to be bad losses for each. Bolden and Mosley didn’t face each other this year, but Mosley won at districts in 2019. Bolden should be Jacksonville’s top heavy this year. Gonzalez was 1-1 with Elder, but some big regular-season wins and double-OT loss with Mosley at Uncivil placed him at 4. Jones was 1-1 early with Goodenow, but two wins in post-season over Elder cemented spot at 5. Elder pinned Gonzalez at Clay but lost by fall to Piersza; I think what we saw in post-season was his level. Hearns is the best of the rest of the group, with a fall over Goodenow at Border Wars; Goodenow had an early win over Jones and went 4-3 with Jones and 2-1 with Elder. Next is Wilbur, who had two pins in hand against Piersza for the 9 spot.
In the mix, no particular order: Cam Neal (Bolles); Reese Sheehan (Orange Park); Kyle Burden (Rocky Bayou).

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