Grappler Fall Classic — Saturday Results

Nease sophomore Brielle Bibla (top) cranks the shoulder of opponent Laila Sa during a consi-side victory in Saturday’s Grappler Fall Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC. Bibla would go on to place fourth at 108 pounds and was one of four area top-six female placers in the tournament, which continues in new bracketed competition on Sunday (Photo submitted by Lindsay Bibla).

At Myrtle Beach SC
Grappler Fall Classic

North Florida local results
HS Elite

Rd of 32: Thomas Zielinski (MI) p. Christian Simmons (Union), 1:07; Jayce Paridon (UChristian) d. Cameron Chinavare (MI), 9-2; Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail) d. Jack Chambers, 7-0.
Rd of 16: Paridon d. Ricky Gomez (NJ), 8-4; Braeden Davis (MI) tf. Vugman, 17-2.
Quarters: Drew Heethuis (MI) d. Paridon, 9-2.
Consi rd 3: Owen Nelson (OH) md. Simmons, 9-1.
Consi rd 4: Ben Guilliam (SC) d. Vugman, 5-2.
Consi rd 6: Ryan Bennett (OH) d. Paridon, 5-0.

Rd of 32: Sam Goin (IN) p. Ian Halfacre (Union), 1:13.
Consi rd 2: Greg Merriman (NC) tf. Halfacre, 16-0.

Rd of 64: Christopher Sorrow (MI) p. Nick Hejke (Mosley), 3:50.
Consi rd 2: M Loney (MI) d. Hejke, 5-4.

Rd of 64: Matthew Whitcomb (MI) tf. Colin Hadlock (Union), 15-0.
Consi rd 1: Samuel Hoppe (MI) d. Hadlock, 4-3.

Rd of 32: Manuel Rojas (MI) p. Joel Rodriguez(Fletcher), 3:23; Kael Wisler (MI) d. Cale Hoskinson (Clay), 1-0; Dalton Battle (GA) p. Danny Thornton (Union), :26.
Consi rd 3: Jacob Navarro (MI) p. Thornton, 1:07; Hoskinson fft over Rodriguez.
Consi rd 4: Hoskinson d. Greyson Clark (GA), 3-2.
Consi rd 5: Hoskinson d. Jacob Navarro (MI), 2-0.
Consi rd 6: Max Callahan (MI) d. Hoskinson, 3-1.

Girls 19-under
Rd of 16: Ana Bradshaw (Fletcher) md. Sydney Kutzke (MI), 9-1.
Quarters: Clare Booe (FL) p. Bradshaw, 5:21.
Consi rd 2: Bradshaw p. Sierra Williamson (GA), :59.
Consi qtrs: Bradshaw p. Miranda Moes (FL), 5:07.
Consi semis: Bradshaw p. Gianna Slusser (NC), 3:47.
3rd place: Booe p. Bradshaw, 1:38.

Quarters: Kyla Oliver (FL) d. Brielle Bibla (Nease), 11-4.
Consi qtrs: Bibla p. Laila Sa (no state listed), 5:56.
Consi semis: Bibla p. Aurora Pennington (WI), :32.
3rd place: Oliver p. Bibla, 3:54.

Roundrobin: Riley White (Matanzas) d. Danni Swihart (MI), 6-1; Tyler Swanigan (MI) p. White, 4:35; Aniyah Kelly (SC) d. White, 7-5; Amani Jones (GA) p. White, 3:52; Shelby Weber (FL) d. White, 7-2 (White 5th).

Roundrobin: Genevieve An (GA) p. Kaylee Easter (Wewahitchka), 2:32; Chloe Ogden (FL) p. Easter, 1:27; Allyssa Pirro (OH) p. Easter, 1:20; Alicia Pieper (MI) p. Easter, 1:33; Eva Keefauver (NC) p. Easter, 2:39 (Easter 6th).

Quarters: Cason Howle (SC) p. Bryant Taylor (Jacksonville), 1:38.
Consi quarters: Cameron Curva (NC) p. Taylor, 3:38 (Taylor 7th).

Quarters: Colton Bell (Ocala) d. Drake Pollins (MI), 4-1; Brycen Colvin (SC) p. Christopher McKeel (Orange Park), 2:38.
Semis: Mac Johnson (NC) d. Bell, 3-0.
Consi semis: Bell p. McKeel, 2:18.
3rd place: Bell md. Pollins, 9-1.

Quarters: Adaias Ortiz (FL) p. Nikita Chechkovsky (Jacksonville), 1:01.
Consi qtrs: Jaxon Foote (MI) p. Chechkovsky, :24.

Quarters: Dustin Kohn (FL) d. Vladislav Chechkovsky (Jacksonville), 7-0.
Consi rd 2: Chechkovsky p. Nate Foldes (VA), 2:25.
Consi qtrs: Nathan Barrett (FL) p. Chechkovsky, :57.

Roundrobin: Bryce Stolin (SC) d. Carter DeLosSantos (Jacksonville/Bold City), 2-1; DeLosSantos p. Lincoln Smith (NC), :24; Trent Collins (SC) d. DeLosSantos, 5-3; Brody Winnell (MI) p. DeLosSantos, 1:06; Wyatt Kimble (MI) p. DeLosSantos, 2:03 (DeLosSantos 5th).

Quarters: Barrett Freed (NC) p. Ian Hadlock (Union), :22.
Consi qtrs: Aaron Eifert (MI) p. Hadlock, :59.

Roundrobin: Bryce Fiore (St Augustine) p. Xander Parra (VA), 2:46; Fiore d. James Danko (PA), 6-0; Fiore d. Cano Austin (FL), 6-2; Kaden Slusser (NC) md. Fiore, 15-2 (Fiore 2nd).

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