GFC Sunday Folkstyle Results: Hoskinson Wins 167 Title

Clay senior Cale Hoskinson controlling the action in the HS Varsity 167-lb weight class final of the Grappler Fall Classic at the Myrtle Beach (SC) Convention Center Sunday evening. Hoskinson knocked off Michigan’s Anthony Vellucci, 9-3, to win the title (Still photo posted to Clay Wrestling team FB page, from video provided by Trackwrestling).

At Myrtle Beach SC
Grappler Fall Classic

North Florida local folkstyle results
HS Varsity
Rd of 64: Tyler Ueberroth (MI) p. Christian Simmons (Union), :10.
Rd of 32: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail) d. Jay Peace (SC), 16-14; Jayce Paridon (UChristian) d. Cameron Chinavare (MI), 8-6.
Rd of 16: Cameron Stinson (NC) d. Vugman, 6-1; Paridon d. Jack Chambers (MI), 5-0.
Quarters: Payton Harris (CO) p. Paridon, 1:50.
Consi rd 2: Chinavare p. Simmons, 1:50.
Consi rd 4: Vugman p. Andrew Punzalan (FL), :17.
Consi rd 5: Vugman d. Coy Perry (MI), 5-2.
Consi rd 6: Vugman p. Paridon, 2:38.
Consi qtrs: Blaine Taranto (FL) d. Vugman, 6-2.

Rd of 64: Jeremiah Johnson (FL) d. Robby Morris (Ridgeview), 6-5.
Consi rd 1: Aidan Perreault (MI) md. Morris, 13-3.

Rd of 64: Zachary Thompson (CA) d. Marcus McGee (Oakleaf), 6-0; Joey Manley (Ohio) p. Dalton Huckelberry (Clay), 5:11.
Consi rd 1: McGee d. Jayden Harrison (NC), 3-2; Huckelberry p. Nikolas Utset (FL), 3:24.
Consi rd 2: McGee d. C Silva (), 2-0; Huckelberry d. Jalen Moliere (FL), 10-6.
Consi rd 3: Jaxon Mitchell (GA) MFF over McGee; Amantee Mills (GA) ID over Huckelberry.

Rd of 64: Tanor Offel (TX) p. Josh Daltro (Fletcher), 3:01; Michael Parker (MI) p. Ian Halfacre (Union), 4:31; Venumadhava Mirel (Buchholz) d. Will Vaporis (SC), 10-7.
Rd of 32: Marley Washington (GA) d. Mirel, 9-4.
Consi rd 1: Hunter Ray (VA) md. Halfacre, 14-1.
Consi rd 2: Mirel d. Caden Holt (MI), 9-4; Daltro MFF over Dominic Rubino (FL).
Consi rd 3: Demetri Zertopoulis (FL) d. Mirel, 7-1; Aiden Gasper (FL) FFT over Daltro.

Rd of 64: Gabe Daltro (Fletcher) p. Ryan Anderson (SC), 3:00.
Rd of 32: Daltro d. Dakota Williamson (GA), 14-13.
Rd of 16: Daltro d. Christian Estrada (FL), 10-7.
Quarters: Zam Thompson (MI) d. Daltro, 6-1.
Consi rd 6: Logan DeMarest (MI) FFT over Daltro.

Rd of 64: Jelal Muflahi (MI) p. Conner Roberts (Wewahitchka), 5:37; Joshua Stephenson (NC) p. TJ Bowen (Buchholz), 3:35.
Consi rd 1: David Laughlin (SC) d. Roberts, 8-6.
Consi rd 2: Pierce Carpenter (MI) d. Bowen, 7-0.

Prelim: Steel Walker (SC) p. Colin Hadlock (Union), 3:56.
Rd of 64: Roman Polinsky (Oakleaf) p. Kason Brooks (GA), 2:38; Tehran Piza (FL) d. Aiden Moore (Buchholz), 7-4; Benjamin Lance (NC) p. Bryant Taylor (Jacksonville), :36; Crew Gregory (VA) ID over Liam Buchanan (Buchholz); Rance Horton (TN) d. Kason Nichols (Buchholz), 4-2; Aaron Faison (NC) tf. Lewis Williams (Gainesville), 17-1.
Rd of 32: Piza p. Polinsky, 3:49.
Consi prelim: Julius Nerlich (OH) p. Hadlock, :32; Moore FFT over Kameron Ladd (NC); Koen Hoffman (FL) p. Taylor, 1:00.
Consi rd 1: Moore d. Weston Eadie (SC), 4-2; Trenten Drake (NC) MFF over Buchanan; Nichols p. Williams, :43.
Consi rd 2: Moore d. Rance Horton (TN), 2-0; Nichols d. Polinsky, 9-4.
Consi rd 3: Moore d. Andrew Peterson (NC), 3-2; Cam Rice (SC) d. Nichols, 7-5, SV.
Consi rd 4: Gregory d. Moore, 8-5.

Rd of 64: Joel Rodriguez (Fletcher) p. Brock Trevino (MI), 1:00; Danny Thornton (Union) p. Aiden Rodriguez (FL), 3:41.
Rd of 32: Aiden McCafferty (NC) p. Rodriguez, 4:43; Cale Hoskinson (Clay) p. Logan Saldate (CA), 1:54; Joseph Santana (FL) p. Thornton, :38.
Rd of 16: Hoskinson p. Invi Bella (MI), :55.
Quarters: Hoskinson p. Jacob Brooks (MI), 1:27.
Semis: Hoskinson p. Gavin Wilmoth (MI), :40.
Championship: Hoskinson d. Anthony Vellucci (MI), 9-3.
Consi rd 2: Thornton p. Brock Osmundson (CA), :48; Brady Leaphart (SC) FFT over Rodriguez.
Consi rd 3: Chase Alden (FL) d. Thornton, 9-5.

Rd of 64: Ansel Cervantes (FL) tf. Will Lancer (Buchholz), 21-5.
Consi rd 2: Kiah Shull (MI) p. Lancer, :24.

Rd of 16: Ralph Sanchez (FL) p. Drew Lewis (Buchholz), 5:33.
Consi rd 1: Lewis FFT Dylan Zajac (SC).
Consi rd 2: Donnie Shoup (FL) p. Lewis, 1:51.

Rd of 16: Colton Bell (Ocala) tf. Carter DeLosSantos (Jacksonville/BCWA).
Quarters: Bell p. Christopher McKeel (Orange Park/Riot Performance).
Semis: Mason Katschor (MI) d. Bell, 10-3.
Consi rd 2: Jonathan Graham (TN) p. DeLosSantos, 3:34; Hunter Jessee (FL) p. McKeel, :18.
Consi semis: Bell d. James Belleville (MI), 2-1.
3rd place: Brody Lawson (SC) d. Bell, 8-4.

Rd of 16: Vladimir Chechkovsky (Jacksonville) md. Carter Byerle (MI), 12-0.
Quarters: Tyler Bashore (MI) p. Nikita Chechkovsky (Jacksonville), :53; Ashton Dack (MI) d. V. Chechkovsky, 6-1.
Consi rd 2: V. Chechkovsky d. Aaron Ellison (NC), 7-0.
Consi qtrs: Mihai Necula (GA) d. V. Chechkovsky, 6-2; Hunter Luna (CA) d. N. Chechkovsky, 3-0.

Quarters: Bryce Fiore (St Augustine) d. Brennan Totten (MI), 6-4.
Semis: Gunner Perkins (OH) p. Fiore, 1:10.
Consi semis: Fiore p. John Plott (SC), 1:27.
3rd place: Mason Aluia (MI) p. Fiore, 2:43.

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