GFC Sunday Freestyle Results

At Myrtle Beach SC
Grappler Fall Classic

North Florida local freestyle results
Girls 19U
Quarters: Clare Booe (Canes WC) p. Ana Bradshaw (Fletcher), 2:47.
Consi rd 1: Bradshaw d. Sydney Kutzke (MI Revolution), 13-6.
Consi semis: Bradshaw tf. Diandra Tejada (Carolina Grappler Girls), 12-2.
3rd place: Bradshaw tf. Booe, 12-1.

Roundrobin: Brielle Bibla (Nease) p. Laila Sa (Pinning Pythons), 5:17; Bibla p. Aurora Pennington (Fox Valley Elite), :50; Bibla p. Aajia Jones (Greenwood Grapplers), 2:44; Sophia Anderson (St Cloud) tf. Bibla, 10-0; Kendra Ryan (MI Revolution) p. Bibla, :40 (Bibla 3rd).

Roundrobin: Riley White (Matanzas) d. Shelby Weber (SOWA), 7-5; Aniyah Kelley (Carolina Grappler Girls) d. White, 14-12; Amani Jones (Compound WC/Ola) p. White, :56; Tyler Swanigan (MI Revolution) tf. White, 15-4 (White 4th).

Roundrobin: Blue Stiffler (Roundtree) tf. Preston Griffin (IOTL), 12-0; Dylan Granger (SAW) tf. Griffin, 10-0; Blake Sloan (Clinton) tf. Griffin, 13-1 (Griffin 4th).

Roundrobin: Mario Montejo (IOTL) p. Nathan Barrett (Osceola Attack), 1:55; James Kosza (Wellington) d. Montejo, 13-13; Dustin Kohn (TMA) tf. Montejo, 13-2; Mihai Necula (Level Up) tf. Montejo, 12-2 (Montejo 5th).

Roundrobin: James Belleville (Team Donahoe) tf. Maya Alvarado (CWC), 10-0; Alvarado fft over Cooper Smythe (Darkhorse); Arseni Kikiniou (Elite) tf. Alvarado, 10-0 (Alvarado 3rd).

Roundrobin: Samuel Dagel (Legends of Gold) tf. Gage Burnett (IOTL), 11-0; Logan Price (Seminole Cty) tf. Burnett, 10-0 (Burnett 3rd).

Roundrobin: Brody Ashley (MI West) tf. Carter DeLosSantos (BCWA); Charles Spells (Got Heart) p. DeLosSantos, :12; DeLosSantos p. Cole Sowers (Riptide), 1:32 (DeLosSantos 3rd).

Roundrobin: Porter McCormick (MI Matcats) p. Ian Hadlock (IOTL), 1:08; McCormick p. Hadlock, 1:15 (Hadlock 2nd).

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