Saturday Folkston Results

Received HS champion results this evening.

Youth Divisions (champions only listed)
Group 1: Bradley Patterson (Camden) 5-0.

Group 2: Jacob Bucci (Team Clay) 6-0.

Group 3: Brock Weaver (Camden) 5-0.

Group 4: Ryder Wilder (Camden) 4-0.

Group 5: Carter DeLosSantos (Jacksonville) 4-0.

Group 6: 1. Bryce Jordan 1-0.

HS Divisions (champions only listed)
Group 1: Colin Dragon (Richmond Hill) 4-0.

Group 2: Trent Burke (Brunswick) 4-0.

Group 3: (tie) Derrick Swinson (Camden); Carlson Poston (Camden); Matt Morton (Camden); all 4-0.

Group 4: Konlin Weaver (Camden) 4-0.

Group 5: Porter Bryant (Camden); Kholby Hopper (Camden); Emil Ganim (Fla High); all 3-1.

Group 6: Ryder Wilder (Camden) & Chris Zuzich (Camden), both 4-0.

Group 7: Josh Morton (Camden) & Cahmari Johnson (Camden), both 4-0.

Group 8: Eliyah Cole (Clay) 4-0.

Group 9: Micah Perdue (Fla High) & Kyle McGill (Chiles), both 4-0.

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