#TheSchedule2020-21: Matanzas (B)

Hey guys!

We have our 36th full schedule in hand for the 2020-21 season.

The season begins in 4 WEEKS. Our #TurkeyNWrestling preview comes out on Thanksgiving DAY. 6 a.m. sharp.

So. Get your schedule in ASAP, in order to ensure we can write about a separate post about it. There will come a point this month where we will weigh the calculation: do we have time to write this out also, or do we only have time to post the dates? There’s around 45 or so schedules — still out. We need to fix that ASAP.

Sending in 36th this year is Matanzas.



  • at Ponte Vedra, 12/16
  • at Mainland, 1/6
  • at University (Orange City), 1/27
  • host Flagler Palm Coast, 2/3

IBTs and roundrobins:

  • Clash of the Titans, Matanzas, 12/5
  • Capital City Classic, Chiles, 12/11-12
  • Flagler Rotary, Flagler Palm Coast, 1/29-30
  • Clay Rotary, 2/5-6

Unknown tournaments (based on unknown format)

  • St Johns River Conference, Fleming Island, 12/19 (this was a duals tournament in most recent prior years)

State events:

  • 2A-District 4 Duals, Matanzas hosts, 1/9
  • 2A-Region 1 Quarters & Semis, District 4 champ hosts, 1/14
  • 2A State Duals, Osceola hosts, 1/22-23 (if qualified)
  • 2A-District 4 Traditional, Matanzas, 2/17
  • 2A-Region 1 Traditional, Chiles, 2/26-27
  • 2A State Traditional, Silver Spurs Arena, 3/5-6
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