#TheSchedule2020-21: Tate

Hey guys!

We have our 60th full schedule in hand for the 2020-21 season.

The competitive season is planned to begin in one week (unless somebody out there has a Monday dual that I don’t have yet). Our #TurkeyNWrestling preview comes out Thursday morning. 6 a.m. sharp.

So. Get your schedule in ASAP, in order to ensure we can write about a separate post about it. We’re OK for right now. Tonight or tomorrow….with Georgia live stuff…we get very dicey then. There’s 26 schedules still out. We need to fix that ASAP.

Sending in 60th this year is Tate.



  • At Milton, 12/9
  • Host Crestview, 12/17
  • At Choctaw, 1/6
  • Host Milton, 1/13
  • At Choctaw w/North Bay Haven & Rocky Bayou, 1/27
  • At Crestview w/Milton, 2/2

Dual tournaments:

  • Andrews Institute Duals, Gulf Breeze, 12/12

IBTs and roundrobins:

  • 2nd Annual George Mulligan Memorial, Bay, 1/22-23
  • Arnold IBT, 2/6

State events:

  • 2A-District 1 Duals, Niceville, 1/2
  • 2A-Region 1 Quarters & Semis, District 2 champ hosts, 1/14
  • 2A State Duals, Osceola hosts, 1/22-23 (if qualified)
  • 2A-District 1 Traditional, Gulf Breeze, 2/15
  • 2A-Region 1 Traditional, Chiles, 2/26-27
  • 2A State Traditional, Silver Spurs Arena, 3/5-6
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