21-22 Coach Openings

Below are coach openings of which I am aware for the 2021-22 season:


  • BISHOP SNYDER. Head coach and potentially assistant/s.
  • ENGLEWOOD. Head coach and potentially assistant/s. Contact AD Cynthia Bateh, batehc@duvalschools.org.


Please note that I am only aware, with certainty, of the head coaches’ names for last year’s existing two fuller teams, Ponte Vedra & Matanzas (there is a third team that I THINK I know who the head coach will be, but don’t know with certainty). If there are additional full girls’ teams expected in 2020-21, I do not have that information at the present time, nor do I have contact info for the head coaches of those additional teams.

Head coaches still in need of assistants for the 2021-22 season can contact me through my work email, which they all have, and I will note their need here as well. I would ask if a team is in need of assistants, that only the head coach or designated contact reach out to me on that. A school in our coverage area (Region 1 in all 3 classifications) that is still in need of a head coach, anyone with direct knowledge can let me know at nefloridamatmen@gmail.com or contacting me on Facebook.