Personal Note

#ThankYou: To The Sponsors

Before I head out for today, in what will be a very long weekend round these parts, I wanted to again express some appreciation — these words are really not enough, though I’m not really free to wash cars or mow lawns until after the season’s over.

We’ve got things we’re going through at Basecamp #Due, and I’ll share a bit more about that in the off-season, I should think. And we all, you all (fine Y’ALL) included, are going through some things.

Which makes your generous donations much appreciated.

We’ve quite frankly outgrown our ability to do this job, and until we achieve another business model (heads up: if you know things about business planning, Web businesses and the like, I want to pick your brain this off-season), donations are right now the only way to show appreciation for the size of this work.

And between the things we’re going through, and the growth we’ve had, we’re constantly asking ourselves if it’s worth it. We don’t always know. Results don’t come in. Emails asking for them don’t get answered. Some folks are rude. That’s life, but you know, this is a volunteer thing; I could be at the beach today (yeah, I know, it’s too cold).

Then there are situations like this week, with the spectre of potentially very real threat to the future of the website in play, when two very generous donations came in. The donors are sprinkled in along with those whom I can reliably track going back to my last #ThankYou post, which was criminally long ago, and again, apologies for that:

  • Laura Paridon
  • William Pyburn
  • Brian VanVactor
  • Kenneth DeFord (our most frequent benefactor)
  • Johan Olarte
  • Alex Vugman
  • An anonymous coach
  • John Mulvany (a Georgia parent)
  • John Rogerson

If you gave to me via GoFundMe in the last six months, I thank you, though I can’t list you because the link has expired and I can no longer access it.

The donations don’t pay my bills, I have that almost completely covered in paid work, but they do provide options. A little quality of life. And I realize anew the impact the work is having out there.

And donations of any size or type are always welcome. Our most generous donor over the past few seasons has provided in-kind services to my family for some while now.

If – and I should stress IF because I always said I wouldn’t in the past, but circumstances are changing beyond my measly control — we go to a subscription model, it’s going to be a very friendly one for all income levels.

And thank you simply for reading to the end of this post, and all the ends of all the posts I’ve written.

Gotta go to work now. The kids need their ‘Gram photos. Fletcher first, and then Flagler, and then a mountain of results from two states tonight. The work on-site is the easy and fun part. The drives home and the long hours alone, that’s where the real donuts get made.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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