Matmen Don’t Know: 2A-District 1

So we’re going to try to be more transparent this year.

Lots of folks want to SEE our picks — and either breathe a sigh of relief or laugh at them, your mileage may vary — but what we have not done too often is EXPOSE them after the fact.

This year, we’re going to try to do better with that.

So, here’s our “morning after” review of 2A-District 1, where we’ll show you what went right, what went wrong, and what went sideways. You decide, as more sets of predictions come out as soon as tonight at 9 p.m. (ET), whether we know what we’re doing.

And let us know. Because we’re not always sure we know what we’re doing.

Here’s the brackets in case you want to refer back to them, and here’s our recap we wrote last night.


Predicted: Pace; Gulf Breeze; Ft Walton Beach; Niceville; Crestview; Tate; Choctaw; Milton.
Actual: Ft Walton Beach; Gulf Breeze; Pace; Niceville; Crestview; Choctaw; Tate; Milton.

Well…we knew who’d finish second, fourth and fifth? Pace was in the hunt right up until the end and we did expect a solid fight for the title.


Hey, we got this

106: We got the correct four, but should have been ready for Lugo to make a run to the finals; she’s a multiple-year starter, after all.
126: Arguably, this could go into the next set of weights, but we did have the top three right, just not in correct order. Tritz has made a real charge at the end.
138: We picked the correct four and in the right order.
160: We picked the correct four and in the right order.
170: We had the right four moving on at this weight, but had the finalists flip-flopped.
195: We got the top two picks right and they were the only two at 195. HEADS UP TO 195s IN THE REGION. There’s two extra region spots now out there. We had as many as seven kids in our handwritten notes at 195, but our third at this weight went 220 instead. Can’t always know that kids won’t compete. Especially this year.

Do we got this?

120: We had three of the top four right, but we weren’t sure Kilpatrick was competing. I will say that when I saw his name on the rosters while making picks, I looked long and hard at putting him in as a 3rd/4th.
132: We got the top three right, but were surprised by Banfield, especially since he was slotted against our third pick in the quarters. The match where he surprised me was in the consi semis.
145: Same as at 132, we got the top three right, but we did not pick Martinez, mainly because our fourth choice at this weight wound up at the next one…
152: We had the finalists right, but flip-flopped, and we didn’t expect Knox first to bump to 52 and then take two wins on the back to bounce back to third after falling in the semis.
182: We had the top three correct, but didn’t have Sarver moving on. He was in our notes as competing at the weight (but we also had a caution that he could appear at 95). He beat our fourth pick in the quarters.
220: We got the finalists right, and in the correct order, but we didn’t expect McGueen to bump up here — didn’t even have a note to that effect in our handwrittens, and we would not have predicted a 23-second fall, let alone a win, over our third choice here.

Yeah, mistakes were made

113: Gessendoff wrecked our predictions; we had him in our notes as competing, but we weren’t sure we had enough body of work. Vosburgh was projected third. We had a returning district champ picked at this weight, who did not compete Monday. Sometimes, things go pear-shaped, which leads us to…
285: We said this was the weight class to watch, that any of the eight kids could get out. The field then set about proving us right about that, at least. Green was another one where we’d seen enough to move him on, but weren’t sure about a district win. Crestview heavies have been pretty good about surprising us over the past few years.

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