#RoadToTheShow: 1A-Region 2 Recap, Day 1

MELBOURNE — Finishing first or second was going to be a tall order from jump for Palatka.

But as things stand Friday evening at the conclusion of the 1A-Region 2 IBT at Palm Bay HS, the Panthers stand seventh, with 43 points, and well within shouting distance of third-place Citrus and Villages, which are tied with 48 points.

Palatka has five wrestlers still alive after Friday’s competition, with semifinalists in Mikade Harvey (106), Brandon Lewis (132) and Delton Nealy (145), District 5’s only wrestlers to get to the semis. The Panthers also have Gaitlin Carreras (160) and Jack Tilton (220) in the consi quarters.

As for the rest of District 5 teams, Pedro Menendez holds 15th after the first day, with 28 points, while Atlantic is T-18th (24) and Keystone Heights and Lake Weir are both T-24th (eight) in the 29-team tournament.

Atlantic has three wrestlers in the consis in Noah Anderson (170), David Arcieri (182) and Jared Jackson (285), while the Falcons have two in Logan Meehan (138) and Justin Whitty (152).

Below follows a recap of the first day, with semifinalists laid out for each out weight class and all local wrestlers’ first-day performances (where they competed) noted:

Semis: Mikade Harvey (Palatka, 22-5) v Raider Morelli (Space Coast, 23-3); Dustin Kohn (Master’s Academy, 35-10) v Logan DeLos Santos (Palm Bay, 23-7).
Local recap: Harvey got to the semis with two first-period pins over Hudson’s Lorenzo Macatol (1:52, rd of 16) and Crystal River’s Blaine Reed (1:30, quarters). Pedro Menendez’s Emma Brackett was 0-2, with losses by fall to Hernando’s Kali Christie (:20, rd of 16) and Villages’ Luke Wilke (:24, consi rd 1).

Semis: Zane Hudson (Merritt Island, 27-8) v Tyler Perrow (Palm Bay, 30-0); Anthony Edwards (Space Coast, 21-6) v Alex McMiller (Satellite, unreported full record).
Local recap: Palatka’s Ishmael Foster was 1-2 on Friday, losing via tech fall (17-2 in 3:44) in the rd of 16 to Hudson; after a forfeit over Villages’ Joey Mineo in consi rd 1, Foster lost by fall (3:32) to Citrus’ Gage Persons. Atlantic’s Ayden Howington was 0-2 Friday, losing by fall (1:06) to Edwards in the rd of 16 and falling, 9-5, to Master’s Academy’s Benjamin Wolgamuth.

Semis: Shaver Jackson (Palm Bay, 16-5) v Elijah Dy (Bishop Moore, 23-15); TJ Rodier (Hernando, 32-5) v Elijah Lusk (Merritt Island, 31-2).
No locals in field.

Semis: Diego Mojica (Hernando, 11-6) v Rocco Senia (Palm Bay, 26-2); Landen Holley (Zephyrhills Christian, unreported full record) v Lucien Comelchook (Merritt Island, 11-3).
Local recap: Atlantic’s Jamison Pinyan was 1-2 on Friday, with a front-side win by fall (1:52, rd of 16) over Satellite’s Lucy Marris. Pinyan then took losses in the quarters (:55) to Mojica and in consi rd 2 (4:07) to Wesley Chapel’s Jason Salatino. Palatka’s Alexander McCrystal, Keystone Heights’ Ethan Cosby and Pedro Menendez’s Maddox Kaufenberg were all 0-2 on Friday. McCrystal lost by fall to Rockledge’s Ethan Webb (:43, rd of 16) and Crystal River’s Josh Holland (1:47, consi rd 1), while Cosby lost by pin to Comelchook (3:41, rd of 16) and Salatino (:45, consi rd 1). Kaufenberg took losses by pin to Senia (:18, rd of 16) and Citrus’ Jacob Reynolds (:21, consi rd 1).

Semis: Brandon Lewis (Palatka, 32-4) v Brandon Cody (Master’s Academy, 40-4); Jaiden Martinez (Zephyrhills, 39-6) v Ronald Theilacker (Palm Bay, 27-1).
Local recap: Lewis reached the semis with pins in both rounds, falling Bishop Moore’s Gabriel Romano (1:14, rd of 16) and Wesley Chapel’s Aydan Millan (3:21, quarters). Pedro Menendez’s Joshua Smith was 1-2 with a forfeit in the rd of 16 over Villages’ Konnor Rutz, with losses by fall to Theilacker (:56, quarters) and Merritt Island’s Eddie Sears (2:12, consi rd 2). Atlantic’s Bernie Alvarez and Keystone’s Tyce Pigga were each 0-2 Friday. Alvarez lost by fall on the front (4:24, rd of 16) to Citrus’ Maxal Simpson and on the back (2:14, consi rd 1) to Titusville’s Landon Morgan, while Pigga lost by fall to Cody (:18, rd of 16) and Satellite’s Nathan Lothrop (:31, consi rd 1).

Semis: Ryan Beirne (Satellite, unreported full record) v Braden Baxter (Palm Bay, 28-4); Cade Eisenhut (Bishop Moore, 34-7) v Michael Watson (Cocoa Beach, 28-5).
Local recap: Pedro Menendez’s Logan Meehan is 2-1 and alive in the consis, sandwiching a quarterfinal loss by fall (2:59) to Beirne with victories on the front over Hernando’s Zach Zimmerman (10-7, rd of 16) and Citrus’ Aaron Reynolds (7-6, consi rd 2). Meehan faces Zephyrhills Christian’s Javier Lopez in the consi quarters Saturday morning. Atlantic’s William Johnson and Keystone’s Saige Dennis were both 0-2 on Friday, with Johnson taking losses to Cypress Creek-WC’s Jackson Hudson (3:26, rd of 16) and Merritt Island’s Jacob Pitcher (16-0 tech in 3:09, consi rd 1) and Dennis with losses by fall to Nature Coast’s Forest Tilson (:12, rd of 16) and Reynolds (:12, consi rd 1).

Semis: Delton Nealy (Palatka, 27-11) v Billy Gould (Hernando, 29-5); Nick Iserino (Wesley Chapel, 32-6) v Nathan Furman (Palm Bay, 28-3).
Local recap: Nealy got to the semis with a fall in the round of 16 over Nature Coast’s Damon Wiedmer (4:23), following that with a 7-2 decision in the quarters over Citrus’ Jesse Pounders. Keystone’s Canyon Hayes and Lake Weir’s Hunter Peake were each 0-2 Friday. Hayes took losses by fall to Cypress Creek-WC’s John Mucha (4:47, rd of 16) and Bishop Moore’s Ben Greeno (1:40, consi rd 1), while Peake lost by pin to Gould (1:39, rd of 16) and Leesburg’s Seth Brown (2:12, consi rd 1).

Semis: Idael Reyes (Zephyrhills, 39-9) v Logan Simpson (Citrus, 20-2); Jason Perez (Hernando, 23-7) v Jack Dinberg (Palm Bay, 28-1).
Local recap: Pedro Menendez’s Justin Whitty was 2-1 on Friday and is still alive in the consis, with pins over Crystal River’s Jayden Jobe (3:10, rd of 16) and over Villages’ Mason Garcia (2:08, consi rd 2) sandwiching a quarterfinal tech fall loss to Dinberg (16-1 in 2:16). Whitty will face Leesburg’s Dominic Delgado in the consi quarters. Lake Weir’s Dean Marquis and Palatka’s Adaris Medina were both 1-2 on Friday. Marquis’ win came on the front, by fall over Garcia (2:22, rd of 16), with losses by pin to Reyes (5:15, quarters) and Central (Brooksville)’s Peyton Chancey (3:36, consi rd 2), while Medina falled Satellite’s Ethan Raffaele (2:02, consi rd 1), with losses to Delgado (12-6, rd of 16) and to Cypress Creek-WC’s Jonathan Cardona (pin in 2:15, consi rd 2). Keystone Heights’ Alyx Nichols was 0-2, with losses by fall to Simpson (:19, rd of 16) and Rockledge’s Gregory Mitchell (:14, consi rd 1).

Semis: Cole Kanehl (Hudson, 39-14) v Cameron Komat (Palm Bay, 27-2); Billy Fetzner (Hernando, 27-5) v Gavin Wheeler (Bishop Moore, 36-6).
Local recap: Palatka’s Gaitlin Carreras is 2-1 and still alive in the consis, with pins over Cocoa’s Nicholas Blue (3:11, rd of 16) and Central (Brooksville)’s Gabriel Daniels (2:22, consi rd 2) sandwiching a quarterfinal loss by fall (:33) to Kanehl. Carreras will face Villages’ Kevin Coon in the consi quarters. Pedro Menendez’s Luke Johnson was 0-2, with losses by fall to Satellite’s Caleb Griffith (:30, rd of 16) and Daniels (1:27, consi rd 1).

Semis: Anthony Holden (Palm Bay, 25-4) v Michael McCarthy (Satellite, unreported full record); Dylan Kohn (Master’s Academy, 41-1) v Khalil Mitchell (Merritt Island, 25-3).
Local recap: Atlantic’s Noah Anderson is 2-1 and still alive in the consis, with pins over Cypress Creek-WC’s Calvin Rivera (2:20, rd of 16) and Palatka’s Vincent Washington (:59, consi rd 2), along with a quarterfinal loss by fall (2:32) to Holden. Anderson will wrestle Hernando’s Nate Greene in the consi quarters. Washington and Pedro Menendez’s Tabias Brown were both 1-2, with Washington bouncing back from a first-round loss to Central (Brooksville)’s Samuel Daniels (3:38) with a pin over Citrus’ Jase West (1:37) in consi round 1. Brown lost by fall on the front (1:17) to Hudson’s Matthew Tanner but then won by forfeit over Space Coast’s Mason Alsobrook before taking a loss by pin to Greene (1:32). Lake Weir’s Lamar Williams was 0-2, with losses by fall to Greene (1:24, rd of 16) and Villages’ Nicholas Caudill (2:28, consi rd 1).

Semis: Jacob Suggs (Bishop Moore, 24-15) v Aidan Mayberry (Weeki Wachee, 25-6); Blake Coleman (Citrus, 22-0) v Zander Owens (Palm Bay, 20-3).
Local recap: Atlantic’s David Arcieri is 2-1 and still alive in the consis, with pins over Wesley Chapel’s Richard Stoddard (:54, rd of 16) and Nature Coast’s Tywon Butler (1:24, consi rd 2) around a quarterfinal loss by fall to Suggs. Pedro Menendez’s Ryon Pickles lost his opening-round match by medical forfeit and did not compete further.

Semis: Johnathan Ahne (Hernando, 26-9) v Joey Dobbs (Zephyrhills Christian, 30-5); Matthew Kovalskiy (Weeki Wachee, 28-0) v Ryan Cody (Master’s Academy, 37-2).
Local recap: Keystone Heights’ Stephan Raab and Pedro Menendez’s Dane Litzinger were both 1-2 on Friday. Raab pinned Astronaut’s Caleo Carrera (3:31) in the round of 16, but then lost by tech (20-5 in 5:21) in the quarters to Ahne and by a 10-8 decision to Hudson’s Kaylum Uribes in consi rd 2. Litzinger lost by fall (5:19) in the rd of 16 to Rockledge’s Torianno Macklin, then won by forfeit over Bishop Moore’s Gage Timberlake in consi rd 1 before losing by fall to Palm Bay’s Octavion Osby (4:02) in consi rd 2. Atlantic’s John Wyman was 0-2, with losses by fall to Cocoa Beach’s Christian Taylor (1:25, rd of 16) and Uribes (:54, consi rd 1).

Semis: Chris Spellman (Hernando, 22-3) v Ozkan Aydin (Palm Bay, 28-1); Theotis Smith (Zephyrhills, 21-6) v Nicholas Heise (Villages, 36-4).
Local recap: Palatka’s Jack Tilton was 2-1 on Friday and is still alive in the consis, with a 6-1 win over Merritt Island’s Bobby Ives (rd of 16) and a 47-second fall over Hudson’s Gavyn Uribes (consi rd 2) sandwiched around a quarterfinal loss by fall (2:27) to Spellman. Tilton will face Crystal River’s Tim Gray in the consi quarters. Pedro Menendez’s Stuart Martin had a front-side fall (1:07, rd of 16) over Space Coast’s Mason Martinez, but then took losses by fall to Smith (3:37, quarters) and Zephyrhills Christian’s Elijah Austin (2:25, consi rd 2).

Semis: Carlos Gerardino (Palm Bay, 28-4) v Dajuan McCullough (Zephyrhills, 35-5); Sam Fleming (Hernando, 28-4) v Jordan Love (Rockledge, 32-0).
Local recap: Atlantic’s Jared Jackson was 2-1 Friday and is still alive in the consis, with pins on the front over Astronaut’s Corey Shugy (:15, rd of 16) and over Central (Brooksville)’s Jesse Harmon (1:58, consi rd 2) sandwiching a 4-0 quarterfinal loss to Gerardino. Anderson will wrestle Satellite’s Damarion Howard in the consi quarters. Pedro Menendez’s Ron Coleman, Lake Weir’s Corian Williams and Keystone Heights’ Gabe Adams were all 1-2. Williams falled Palatka’s Carson Tibbs (3:23, rd of 16), but then lost by fall to Love (1:09, quarters) and Wesley Chapel’s Briac Riles (:56, consi rd 2). Adams won by forfeit over Master’s Academy’s Carson Reynolds, with subsequent losses by pin to Fleming (:58, quarters) and Villages’ Mark Ward (:45, consi rd 2). Coleman pinned Ward (:21) in the round of 16, but then took losses by pin to McCullough (1:31, quarters) and Howard (1:37, consi rd 2). Tibbs was 0-2, with his second loss coming by pin to Harmon (2:12, consi rd 1).

Brackets from Friday’s wrestling can be found HERE.

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