#RoadToTheShow: 3A-Region 1 Recap, Day 1

Fleming Island’s Hunter Williams (left) falls Winter Park’s Aladio Thompson during 195-lb round-of-16 wrestling at the 3A-Region 1 IBT Friday afternoon at Flagler Palm Coast HS (Photo by Shannon Heaton; see four albums of 3A action photos on the Matmen Instagram site, nflamatmen).

PALM COAST — Dance with who ya brought. Even if ya brought fewer folks than usual.

The Fleming Island contingent might be smaller this year than in past years’ 3A-Region 1 IBTs, but the Golden Eagles emerged from Friday’s first day of this year’s tournament still on top of the heap.

The Golden Eagles are 4.5 points up on their region duals finalist opponent, Timber Creek, 72.5-68, with host Flagler Palm Coast third (62.5), Buchholz fourth (62) and the Wolfpack’s District 4 rival, Hagerty, just a point back of the Bobcats in fifth (61).

Fleming Island has all 11 of their wrestlers still alive for Saturday’s wrestling (seven in semis, four in consi quarters), while Flagler Palm Coast (five in semis, three in consis) and Buchholz (three in semis, five in consis) each have eight that survived the first day.

Creekside is just behind in sixth, with 57 points (three semifinalists, four in consis), while Oakleaf is eighth (48.5, three semifinalists, five in consis) and Mandarin ninth (47, three in semis, four in consis) among local teams in the top 10.

University (Orange City) is 12th, with 32 points (one semifinalist and three in consis), while Bartram Trail is 13th (29, three semifinalists) and Seminole is 16th (17.5, two in consis).

Rounding out the 30-team field are locals Sandalwood (21st place, 12 points, one semifinalist), West Port (T-22nd, 10, one in the consis), Forest & Nease (T-26th, eight; Forest has one in the semis and Nease one in the consis) and Atlantic Coast (T-28th, four).

Below follows a recap of the semifinalists and local wrestlers in the consi side of the brackets in each weight class:

Semis: Ethan Vugman (Bartram Trail, 38-4) v Cavarius Liddie (Buchholz, 29-17); Joseph Forte (Fleming Island, 31-10) v Trenton Dominguez (Timber Creek, 38-6).
Semis recap: Vugman had a pair of first-period pins over DeLand’s Felix Rivera (1:29, rd of 16) and Hagerty’s Carson Greenier (2:00, quarters), while Liddle falled Mandarin’s Logan Emanuel (1:16, rd of 16) and Lyman’s Jackson Frederickson (2:52, quarters). Forte pinned Flagler Palm Coast’s Alex Castanheira (1:46, rd of 16) and Apopka’s Emmanuel Rodriguez (:37, quarters), while Dominiguez falled Lake Mary’s Logan Morris (:53, rd of 16) and Creekside’s Andrew Feeks (1:05, quarters).
Consi quarters: Feeks v Emanuel; Frederickson v Grady Bryant (University-Orange City).
Local recap: Feeks had pins on the front over Bryant (2:25, rd of 16) and Rivera (1:47), while Emanuel pinned West Orange’s Robby Creager (1:30) and Rodriguez (4:28) in the two consi rounds. Bryant had two bonus-point wins to get to Saturday, pinning Morris (1:19, consi rd 1) and majoring Greenier (13-3) in consi rd 2).

Semis: Hunter Herrington (Fleming Island, 22-3) v Fernando Dominguez (Timber Creek, 34-8); Kole Hannant (Flagler Palm Coast, 43-7) v Tamarion Kendrick (Apopka, 32-6).
Semis recap: Herrington picked up pins over Hagerty’s Jacob Donovan (1:12, rd of 16) and Buchholz’s Siddharth Bianchi (1:46, quarters), while Dominguez falled Bartram’s Travis Tagarelli (:50, rd of 16) and then battled past West Orange’s DJ Perez, 10-8, in the quarters. Hannant had pins over Lyman’s Elijah Coduto (1:04, rd of 16) and Mandarin’s Nathan Bremer (3:56, quarters), while Kendrick pinned Seminole’s Noah Barbour (2:19, rd of 16) and majored Lake Mary’s Jeremy Goldman, 13-3, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Goldman v Bremer; Perez v Conner Wright (Creekside).
Local recap: Bremer had pins on the front over Oviedo’s Zachary Scharf (1:07, rd of 16) and Tagarelli (2:31, consi rd 2), while Wright bounced back from an 11-6 rd of 16 loss to Goldman with a fall over Barbour (1:49, consi rd 1) and a 7-4 win over Bianchi in consi rd 2.

Semis: James Gonzalez (Winter Park, 14-3) v Jakob Zawosky (Forest, 26-6); Malique Hargett (University-Orange City, 19-5) v Diego Solorzano (Lake Mary, unreported full record).
Semis recap: After a 9-3 win over FPC’s John Hald in the round of 16, Gonzalez pinned Oakleaf’s Kevin Gilley (4:35) in the quarters. Zawosky had falls over Timber Creek’s Bryse Balcom (4:48, rd of 16) and Mandarin’s Da’mon Teague (3:15, quarters), while Hargett pinned Hagerty’s Logan Acey-Kreighauser (4:24) and won by injury default in the quarters over Sandalwood’s Alexei Mutoh. Solorzano majored Buchholz’s Jedidiah Brown (14-2, rd of 16) and pinned Creekside’s Hunter England (4:44, quarters).
Consi quarters: Hald v Balcom; Teague v Gilley.
Local recap: Hald bounced back from the loss to Gonzalez with a 5-2 win over West Port’s Frangelo Baltodano (consi rd 1) and pinned England (1:48) in rd 2, while Teague had wins on the front (pin in 3:33) over Ocoee’s Nathan Ramirez and on the back (11-7 in consi rd 2) over Acey-Kreighauser. Gilley, who’d opened the day with a third-period tech (16-1 in 5:07) in the rd of 16 over Baltodano, finished it with an 11-1 major over Brown.

Semis: Dante Rigal (Sandalwood, 12-0) v Brandon Vargas (Colonial, 20-8); Venumadhava Mirel (Buchholz, 35-11) v Marcus McGee (Oakleaf, 25-9).
Semis recap: Rigal had a forfeit into the quarters, where he pinned Windermere’s Ticiano Brito in :43. Vargas had a 17-second pin over West Port’s Tristan Perez and won by injury default over Timber Creek’s Jacob McCrimmon, while Mirel pinned Evans’ Jaylen Clayton (1:46, rd of 16) and downed Fleming Island’s Riley Holton, 10-3, in the quarters. McGee took six-minute wins over Lake Mary’s Dylan Cobb (9-4, rd of 16) and Apopka’s Jalen Moliere (12-4, quarters).
Consi quarters: Moliere v Holton; McCrimmon v Cobb.
Local recap: Holton had a front-side fall over Winter Park’s Teddy Barry (1:42), coming back with a tech fall over Mandarin’s Ethan Harvey (16-0 in 2:18) in consi rd 2.

Semis: Jameel Smith (Mandarin, 21-1) v Dominic Rubino (Lake Mary); Fidel Bonosky (Apopka, 17-18) v Jayden Tapia (Timber Creek, 39-6).
Semis recap: Smith opened with a fall (1:21) over Windermere’s Francisco Delgado-Mendez (rd of 16) and then took an 8-1 decision over Hagerty’s David Mejia in the quarters. Rubino pinned Buchholz’s Daniel Lynch (1:54) in the rd of 16, and then won by forfeit in the quarters over Oakleaf’s Logan Gilbert. Bonosky pinned Creekside’s Cathan Simpson (2:00) and Oviedo’s Tim Abdelshehid (1:35), while Tapia falled Lake Howell’s Xavier McMichael (:17, rd of 16) and pushed past Fleming Island’s Xavier Logan, 9-6, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Logan v Joshua Raphael (Wekiva); Gilbert v Mejia.
Local recap: Logan had pins on the front over Lake Brantley’s Kai Higgins (3 minutes, rd of 16) and Delgado-Mendez (2:12, consi rd 2), while Gilbert sandwiched falls over Raphael (1:16, rd of 16) and Simpson (:53, consi rd 2) around the forfeit to Rubino.

Semis: Trevor Owens (Oakleaf, 37-13) v Brett Moses (Lake Mary, unreported full record); Jagdesh Persaud (Evans, unreported full record) v Kamdon Harrison (Hagerty, 39-6).
Semis recap: Owens took six-minute wins over Seminole’s Anshuman Singh (10-3, rd of 16) and Timber Creek’s Ethan Winters (11-0, quarters), while Moses had identical 6-5 wins over West Orange’s Conner Smith (rd of 16) and Buchholz’s Timothy Bowen (quarters). Persaud had two pins over Winter Park’s Ashton Hughes (:41, rd of 16) and Fleming Island’s Garrett Cole (1:27, quarters), while Harrison had pins over Apopka’s Willy Octavius (:35, rd of 16) and Creekside’s Keanan Sexton (1:00, quarters).
Consi quarters: Sexton v Cole; Bowen v Winters.
Local recap: Sexton had a forfeit on the front over DeLand’s Lane Wishart and a 9-4 win over Windermere’s Tyler Drone (consi rd 2), while Cole posted a 39-second fall over West Port’s Kieran Ball (rd of 16) and a 5-0 win over Smith in consi rd 2. Bowen had a 5-1 win on the front over Nease’s Mateos Zajni and a fall over Hughes (4:15) in consi rd 2.

Semis: Tyran Schanck (Evans, unreported full record) v Marcus Patrick (Oviedo, unreported full record); Ransom Randolph (Apopka, 35-6) v Joseph Gonzalez (Winter Park, 13-0).
Semis recap: Schanck pinned Lake Mary’s Aidan Rubino (3:52) in the round of 16, and came back to down Seminole’s Benjamin Buhring, 11-4, in the quarters. Patrick had six-minute wins over West Orange’s Mikey Nepywoda (7-1, rd of 16) and Creekside’s Lee Leavell (11-0, quarters), while Randolph majored Timber Creek’s Malik Tyrell-Crittington (11-0, rd of 16) and teched FPC’s Brendan Buckles (18-2 in 5:06, quarters). Gonzalez had techs over Windermere’s Joao Cavaliere (15-0 in 2:40, rd of 16) and West Port’s Tyler Pinkowski (15-0 in 4:06).
Consi quarters: Pinkowski v Aiden Moore (Buchholz); Tyrell-Crittington v Matthew Kotler (Fleming Island).
Local recap: Pinkowski pinned Kotler (2:35) in the rd of 16 and won by injury default over Nease’s Anthony Tanza in consi rd 2, while Moore forfeited to Creekside’s Lee Leavell on the front, bouncing back with pins over Nepywoda (3:45, consi rd 1) and Buckles (1:17, consi rd 2). Kotler came back from the loss to Pinkowski with decisions over Cavaliere (12-5, consi rd 1) and Buhring (4-3, consi rd 2).

Semis: Blake Watts (Hagerty, 24-6) v Chris Labrecque (Lake Brantley, 20-3); Timothy King (Flagler Palm Coast, 36-7) v Alex Vazquez (Lake Mary, unreported full record).
Semis recap: Watts took pins over University-Orange City’s Cooper Braden (:39, rd of 16) and Oakleaf’s Roman Polinsky (4:00, quarters), while Labrecque pinned Mandarin’s Zaine Evans (5:10, rd of 16) and decisioned Winter Park’s Joey Parker, 10-3, in the quarters. King had first-period pins over Lake Howell’s Johnathan Adams (1:03, rd of 16) and Atlantic Coast’s Joel Dudley (1:37, quarters), while Vazquez falled DeLand’s Paul Derosby (:55, rd of 16) and teched Creekside’s Diego Rivera (15-0 in 2:08, quarters).
Consi quarters: Rivera v Liam Buchanan (Buchholz); Parker v Polinsky.
Local recap: Rivera had pins on the front over Windermere’s Jerry Vargas (5:31, rd of 16) and on the back over Braden (3:14, consi rd 2), while Buchanan came back from a rd-of-16 loss by pin to Parker with a fall over Evans (2:01) and a 9-5 sudden-victory decision over Dudley. Polinsky pinned Apopka’s David McKnight (1:48) in the rd of 16, and edged Vargas, 4-3, in consi rd 2.

Semis: David Parkes (Fleming Island, 23-4) v Jared Purcell (Lake Mary, unreported full record); Blane DeFord (Flagler Palm Coast, 8-0) v John McNames (Bartram Trail, 5-1).
Semis recap: Parkes had pins over Lake Howell’s David Izquierdo (2:37, rd of 16) and Buchholz’s Kason Nichols (3:42, quarters), while Purcell falled Creekside’s Michael Little (2:26, rd of 16) and Windermere’s Kurt Vollenweider (2:37, quarters). DeFord opened with a fall over Ocoee’s Eric Gilreath (3:13, rd of 16) and then teched Oakleaf’s James McClintic (17-2 in 4:25, quarters), while McNames shut out Hagerty’s Connor Gilliam, 5-0, in the rd of 16 before pinning Lake Brantley’s Tymel Isham (5:38, quarters).
Consi quarters: Malik Nicholson (Apopka) v McClintic; Vollenweider v Nichols.
Local recap: McClintic falled Lyman’s Cameron Brooks (3:03, rd of 16) on the front and Little (4:29, consi rd 2) on the back, while Nichols had a front-side pin over Nicholson (4:44, rd of 16) and a consi-side version over Gilliam (2:36, consi rd 2).

Semis: Hunter Brown (Creekside, 29-6) v Bryce Dodge (Flagler Palm Coast, 16-5); Joshua Sandoval (Fleming Island, 9-7) v Ethan Gomez (Hagerty, 32-7).
Semis recap: Brown opened with a 13-6 win over Seminole’s William James, then pinned Timber Creek’s Zach Hanks (:38) in the quarters, while Dodge had falls over Nease’s Peter Simon (1:18, rd of 16) and Winter Park’s Tristen Carbonell (1:14, quarters). Sandoval also had two pins, falling Buchholz’s Max Szabo (3:06, rd of 16) and University-Orlando’s Isaac Anglero (1:39, quarters), while Gomez pinned Apopka’s Cory Cardosa (1:01, rd of 16) and Bartram Trail’s Aydan Nguyen (3:04, quarters).
Consi quarters: James v Simon; Carbonell v Hanks.
Local recap: After the loss to Brown, James teched Evans’ Edward Clayton (17-0 in 4:17, consi rd 1) and pushed past Nguyen, 3-1, in consi rd 2, while Simon had a 10-6 win over Windermere’s Joao Nascimento (consi rd 1) and pinned Anglero (2:12) in consi rd 2.

Semis: Bryan Fortay (Creekside, 21-4) v Marcelo Gonzalez (Flagler Palm Coast, 37-10); Tony Carter (Mandarin, 16-2) v Ethan Lopez (Hagerty, 11-1).
Semis recap: Each of the four semifinalists had two pins Friday. Fortay falled West Port’s Luis Sotomeyer (:36, rd of 16) and Lake Howell’s Maximus McMichael (3:36, quarters), while Gonzalez pinned Nease’s Danil Avetisov (1:19, rd of 16) and Timber Creek’s Dennis Proulx (2:33, quarters). In the bottom half, Carter falled Buchholz’s Jamari Chisolm (:41, rd of 16) and Oviedo’s David Rojo (1:37, quarters), and Lopez pinned Ocoee’s Ethan Smith (2:48, rd of 16) and University-Orange City’s James Houck (2:26, quarters).
Consi quarters: Houck v Ayden Rieck (West Orange); Proulx v McMichael.
Local recap: Houck had a front-side pin over Oakleaf’s Braden Cole (3:14, rd of 16) and falled Sotomeyer (1:14) in consi rd 2.

Semis: Hunter Williams (Fleming Island, 25-3) v Jaelen Simmons (Mandarin, 11-10); Jason Martin (Buchholz, 36-4) v Seth Suvak (Colonial, 23-1).
Semis recap: Williams pinned Winter Park’s Aladio Thompson (1:09, rd of 16) and Seminole’s Mike Frederick (1:08, quarters), while Simmons took a 5-2 win over Hagerty’s Hunter Tate in the round of 16 and then falled Apopka’s Timothy Randolph (2:57) in the quarters. Martin needed just 1:25 to pin two opponents, falling Windermere’s Nathan Lopez (:48, rd of 16) and Oakleaf’s Isaiah Shevchook (:37, quarters), while Suvak falled FPC’s Garrick Schwartz (5:49, rd of 16) and Lake Howell’s Danny Izquierdo (:53, quarters).
Consi quarters: Izquierdo v Shevchook; Carlos Arciniegas (Timber Creek) v Schwartz.
Local recap: Shevchook had pinned Arciniegas (2:55) in the round of 16, bouncing back from the loss to Martin with a 3-2 win over Tate in consi round 2. Schwartz took six-minute wins over Nease’s Kobe Ross (14-5, consi rd 1) and Frederick (2-1, consi rd 2).

Semis: Vincent Approbato (Creekside, 33-3) v Bertilus Bornelus (Hagerty, 28-3); Grant Travis (Fleming Island, 10-5) v Ralph Sanchez (Apopka, 28-4).
Semis recap: Approbato took first-period pins over Nease’s Evan Higgins (:36, rd of 16) and Buchholz’s Drew Lewis (1:37, quarters), while Bornelus pinned Atlantic Coast’s Hayden Brudehl (2:27, rd of 16) and won by DQ over Seminole’s Devell Moore (quarters). Travis had a 30-second pin over Lake Howell’s Jayden Velazquez and powered past University-Orange City’s Christian Kennick, 11-5, in the quarters, while Sanchez pinned FPC’s Dalton Schell (3 minutes, rd of 16) and Timber Creek’s Peter Nesheiwat (5:09, quarters).
Consi quarters: Nesheiwat v Kennick; Moore v Lewis.
Local recap: Kennick pinned West Orange’s Jakari White (1:28, rd of 16) on the front and took a 16-2 major over Lake Brantley’s Justice Pratt in consi rd 2. Moore pinned Pratt (5:10) in the rd of 16 and White (2:30) in consi rd 2, while Lewis had two decision wins, 2-1 over Wekiva’s Cortiny Richardson (rd of 16) and 6-4 over Schell in consi rd 2.

Semis: Ryan Piersza (Bartram Trail, 29-4) v Jordan Phillips (Ocoee, 21-2); Jordan Mitchell (Oakleaf, 33-14) v Ethan Hoffstetter (Fleming Island, 21-8).
Semis recap: Piersza took pins over West Orange’s Bryce Czachorowski (:20, rd of 16) and Winter Park’s Hayden Clem (2:59, quarters), while Phillips won by injury default over Mandarin’s Andres Rodriguez (rd of 16) and pinned Lyman’s James Fodor (5:03, quarters). Mitchell won by forfeit over Apopka’s Zaire Warner in the round of 16, then pinned Lake Howell’s Joshua Maldonado (1:09) in the quarters, while Hoffstetter falled Windermere’s Avin Mortensen (1:16) and avenged a loss in the region duals final with a 5-4 win over Timber Creek’s Daniel Garcia in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Skyler Blackburn (Flagler Palm Coast) v Rodriguez; Fodor v Clem.
Local recap: Blackburn had a loss by fall to Clem (:45, rd of 16), coming back with a pin over Czachorowski (2:00, consi rd 1) and winning by forfeit over Garcia in consi rd 2. Rodriguez bounced back with pins over Forest’s Cane Fernandez (:51, consi rd 1) and Maldonado (:36, consi rd 2).

Brackets from Friday’s wrestling can be found HERE.

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