#RoadToTheShow: 2A-Region 1 Recap, Day 1

LYNN HAVEN — With the fairly consistent numbers of wrestlers still alive after Friday’s first day of the 2A-Region 1 IBT at Mosley HS, expect a second day to be as closely contested as the first.

Pace led the 30-team field after the first day, with 61.5 points. The Patriots also have the most wrestlers left after Friday’s wrestling, with nine wrestlers in all (four semifinalists and five in consis).

New Smyrna Beach holds a two-point lead over T-3rd Fletcher and Ft Walton Beach, 56-54.

The Barracudas have only five wrestlers left, but three are in the semis (two in consis). Fletcher has seven wrestlers left alive (four semifinalists, three in consis), while Ft Walton Beach matches the Senators’ second-day totals of seven still alive, four in the semis.

Lincoln (49 points) rounds out the top five, with six wrestlers left (two semifinalists, four in consis). The Trojans are chased by Gulf Breeze (48.5 points, two in semis, five in consis), St Augustine (48, three in semis, five in consis), host Mosley (46, three in semis, four in consis), Middleburg (45, three in semis, three in consis) and Belleview (39, one semifinalist, three in consis) to round out the top 10.

The second ten features Columbia (three semifinalists, one in consis) and Matanzas (two in semis, four in consis) tied with 38 points, followed by Chiles (33 points, four semifinalists, one in consis), Niceville (26, four semifinalists), Orange Park (three semifinalists and one in consis) and Ponte Vedra (one in semis) tied with 23, Robert E Lee (one semifinalist & two in consis) and Seabreeze (two semifinalists and one in consis) tied with 22, Englewood (21 points, three in consis) and Westside (18, one semifinalist).

The final 10 teams were led by a tie with 17 points for Deltona (two semifinalists) and First Coast (one semifinalist, one in consis), followed by Mainland (15 points, one semifinalist, one in consis), Choctaw (14, one semifinalist, one in consis), Crestview (13, one in consis), Gainesville (one in consis) and Leon (one semifinalist) tied with six, Terry Parker (3 points, one wrestler in consis), and Stanton and Tate, both of which did not score.

Below follows a recap of the semifinalists and local wrestlers in the consi side of the brackets in each weight class:

Semis: Shane Jourdan (Middleburg, 20-10) v Brett Millard (Columbia, 34-8); Derrick Williams (Mosley, 34-13) v Ryder Pimienta (Orange Park, 20-7).
Semis recap: It’s a District 2 sweep (two additional 2s in consis), with Jourdan taking a pin over Ft Walton Beach’s Santiago Mayic (1:53, rd of 16) and 4-2 win in the quarters over Deltona’s Dianna Pineda. Millard had two pins in 1:35, falling Gulf Breeze’s Alec Poole (:28, rd of 16) and Chiles’ Sam Tolomeo (1:07, quarters), while Williams majored Pace’s Natalie Lugo (12-2, rd of 16) and pinned Fletcher’s Ana Bradshaw (5:58, quarters). Pimienta had a pin over Crestview’s Aiden Golden (1:41, rd of 16) and decisioned Matanzas’ Carter Wilder, 8-2, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Wilder v Gavin Barro (St Augustine); Tolomeo v Vaniel Caceres (Lincoln).
WB round 2 recap: Wilder pinned Mayic in 3:13, and Tolomeo got to Saturday with a 4-0 win over Lugo. Both Barro and Caceres won twice in the consis, with Barro pinning Poole (:29) in round 1 and shutting out Bradshaw, 5-0, in round 2. Caceres falled Golden (1:39) in round 1 and majored Pineda, 9-0, in round 2.

Semis: Garrett Marschka (Chiles, 24-2) v Calvin Williams (Mosley, 34-11); Elijah Hendley (Lincoln, 31-1) v Grady Woodard (Middleburg, 21-13).
Semis recap: District 2 again went 4-for-4 in the semis, with Marschka taking two pins over Stanton’s Jose Toledo (:19, rd of 16) and Ft Walton Beach’s Zak Vosburgh (1:43, quarters). Williams also had two pins over Westside’s James Matthews (3:41, rd of 16) and New Smyrna Beach’s Aidan Sutton (:30, quarters), while Hendley had two pins in :57, falling Fletcher’s Jimi Baur (:29, rd of 16) and Matanzas’ Braden Hawley (:28, quarters). Woodard completed the set of double pins, with falls over Englewood’s Raequan Staples (4:32, rd of 16) and over Belleview’s Zackery Young (3:09, quarters).
Consi quarters: Young v Hawley; Sutton v Vosburgh.
WB round 2 recap: All four consi quarterfinalists bounced back from front-side losses in the quarters, as Young pinned Deltona’s Conner Manning (2:00), Sutton falled Crestview’s Gary Gessendoff (:27) and Vosburgh pinned Pace’s William Mitchell (4:03). Hawley advanced with a 9-4 win over Westside’s James Matthews.

Semis: Kevin Kerns (Deltona, 31-6) v Davon Bailey (Orange Park, 23-1); Hunter Brown (Chiles, 24-3) v Ethan Pinto (Niceville, 20-6).
Semis recap: Kerns began with a 41-second fall over Lincoln’s JaShawn Washington (rd of 16), then powered past Ft Walton Beach’s Brandon Mallin, 14-10, in the quarters. Bailey had a pair of six-minute wins over New Smyrna Beach’s Tristen Winfrey (8-4, rd of 16) and Robert E Lee’s Jamal Burkes (12-4, quarters). After a 22-second fall over Mainland’s Kaden Golder in the opening round, Brown edged Fletcher’s Cole O’Brien, 7-6, in the quarters, while Pinto also had a tight quarterfinal win, 6-5, over St Augustine’s Wilson Nguyen after pinning Ponte Vedra’s Aiden Taylor (1:37 in rd of 16).
Consi quarters: Nguyen v O’Brien; Golden v Mallin.
WB round 2 recap: Golder had two wins on the back, with pins over Gulf Breee’s Coby Shields (2:32) and Burkes (4:56), while Nguyen, O’Brien and Mallin each won once in the consis. Nguyen edged Washington, 3-2, while O’Brien won by fall (2:09) over Winfrey and Mallin pinned Middleburg’s Thomas Stokes in 1:53.

Semis: Noah Tritz (Niceville, 21-4) v Jamey Bruner (New Smyrna Beach, 32-3); Riley Girgis (Middleburg, 23-8) v Joseph Kent (Seabreeze, full record unreported).
Semis recap: Tritz had two first-period pins over Matanzas’ Toryion Stallings (1:56, rd of 16) and Orange Park’s Elijah Serrano (1:48, quarters), while Bruner also had two pins, falling Crestview’s Landon Brown (2:35, rd of 16) and Mosley’s Darius Mailhot (2:00, quarters). Both wrestlers in the bottom half also won twice by fall, with Girgis pinning Westside’s Tesla Kirkland (:25, rd of 16) and Pace’s Haze Esary (3:56, quarters). Kent took falls over Gulf Breeze’s Logan Merritt (3:27, rd of 16) and Fletcher’s Ryden Ashmore (3:52, quarters).
Consi quarters: Ashmore v Esary; Gage Alberty (Belleview) v Merritt.
WB round 2 recap: Alberty had two wins on the back, pinning Kirkland (:44) in round 1 and Mailhot (1:41) in round 2. The other three quarterfinalists each won once, with Esary pinning Ponte Vedra’s Andrew Hissam (2:27) and Merritt pinning Serrano (:45). Ashmore completed the quartet with a 9-2 win over Stallings.

Semis: Colson Elliott (Gulf Breeze, 31-0) v Steven Banfield (Choctaw, 16-13); Brayden Lovingood (St Augustine, 19-12) v Jace Engberg (New Smyrna Beach, 32-3).
Semis recap: The top half semifinalists racked up four pins for District 1, with Elliott pinning Stanton’s Matthew Mock (1:02, rd of 16) and Belleview’s Morgan Cole (1:35, quarters) and Banfield falling Fletcher’s Josh Daltro (3:02, rd of 16) and Middleburg’s Dylan Johns (2:15, quarters). Lovingood pinned Lincoln’s Zaire Fernanders-Jackson (1:42, rd of 16) and had a 5-1 quarterfinal win over First Coast’s Domorrien Wright, while Engberg had pins over Orange Park’s Jose Penagos (1:30, rd of 16) and Ft Walton Beach’s Weston Burbidge (1:56, quarters).
Consi quarters: Burbidge v Logan Mayer (Matanzas); Johns v Cole.
WB round 2 recap: Mayer had two wins on the back, shutting out Daltro (3-0 in consi round 1) and pinning Wright (2:35, round 2). The other three all won once in the consis by pin, with Burbidge falling Columbia’s Alexander Ulloa (1:10), Johns pinning Fernanders-Jackson (3:26) and Cole pinning Ponte Vedra’s Grady Dolan (3:54).

Semis: Cam Friend (Pace, 19-1) v Olufemi Egberongbe (Chiles, 24-2); Nolan Zirgibel (Leon, 22-3) v Andrew Davis (Belleview, 34-5).
Semis recap: Friend survived a round-1 12-10 thriller against Middleburg’s Logan Moore, then won by fall over New Smyrna’s Justis Chandler (5:08) in the quarters), while Egberongbe falled Tate’s Caiden Stone (3:19, rd of 16) and decisioned St Augustine’s Carlos Quintanal, 12-5, in the quaters. Zirgibel pinned Ft Walton Beach’s Alexander Davidson (:50, rd of 16), then found a takedown in sudden victory for a 5-3 win over Englewood’s Lynden North in the quarters. Davis also won by fall in the opening round (3:35) over Ponte Vedra’s Cyrus Ferraro, then downed Lincoln’s Connor Edwards, 6-3, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Edwards v North; Quintanal v Chandler.
WB round 2 recap: All four consi quarterfinalists won once on the back on Friday, with Edwards pinning Westside’s Olleon Hickmon (2:39) and Chandler pinning Ferraro (2:12). North decisioned Fletcher’s Kaden Solomon, 9-3, in consi round 2, while Quintanal turned back Davidson, 10-5.

Semis: Malachi Santiago (Ft Walton Beach, 34-2) v Nick Hejke (Mosley, 43-6); Gabe Daltro (Fletcher, 29-3) v Michael Shannon (New Smyrna Beach, 34-2).
Semis recap: After an 8-3 win over Middleburg’s Aden Thornton in the round of 16, Santiago pinned Robert E Lee’s Ty’Juan Jones (1:18) in the quarters. Hejke started with a fall over Niceville’s JJ Martinez (1:57, rd of 16), then shut out St Augustine’s Gabriel Galloza, 6-0, in the quarters. Daltro had a pair of six-minute wins over Belleview’s Zack McLaughlin (14-6, rd of 16) and Pace’s Atticus Waters (4-3, quarters), while Shannon pinned Englewood’s DiSean Hires (:56, rd of 16) and Gulf Breeze’s Garret Rudick (3:25, quarters).
Consi quarters: Rudick v Waters; Galloza v Jones.
WB round 2 recap: Same as at 138, all four consi quarterfinalists won once on the back, with Rudick (5-2 over Thornton) and Galloza (7-1 over Gainesville’s Brennan Kade) taking decisions. Both Waters (2:43 over First Coast’s Payton London) and Jones (2:48 over Hires) won by fall.

Semis: Trevion Sermons (Orange Park, 31-2) v Joel Rodriguez (Fletcher, 29-1); Josiah Mossor (First Coast, 26-5) v Tyson Mills (Matanzas, 22-4).
Semis recap: After finding a takedown for a 4-2 sudden victory win over St Augustine’s Hayden Yanni in the round of 16, Sermons pinned Pace’s Seth O’Gara (5:38) in the quarters. Rodriguez had two falls, pinning Ft Walton Beach’s Marquis Muniz (3:23, rd of 16) and Columbia’s Thomas Greene (1:22, quarters). Mossor had two six-minute wins, majoring Choctaw’s Devonte Knox (12-2, rd of 16) and decisioning Mosley’s Nick Kendrick, 7-1, in the quarters, while Mills pinned Lincoln’s Jerry Bowman (3:09, rd of 16) before pushing past Gulf Breeze’s Ian Daily, 2-0, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Daily v Kendrick; Greene v O’Gara.
WB round 2 recap: This is a recording; all four consi quarterfinalists won once on the back, with Daily decisioning Yanni, 9-2. Kendrick (2:44 over New Smyrna Beach’s Avante Chamble), Greene (3:43 over Seabreeze’s Brock Roberts) and O’Gara (:28 over Bowman) each won by fall.

Semis: Joseph Cortez (Pace, 19-1) v Jordan Mills (Matanzas, 19-5); Caleb Tourgee (Ft Walton Beach, 30-4) v Ahmahd Denmark (Robert E Lee, 36-1).
Semis recap: Cortez had two bonus-point wins over Belleview’s Cornelius Bentley-Greene (pin in :25, rd of 16) and Ponte Vedra’s Joseph Skinner (16-0 tech in 2:40, quarters), while Mills pinned Crestview’s Layne Franks (4:38, rd of 16) and then turned back Gainesville’s Will Marshall, 7-1, in the quarters. Tourgee also had a pin and decision, falling New Smyrna Beach’s Jackson Farmer (1:07, rd of 16) and an 8-5 quarterfinal win over Middleburg’s Alex Nayfack, while Denmark had falls over Chiles’ Andrew Mullins (3:30, rd of 16) and St Augustine’s Clint Griffin (2:46, quarters).
Consi quarters: Griffin v Nayfack; Marshall v Sean Jones (Gulf Breeze).
WB round 2 recap: Jones won twice on the back, pinning Mullins (3:38, consi rd 1) and teching Skinner (17-1 in 2:19, consi rd 2); the other three all won once. Griffin had a 39-second fall over Bentley-Greene, while Nayfack (4-2 over Fletcher’s Christopher Strong) and Marshall (5-0 over Farmer) each took decisions.

Semis: Martin Black (Niceville, 29-2) v Joseph Rice (Columbia, 35-5); Rett Maritato (Ponte Vedra, 37-3) v Connor Spossey (St Augustine, 41-3).
Semis recap: Black took a pair of pins over Lincoln’s Mason Crowder (3:06, rd of 16) and Terry Parker’s Benny Lewis (1:04, quarters), while Rice also had two falls over Gulf Breeze’s Trevor Dupont (1:11, rd of 16) and over Belleview’s Eric McLaughlin (2:00, quarters). Maritato also had two pins, falling Deltona’s Michael Boodram (:32, rd of 16) and Mosley’s Kaydon Lester (4:32, quarters), while Spossey pinned Gainesville’s Carlos Nelson (1:19, rd of 16) and majored Middleburg’s Eliyah Cole, 14-1, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Cole v Lester; Brody Andrews (Pace) v Lewis.
WB round 2 recap: Andrews had two pins on the back, with falls over Boodram (2:06, rd 1) and McLaughlin (1:38, rd 2), while the rest of the group each won once. Cole pinned Crowder (1:27) in round 2, while Lester (6-2 over Dupont) and Lewis (4-2 over Ft Walton Beach’s Carter Tobik) both took decisions.

Semis: Hunter Dupont (Gulf Breeze, 30-1) v Cayden Bevis (Lincoln, 22-0); Ryan Klein (Fletcher, 27-6) v Ryan Murphy (St Augustine, 29-2).
Semis recap: The group combined for eight bonus-point wins (seven pins). Dupont had two pins in 1:53, falling Middleburg’s Tucker Cody (:42, rd of 16) and Englewood’s Darryl Sam (1:11, quarters), while Bevis had a fall over Choctaw’s Jesse Sarver (1:06, rd of 16) and a 16-7 major over Matanzas’ Quincy Cuthbert in the quarters. Both Klein and Murphy had two pins, with Klein pinning Orange Park’s Cesar Contreras (4:23, rd of 16) and Pace’s Aiden Bryan (5:47, quarters) and Murphy two pins in 1:33 over Westside’s Caleb Baltazar (:29, rd of 16) and over Mosley’s Dalton Kovacs (1:04, quarters).
Consi quarters: Kovacs v Bryan; Cuthbert v Sam.
WB round 2 recap: Each consi-quarter qualifier won once on the back, all by fall, with Kovacs pinning New Smyrna Beach’s Thomas Connell (2:47) and Bryan pinning Ponte Vedra’s Zachary Underwood (2:00). In the bottom half, Cuthbert pinned Columbia’s Jayden Drew (1:35) and Sam falled Baltazar (2:52).

Semis: Wyatt Dillon (Pace, 25-2) v Doug Dittmer (New Smyrna Beach, 35-2); Kyle McGill (Chiles, 24-0) v Caiden Patton (Seabreeze, full record unreported).
Semis recap: Dillon opened with a 38-second fall over Mainland’s Nico Rivera (rd of 16), then found a takedown in sudden victory for a 6-4 win over Lincoln’s Wyatt Yown. Dittmer had two first-period pins over Orange Park’s Geoffrey Delice (1:26, rd of 16) and Englewood’s Sam Howard (1:11, quarters), while McGill won by forfeit and then falled Gulf Breeze’s Julian McCulley (3:14) in the quarters. After a first-period fall over Westside’s Wayne Rogers (1:55) in the round of 16, Patton then downed First Coast’s Cleon Johnson, 3-1, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Johnson v McCulley; Howard v Yown.
WB round 2 recap: Just as at 182 and several other weights, the quarterfinalists each had one win on the back, and all were by fall. Johnson falled Rivera (4:52), McCulley pinned Columbia’s Shawn Raggins (1:24), with the bottom half seeing Howard pinning Belleview’s Nathan Halstead (2:43) and Yown pinning Rogers (3:39).

Semis: Cedric Fairrow (Ft Walton Beach, 35-0) v Ethan Chiu (Deltona, 32-3); David Polaski (Niceville, 13-4) v Ethan Hollenbach (Fletcher, 28-3).
Semis recap: Fairrow had two pins over New Smyrna Beach’s Austin Mitchum (1:01, rd of 16) and Englewood’s Melvin Wiggins (3:28, quarters), while Chiu falled Gulf Breeze’s Micah Barker (1:40, rd of 16) before decisioning Robert E Lee’s Craig Harper, 6-3, in the quarters. Polaski had a pair of decisions over Belleview’s Andrew Dunn (10-5, rd of 16) and Lincoln’s Omarion LaRoach (8-2, quarters), while Hollenbach falled Chiles’ Nicholas Groves (:44, rd of 16) and shut out Seabreeze’s Nathan Boyd, 11-0, in the quarters.
Consi quarters: Boyd v LaRoach; Harper v Desi McGueen (Crestview).
WB round 2 recap: McGueen had two pins to get to Saturday, falling Groves (:29, round 1) and Wiggins (3:40, round 2), while the other 3 consi quarter qualifiers took one decision on the back. Boyd downed Mitchum, 7-2, in a matchup of District 4 rivals, while LaRoach won by a 9-3 count over Barker and Harper shut out Dunn, 6-0.

Semis: Jordan Colubiale (Mainland, 7-2) v Ray Bolden (Westside, 18-1); Jaycob Jones (Columbia, 23-5) v Spencer Mackenzie (Ft Walton Beach, 30-5).
Semis recap: After taking a 6-1 win in the round of 16 over Orange Park’s Gabriel Hecht, Colubiale won by medical forfeit in the quarters over Crestview’s Josh Green. Bolden had two pins over Pace’s Kegan Oshel (2:53, rd of 16) and Lincoln’s Nic Weaver (1:44, quarters), while Jones won by forfeit to reach the quarters, where he pinned Fletcher’s Toby Matson (3:04). Mackenzie also won by forfeit to reach the quarters, where he held off Matanzas’ Robert Elder in double overtime, 2-1, to get to Saturday on the front side.
Consi quarters: Hecht v Matson; Chase Pelfrey (Choctaw) v Robert Wills (Mosley).
WB round 2 recap: Matson was the only wrestler needing one win on the back, pinning Oshel (3:44). Hecht, Pelfrey and Wills all won twice, with Hecht taking a pair of one-point decisions over Robert E Lee’s Thomas Jones (5-4, round 1) and Elder (2-1 in double overtime, round 2). Pelfrey won by forfeit, then pinned Weaver in 2:08, while Wills had a forfeit and medical forfeit to move to Saturday.

Brackets from Friday’s wrestling can be found HERE.

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