USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Results

At Xtream Arena, Coralville IA
USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Nationals

USA Junior
Quarters: Janessa George (Chatfield) p. Gracie Bradshaw (Riot Performance), 1:34.
Consi 8 #2: Brooklyn Conrad (Twin Cities RTC) p. Bradshaw, 2:14.

Rd of 16: Brielle Bibla (Nease) p. Kylie Bustos (Caprock HS), :57; Helena Alcantar (Panda WA) p. Paige King (OH), 2:17.
Quarters: Bibla p. Valeria Ahumada (NorCal Queens), 2:57; Alcantar d. Carrie Jennings (Hanover Hawkeye), 5-4.
Semis: Shea Reisel (Illinois) p. Bibla, 4:25; Kendra Ryan (MI Revolution) p. Alcantar, 1:42.
Consi semis: Bibla d. Isabelle Silva (Silver State), 4-2, SV; Ava Purifoy (Gunston) p. Alcantar, :36.
3rd place: Purifoy d. Bibla, 9-4.
5th place: Silva p. Alcantar, 1:25.

Rd of 32: Jordyn Knecht (Paola) p. Emma Smith (Riot Performance), :27; Emily Sullenger (All-Phase) p. Tesla Kirkland (Riot Performance), :26.
Consi 16 #2: Yasmine Scherer (North Bakersfield) p. Smith, 3:33; Sydney Harper (Trinity) p. Kirkland, :44.

Rd of 16: Madisyn Blackburn (Riot Performance) p. Mia Furman (Suples), 3:26.
Quarters: Sarah Savidge (Betterman Elite) p. Blackburn, 5:20.
Consi 8 #2: Emma Grimm (Iowa) p. Blackburn, 4:52.

Quarters: Alivia White (Washington) p. Jazzmine Moore (Riot Performance), 2:39.
Consi 8 #2: KiEisha Cathey (Team Tulsa) p. Moore, 2:35.

Quarters: Andrea Smith (Riot Performance) p. Jessica Edwards (Ohio), 1:07.
Semis: Omastewin Foster (Montana Girls) md. Smith, 9-1.
Consi semis: Justina Chongnee (Tennessee) p. Smith, 3:14.
5th place: Smith d. Karla Padilla-Zepeda (Utah), 3-0.

Rd of 16: Tyne Dotson (Westlake WC) p. Adelaide Castleberry (Riot Performance), 1:53.
Consi 8 #2: Annabelle Petsinger (Minnesota Storm) p. Castleberry, 2:11.

Quarters: Jazzmine Moore (Riot Performance) p. Matty Tolbert (Bull Trained), 3:07; Ella Murphey (Tennessee) p. Cheyenne Cruce (Riot Performance), :32.
Semis: Sabrina Nauss (MI Revolution) p. Moore, 1:32.
Consi semis: Moore p. Cruce, 2:12.
3rd place: Kiara Ganey (IL) md. Moore, 9-0.
5th place: Cruce p. Tolbert, 1:34.

Quarters: Alexandra Sebek (Oak Forest) md. Lillie Bradshaw (Riot Performance), 11-0.
Consi 8 #2: Chloe Obuhanych (O2 Rhino) md. Bradshaw, 11-0.

Quarters: Reanah Utterback (Sebolt) tf. Kylie Gerber (Riot Performance), 19-4, 3:23.
Consi 4: Emjay Neumann (X-Factor Elite) d. Gerber, 9-7.
7th place: Gerber rec bye.

Quarters: Clarion Fager (Evanston Elite) p. Jayla Harrison (Riot Performance), 2:17.
Consi 4: Brooklynn Newton (Dayton Eagles) md. Harrison, 13-5.
7th place: Ella Brown (Hard Drive) p. Harrison, :14.

Championship: Annebella Austin (Central Catholic) p. Makayla Harrison (Riot Performance), 2:03.

Quarters: KiMorah Cathey (Team Tulsa) md. Kara McKeel (Riot Performance), 13-2.
Consi semis: Nova Estrada (ET) d. McKeel, 7-5.
5th place: McKeel d. Hailey Goth (Minnesota Storm), 6-4.

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