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Thank You Sponsors

The offseason is here, and the work gets even more long and lonely than before.

We’ll miss being at Clay Saturday, but we’ll be back next weekend at Westside, so there’ll be some more IG photos to post. We made the drive to Tyrant a couple of weekends ago, and there’ll be other things we attend.

And then there’s #TheSeason. A lot of hours — although less than in the past so far this year — get put into this project. Coaches (and maybe a few kids and their parents) can use them as a way to scout their competition not only in seeing who’s back for a given school, but also they can see every single match that competitor at another school has wrestled, all in one list.

It still takes time to generate. Only one coach sends me end-of-year stats (and he’s not even in the coverage area). But it’s a good scouting report for you, helps making up previews easier for me.

Since our last #ThankYou post, things have brightened a lot. I won’t be moving back to the Midwest, at least not for the foreseeable future. I still am looking for partnerships that might allow me opportunities to provide you some new content. It’s still an enterprise that has outgrown our ability to do the job as well as I would like it to be done; I’m always disappointed that I could be doing more but just can’t.

That’s why the donations from folks like these — who’ve donated since last time — are a source of gratitude for me, not simply because it makes my life a little easier (it does; a couple of these have really helped out) but also because it’s recognition that our work has value out in the community.

  • Ryan Durham
  • Cary Helton
  • Kenneth DeFord
  • Daniel Brewer
  • Lindsay Bibla
  • Joe Mobley
  • Charlie Hunter

Back to work on our next #TheSeason. We’re already almost a quarter of the way done and it’s not even mid-April yet. HOW IS IT EVEN APRIL YET

Just as offseasons make next year’s champions, offseasons make our in-season work so much stronger.

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