NHSCA Local Results

At Virginia Beach (VA) Convention Center
NHSCA High School Nationals

220: 6. Xavier Stillgess (Rutherford). Rd of 32: Stillgess p. Jose Flores (Georgia), 2:48. Rd of 16: Stillgess p. Deonta Strader (South Carolina), 4:46. Quarters: Stillgess d. Jayden Dobson (Arizona), 7-5. Semis: Macintyre Thacker (Utah) p. Stillgess, 5:14. Consi semis: Joshua Evans (Virginia) md. Stillgess, 9-0. 5th place: Dobson d. Stillgess, 3-1.

The podium photo for the 220-lb weight class at last weekend’s NHSCA Senior Nationals folkstyle tournament at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, with north Florida’s lone all-American in Rutherford senior Xavier Stillgess (second from right), who finished sixth overall (Photo submitted by Victor Stillgess via Facebook).

120: Calvin Williams (Mosley). Rd of 64: Will Korth (Utah) tf. Williams, 18-1, 3:23. Consi 32 #1: Williams d. Tyler Ratliff (Ohio), 8-5. Consi 32 #2: Emilio Arellano (Ohio) p. Wiliams, :30.
138: Jace Engberg (New Smyrna Beach). Rd of 128: Jacob Baldessari (Colorado) md. Engberg, 11-1. Consi 64 #2: Jake Podolsky (New York) d. Engberg, 4-0.
138: Michael Shannon (New Smyrna Beach). Rd of 128: Colton Erickson (Utah) d. Shannon, 5-2. Consi 64 #2: George Oroudjov (New York) d. Shannon, 3-2.
145: Nick Hejke (Mosley). Rd of 64: Alexander Giuliani (New York) d. Hejke, 4-2, SV. Consi 32 #1: Hejke p. Alex Fracassa (Massachusetts), 1:57. Consi 32 #2: Cooper Price (Pennsylvania) d. Hejke, 4-3.
152: Hunter Childress (New Smyrna Beach). Rd of 128: Mark Troni (Colorado) tf. Childress, 15-0, 3:02. Consi 64 #2: Gage Nunes (Connecticut) md. Childress, 11-2.

120: Elijah Stillgess (Rutherford). Rd of 64: Colt Schrader (South Carolina) p. Stillgess, 1:33. Consi 32 #1: Richie Patanjo (New York) p. Stillgess, 1:45.
152: Ian Finnorn (Ridgeview). Rd of 32: Rafael Knapp (Massachusetts) p. Finnorn, 1:46. Consi 32 #2: Finnorn d. Owen Smith (Pennsylvania), 5-0. Consi 16 #1: Niall Raby (California) p. Finnorn, :50.

106: Derrick Williams (Mosley). Rd of 128: Aslan Nadeau (Tennessee) p. Williams, 1:05. Consi 64 #2: Williams d. Mason Kelsch, 6-0. Consi 32 #1: Tyson Cook (Pennsylvania) tf. Williams, 17-2, 3:06.
113: Simjay Engberg (New Smyrna Beach). Rd of 64: Connor Castillo (Georgia) p. Engberg, 2:42. Consi 32 #1: James Garcia (Pennsylvania) p. Engberg, :36.

Middle School
112: Jonathan Bruner (New Smyrna Beach). Rd of 64: Bruner p. Levi Shivers (Alaska), :47. Rd of 32: Bruner p. Noah Kirkendall (Georgia), 3:24. Rd of 16: Jayden Morris (South Carolina) md. Bruner, 12-0. Consi 16 #2: Benjamin Weader (Virginia) d. Bruner, 3-1, SV.
112: Zander Stillgess (Rutherford). Rd of 64: Brock Weaver (Georgia) p. Stillgess, 2:31. Consi 32 #1: Baylon Rose (Ohio) p. Stillgess, 2:21.

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